E-Lacrosse reviews the hot 2002 lacrosse apparel!

E-Lacrosse had never heard of Zyflex before we met their people and saw their product at the 2002 Lacrosse Coaches' Convention. While we were lucky enough to score some gear from them at the show, we were unlucky enough to be followed back home by the northern blustery weather. Timing was right, though, for a quick addition to our planned 2002 Apparel preview.

First, this may seem trivial to some readers who don't wear thermals much but the first thing we were drawn to on the Zyflex product was external tags. That's right. NO INTERNAL TAGS! That just means we don't have to rip them out with a seam stripper like we always do. Lacrosse people customize everything, don't we?

The Zyflex Beanie/Neck Gaiter and the Long
Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt

The Zyflex Headband is very warm and
only ten bucks!

The technology behind ZYFLEX™ Thermal Sportgear was developed by DuPont and in 1998, Xymid, LLC was formed by DuPont employees who held various leadership roles and spent a combined 50 years within the DuPont Fibers organization. Their web site says they were seeking to form "a smaller company with the singular focus of ZYFLEX™ Thermal Sportgear products, and a company built on technology from one of the world's great science companies."

The Zyflex patented Ultra Microfiber System provides functionality, allows air flow while restricting moisture. The garments themselves achieve far above their cost to the consumer and E-Lacrosse rates these products as BEST BUYS. They are thinner than the thermals sold commercially and much warmer. We own some high grade military thermals and the Zyflex is obviously more comfortable but also suprisingly warmer.

The flexibility in the Zyflex shirt is good but not as good as it is with the Under Armor offering which is not nearly as warm. It's also not as flexible as much lesser products sold as thermal underwear in department stores, but the traditional thermals are NOT warm without relying on layering, which is unreasonable when playing sports, and when they get even slightly wet, like from your sweat, they can be torture chambers. If you are worried at all about flexibility, just order one size above your normal t-shirt size and you should be fine. The Zyflex seems to be sized small or at least snug. We expect as the company grows and the product line increases, various fits and size configurations will emerge. And we think the company and this product line will succeed, at least in lacrosse, because for most of us, Spring practice starts with frost still on the ground and a serious chill in the air, and the Zyflex material mitigates these conditions efficiently and affordably.


The long sleved crew neck shirt is only 18 bucks. Check the department store or even the local Army Suplus store for a better bargain. You won't find one. The Zyflex shorts are 16 dollars, the headband is 10 dollars and the Beanie/Neck Gaiter is a mere 12 bucks. These make great gifts and a neat surprise for a lax player heading out to that first early spring frost-bitten try-out.

Quality stitching

External Tags!

Their web site includes more products than we've shown here and facilitates online ordering. It can be found at We can attest to the security and functionality of their e-commerce operation as E-Lacrosse and Zyflex are both clients of the same online cart/order proccessing vendor. Their products carry a 30 day return policy if unworn.

Control airflow and ventilation yourself on the Zyflex Beanie

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