The All-Carcaterra Team

By Brian Carcaterra

The first MLL season is almost complete and the biggest impression that I am left with is the awe-inspiring play of my teammates and opponents. After each game I wonder if it ever gets any easier. Facing over forty shots on goal, each game, by the best of the best, makes me ask, "Why am I a goalie!"

Actually, I love it! For all those that know me, realize how passionate I am about being in the goal.

So, with all of this happening around me, I am constantly thinking of who is the actual best? Who do I respect the most? Who do I fear? And so on. While I run these scenarios through my head I cant help but think back to how we, the players of today, compare with the players of the past.

Unfortunately, I have never seen Jim Brown or Frank Urso play but I have followed this great game since I was in the fourth grade. That is dating all the way back to 1986. I always think of the players that I have grown up idolizing and tried to incorporate their game into mine.

Jim Brown

You might think I am just talking about goalies but I'm not! I have always watched the way Dave Pietramala moved his feet, or the way Gary and Paul Gait throw behind their back, or the way John Zuilberti passed the ball. These players are all Hall of Fame material and some of the greatest to play the game but, they're not the only ones that have influenced me. I learned from local legends as much as the Hall of Famers. Players like Rob Doerr, Matt Caione, Roy Colsey, Brian Kuczma and myself to name a few, from Yorktown NY, have been influenced by so many people that most people wouldn't even recognize.

I think all the players in the MLL have their own lacrosse gods, but I bet you most of their success can be attributed to the people that have been around them their whole lives. People like their parents, little league and high school coaches and mentors in their community are the most valuable assests in a young persons life.

With this all in mind, it is time to give props to the greats. The last 15 years have been what some people might call the renaissance of this great game. With national attention through media outlets across the country and the world the game has touched people and cultures none would have imagined. The growth of the game has now moved from the traditional hotbeds of the mid-Atlantic region to all across the country. The rule changes and increased technology of the game has increased the level of performance to heights never even dreamed of. With two successful professional leagues the NLL and the MLL, lacrosse player's days are now extended. We even have a chance to play now with some of the players on my list; the guys who dominated this era of cultivation.

Carc's Dream Team and reserves of the last fifteen years

Goal- Scott Bacigalupo, Princeton '94

Defense- Dave Pietramala, Hopkins '89, Pat McCabe, Syracuse 91, John Detomasso, Hopkins '86

Midfield- Gary Gait, Syracuse '89, Paul Gait, Syracuse '90, Delverne Dressel, Hopkins '86

Attack- Tim Goldstein, Cornell '88, Casey Powell, Syracuse '97, John Zuilberti, Syracuse, '89

Gary and Paul Gait


Goal- Larry Quinn, Hopkins '85, Brian Dougherty, Maryland '95, Sal Locascio, UMASS, '90

Defense- Dave Morrow, Princeton '93, Billy Ralph, Maryland '90, Brian Voelker Hopkins '91, Rob Doerr, Hopkins, '99

Midfield- Dom Fin, Syracuse, '94, Roy Colsey, Syracuse '95, Josh Simms, Princeton '2000, John Reese, Yale '90

Attack- Ryan Powell, Syracuse '2000, Mark Millon, UMASS '93, Dennis Goldstein, UNC '91, Jesse Hubbard, Princeton '98

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