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The Creator's Game might be just what you've been waiting for because it is a full feature film about lacrosse. It has all the elements of a good PG rated Hollywood movie, but it's about our game. It takes place in and around the modern college club game but draws on the game's native origins and tradition. E-Lacrosse, of course, loves all of that. But we are most impressed by the unimposing nature with which this film introduces the sport to many who do not know it and reinforces the positive values of the game to a young lacrosse playing audience.

A young E-Lacrosse reader believes that lacrosse is huge, while the older readers have a different perspective of our sport's place in the american sports food chain. This movie, while recognizing that lacrosse is not as big as football, never limits the possibilities of the game for it's viewers. The story's big game is covered on the front page of the local newspaper and is broadcast live on the radio. A cheering crowd of people pours into the stadium when the gates are opened for the sell out crowd. It might be a slight fantasy, but that's the movies!

The story follows Daniel Cloud, played well by Native American Dakota House, as he leaves home to go to graduate school in the fall, expecting to receive a football graduate coaching assignment. When he arrives, he finds that he is a day late and has no assignment. There is one open club team coaching vacancy, but it is for the lacrosse team. Cloud, really wanting to coach in the more lucrative game of football, makes a deal with the program administrator; if he can turn around the lacrosse team he'll get an assignment coaching football for the next semester.

Cloud has an up and down relationship with the team, while troubles at home complicate things. The local real estate baron (S. Bryce Chamberlain) wants the property on which Daniel's father's store sits so he buys the mortgage and demands immediate payment in full. With the help of his sister played by Celeste Wilson and his grandfather in a series of dreams, Daniel matures as he works to reach his coaching goals while helping his father. Fortunately for us, there's a bunch of lacrosse that needs to be played to accomplish this.

The Cinematography is excellent with the exception of a few indoor scenes that could have had better lighting. The action filming was innovative and shows lacrosse to be an exciting sport to play and watch. The direction is good, and was especially noticeable on the letterbox version we previewed. The version for sale is cut for TV and some of the scenes that take advantage of that long movie style screen will be lesser because of it, but that happens to every good movie that is broadcast on television.

House, who is a star of the popular Canadian Broadcasting Corporation series North of 60, and the other actors, most of which never played lacrosse, carry off the lax action scenes well. His rival in the film, team captain Peter Jackson, is played by University of Utah lacrosse coach Matt Falcone. The goalkeepers seem out of place at times, but the many goals and action scenes are very realistic. The actors got better at the game as they filmed, while their characters were supposed to be getting better, so it worked out well. The team is made up of interesting and funny characters and of course everyone's always wearing lacrosse hats and t-shirts from throughout the lacrosse world.

We previewed this video with kids of various ages and everyone liked it. Comments ranged from awesome to pretty cool. The parents especially liked the film because it can be watched safely by kids of all ages and delivers a very positive message. Writer/Director Bruce Troxell says this is no accident. He wanted to promote the game and good sportsmanship, while creating real entertainment. Judging by the kids we observed watching and their conversations with us afterwards, Troxell scored a hat trick with The Creator's Game.