Mark Reuss and three of his experts

Jude Collins

Tim Lucky

Jon Brothers

Drills & Tips

Mark Goers

Lots of Demonstrations

Scenes courtesy of
Hocus Pocus Productions

This tape is titled Instructional Faceoff Video. A simple title and a simple goal. Simplicity is the trademark of this tape product. It's only 16 minutes long and comes in a white plastic case. There are no frills, but that's kinda how faceoff guys are. In the business world many espouse the K.I.S.S. theory. It means "Keep It Simple, Stupid" and is heard quite often in these days of complexity. Faceoff guys are from the K.I.S.S. mold. They practice the same things over and over and perfect the minutia of their craft. They often come out of the game when their job is done and then, whether their team has scored or has been scored against, calmly go about the business of the next draw. The featured athletes on this tape are some of the best faceoff midfielders in the game. They keep it very simple. They present their strategies and techniques on the Instructional Faceoff Video tape in basic terms and provide easy to understand examples.

The Tape opens with the host and producer Mark Reuss, who has coached at St. Paul's in Baltimore for years as well as at the College and Club levels. He introduces the specialists throughout the video. Towson's NCAA record setting faceoff man Mark Goers starts things off by teaching the basic stance and positioning for taking a faceoff. University of Maryland star Jon Brothers then demonstrates the finishing moves like clamping, scooping in tight quarters and getting out of the fray with the ball. Goers' teammate in an awesome faceoff tag team squad at Towson, Tim Lucky teaches his specialty - the fast break faceoff. The half clamp and push made him a star and is possibly the most momentum swinging play in the game.

All-American Tarheel and World Cup faceoff specialist Jude Collins shows us how to jump over the ball to prevent the opponent from making his move. "Popping" the ball is demostrated as an offensive move and as a defensive posture used to equalize an opponent that is overpowering. The great Gary Gait provides insights into how to read your opponents positioning. Anticipating and countering opponents is discussed as well as recovering from a lost first move in order to have another chance at the ball. UVA's Woody Moore covers the wing man position and shows how to beat your man to the ball or just keep your man from the ball so your faceoff specialist has time to work. A few of the faceoff masters share some of the inside tricks that can happen to you while facing off and then the tape concludes with demonstrations of some one-man and two-man drills.

The tape has clear understandable instruction and if the successes of those demonstrating are any barometer, it's loaded with the real information used by the guys who really win faceoffs. The tape may seem short, but it's 16 minutes of concentrated information. A kid will spend hours watching specific portions and practicing the skills covered. We recommend it highly!

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