Brian Carcaterra to Write Monthly Column for E-Lacrosse!

Ocean City, MD, August 16, 2000 -- Brian Carcaterra, the All-American goalkeeper from Johns Hopkins will join the E-Lacrosse writing staff in September of this year. He joins fellow Hopkins alum John Gagliardi, UNC grad Trish Cummings, All-Everything Mark Millon, the SELC's Sonny Pieper and young, Michigan bound Peter Lund as a regular on the most read media source in lacrosse. While most of the regulars write about skill, drills and technical issues, Carcaterra will be the full time opinion columnist at E-Lacrosse. Carcaterra, known as "Carc" to the many faithful, was a three time All-American at JHU, the 1998 Goalkeeper of the year and the standout keeper for England in the 1998 World Games in Baltimore. He also played in this summer's MLL Summer Showcase and is poised to be one of the top pros as the league moves to a full schedule next year.

"He's the most exciting goalkeeper to grace the college fields in years and one of the most popular personalities with young fans of lacrosse. Brian will bring to E-Lacrosse a spirit that was only captured previously by covering him in the goal with our cameras," Says E-Lacrosse editor John Weaver. "We've had our eye on him for years. He loves this game as much or more than anyone. He's the type that plays a big game and win or lose, drives across town to catch a smaller game as a fan on the same day. That's what E-Lacrosse is all about. Devotion to lacrosse. All Lacrosse!"

Carc's column, which has yet to be named, will be reminiscent of the Dick Duden columns in the lacrosse newspaper of the 70's called In The Crease, according to Weaver. "Other than Bill Tanton, Lacrosse has no real voice and Carc now has the opportunity to be that new voice. He has always been one of E-Lacrosse's biggest fans and is one of the best players in the world. He's a perfect match for our readership."

Carcaterra's first column will debut in early to mid-september and focus on the changing game in our era, on and off the field. E-Lacrosse, which averages over 84,000 independant readers each month will also feature a Japanese lacrosse column, an Australian column and a Women's opinion column in the year 2001. Carcaterra is only the first of this month's signature signees, so stay tuned for more exciting news!


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