A champion is a person who has earned the right and respect to be called a winner through an endless effort and desire to achieve a common goal.

Lacrosse is a great sport for young players and it is a perfect opportunity for them to develop the qualities of a champion through team play. In the following paragraphs, I will highlight five very important characteristics that make up the overall well being of a CHAMPION!

A champion must strive to achieve a positive mental attitude every day. This means that one should have the ability to maintain complete attention or focus on the task at hand, give an undying effort of yourself for the good of the team and work harder than ever thought possible to reach one's fullest potential. All of these qualities combine to form a person who believes in themselves and their teammates and has a positive mental state of being.

A champion must endure a rigorous program of intense physical training. It is absolutely necessary to prepare yourself physically for each challenge of the journey to become a champion. One of the first ideas to focus on is setting up a long distance running routine of about 3-4 miles a day for a few times each week. It gives the body a chance to develop base fitness and to achieve a certain level of endurance. One of the next ideas would be to concentrate on a sprint workout pattern of 800s, 400s or 200s on the track, then move onto the field and continue with 100s, 50s and so on, attempting to finish with shorter sprints. Becoming a champion requires that a person to train at the highest level in order to prepare themselves for ultimate success in the game of lacrosse. As champions say, only the fittest survive. Be fit, be fast and be on fire!

A champion must possess a strong competitive work ethic. It means that one has the inner will and burning desire to be the best in every aspect of a lacrosse game. One must practice each skill just like you were playing in a real game situation. It takes a great amount of hustle, perseverance and commitment to achieve the rewards and benefits of a champion. It may not come easy on the first attempt, but with continued effort and practice, a person will get better in time. One must learn to never give up and to do your best at all costs. As champions say again, nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy. So give it your best shot! Reach for the stars and become the best you can be!

A champion must demonstrate these three qualities during each training, practice and lacrosse game situation. This person has the ability to motivate others in a positive manner by taking on a leadership role within the team. This person is also required to accept and face new challenges by putting forth 100% effort in the process. It takes a great amount of determination, dedication and desire to be the best in the game of lacrosse. As champions say again, you have to want it to win it- that's the name of the game!

A champion must possess a natural confident attitude that is reflected throughout one's performance on the lacrosse field. This person has the overall capacity to execute each skill with confidence in his or her own ability. By taking on an "I can do it" approach, one will be able to master many finer points of the game with this newly developed confident well being. A person can achieve and gain confidence by trusting their own natural instincts and by working to believe in themselves or herself within every aspect of such a truly amazing sport. Finally, as champions say, you have to believe in order to succeed!

Now, there you have it- Stay focused on the task at hand and delve deep within your heart to discipline the mind and body. Then, you have the best chance of reaching their highest level of success.

Be the best! Become a Lacrosse Champion!

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