E-Lacrosse reviews the hot 2002 lacrosse apparel!

The game's getting some new look street clothes and the big on-the-field trend is custom game wear!

We love what Six Tribes is trying to do. They are a brand new company and have only a few offerings on the market as of yet, but we like those products and the direction the company seems to be going. They want to be the uniform of today's lacrosse fan and the garments worn by lacrosse players, off the field. If they can capture that market, then they have the chance to take their products and the lacrosse imagery embroidered on them to the mainstream with a line of clothing that isn't just for lacrosse folks but is inspired by and draws attention to the game. They build casual, modern apparel made of premium fabrics and that the new lacrosse world demands. Contrary to some ignorant stereotyping, most lacrosse players do not wear loafers sans socks, khakhis and polo shirts, not that there's anything wrong with the "preppy" sometimes (LMAO). But some or most of us like Doc Martins, baggy jeans, a Billabong sweatshirt or whatever else grabs our attention when we see it at the store. Six Tribes wants THAT market. Joe Banks has the traditionals locked up, and who cares? Not Gerry Byrne and Bill Edell. They started Six Tribes for the rest of us and here's the gear that's available for 2002!

Batik shirts are the standard bearers of the Six Tribes 2002 line. These Pacific Realm look shirts start up where the traditional and always popular Hawaiian shirt left off last Summer. This "Camp Shirt" line comes in three unique designs which are crafted of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton and feature a pleated back for a comfortable fit.

Batik is an ancient art of hand-making garments using wax and dyes. Heated wax is applied to fabric to allow it to resist the acceptance of dyes where applied, creating shapes and figures and a distinct pattern of designs. The wax can be removed and re-applied several times and at different heat intensities to create a unique and original shirt, every time. The Six Tribes literature explains that 2000 years ago the Indonesian aristocracy invented this process to demonstrate the distinct style and imagery of the affluent.

Six Tribes employs clever
integration of their Icon

Quality materials and

"Millie", the angry tribesman icon
of Six Tribes Lacrosse.

The Six Tribes "camp" shirt line starts with the "That Guy" model. It incorporates a repeating circular visual in navy with a distressed white graphic. Six Tribes says "That Guy accentuates the athletic build of today's lacrosse player, whether he is patrolling Vail Village after the tournament Semifinals or catching a frosty at the Mt. Washington Tavern". This was one of the models we tested and we like it very much. The material is soft and light and gets softer when washed with little to no fade. It can be worn out with shorts or jeans but also looks nice over the traditional khakis or even dress pants with nice shoes. We even tucked it in with a casual blazer and it worked. This puts the shirt in a rare category with a few other great multiple use travel shirts. Its not corporate, but its as formal as you'll ever need in Hawaii or the Caribean and is an easy choice for casual day at work if worn tucked into a pair of jeans.

The "How You Doin'" camp shirt is a leisurely interpretation of the classic surfer shirt. Available in black with sea blue wave graphics on the sleeves and hem. We didn't test this one but it looks pretty cool.

The "Not Too Bad" (response to the question "How you doin'?") is another camp shirt that cleverly integrates the Six Tribes icon "Millie" into a classic palm tree theme. It is available in cranberry or Carolina blue with distressed white graphics. We tested this one in the cranberry. Unlike the navy "That Guy" shirt, this model fades quite a bit in the wash. Both get very soft and comfortable. The faded and distressed combination is a very nice effect on the "Not Too Bad". It is far more casual than the first tested shirt and is not appropriate for many offices, even on a Friday, but that's the point. It's the quintessential beach shirt and also looks great with jeans and sneakers or Tevos.

Future products for May, 2002 delivery include board shorts, cargo pants and shorts, Old School 70's Flip Flops and courier bags. Stay tuned to E-Lacrosse for those product releases, other product news and information about the Six Tribes "Chiefs Program", celebrity player relationships and Mini Movies!

E-Lacrosse's favorite T-Shirts of the year include the NYPD and FDNY Lacrosse T-Shirts we got in New York at the big NYPD-FDNY Lacrosse Game, the STX yellow Skate Shirt, the Brine Orange long sleve T (not shown), Under Armor custom loose wear, the Crease Monkeys' Millenneum Tour Shirt and the deBeer International Brotherhood of Lacrosse Players shirt.

Our favorite hats for 2002 include the STX patriotic hat, Maax hats and visors including the Maax E-lacrosse Rally Visors, the new Under Armor skullcap, hat and visor and anything that says NYPD or FDNY, especially if it says Lacrosse!


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