E-Lacrosse invited all of the lacrosse manufacturers to submit their latest equipment or products for review during the 2001 season. We are reviewing the materials in the order that they are received.

The STX line-up for 2001 is led by two huge products, the Ignitor Gloves and the X2. Those two and last year's monster success, the Proton (reviewed previously), are ever present on lacrosse fields already and the momentum is growing amidst a market of, dare we say, too many choices in 2001. We'll review the X2 and the Ignitors, along with the Apollo Arm Guard and some other new accessories.

THE STX IGNITOR GLOVES: The first thing you notice when you put the ignitors on is that your hand effortlessly closes to a fist with them on. This is impossible with most gloves that are not very worn in because for some reason there are more joints in the fingers of your hand than there are in the finger of the common glove. STX has counted to three and the people have heard them. The padding on the glove is moldable and can be squeezed or tweaked to fit your hand to an even greater degree than it does already. These gloves are everywhere and for good reason. The ignitor is the most game ready glove we have ever pulled off a retail shelf and tried on. We can honestly say that the ignitor glove is a tangible on-the-field advantage one can simple buy at the store, preferably the E-Lacrosse Store, for between 70 and 100 dollars. At E-Lacrosse, we try not to escalate the cost of competing in our game, but this purchase will be exponentially beneficial to you as a player. Far more than the degree of lightness in your shaft, let's say. Buy a composite shaft for 15 to 30 bucks and spend the remainder on a pair of ignitors. You'll thanks us later.

STX Mesh PalmTM and fingers

The Washington Power in Ignitors

Exoskeletal plastic layers are set loosely atop ThermoflexTM shock absorbent high density foam and are appointed with durable micro-leather, spandex and coolmax® for a cool, comfortable, odor and moisture free glove that will last for more than a season, too.

No one wants to eat with your gloves on.
BUT, just try picking up a fork or a knife with YOUR gloves on.
You'll feel nimble in the ignitor glove.

The STX Mesh PalmTM allows for maximum dexterity. Playing with this glove feels like playing without gloves at all. Aren't we all so much better without our gloves on. Especially new ones that the team HAS to wear. Not any more, if you can talk the coach into ordering Ignitors.

The glove is well constructed and resilient. Elastic bands hold the floating cuff in place but allow comfortable movement with your wrist. The cuff tie is fastened with a quick locking system that can be manipulated with the gloves on! The Ignitor comes in 12 and 14 inch lengths and there's a goalie version with a reinforced thumb, too.

Get the Landon STX Ignitor and the Gary Gait wallpapers by clicking on the images below.
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E-Lacrosse liked the Ignitor gloves so much we've ordered them for the E-Lacrosse Tech Team's trip to Vail this year! Design your own Ignitor gloves on the STX website.

THE STX X2: The Excalibur is the highest selling stick ever. It was THE stick just before the edge was THE stick. STX would like the X2 to become THE stick and it may be well on it's way looking at lacrosse fields this year, but the biggest competition in our eyes and THE stick right now is last year's STX creation, the Proton.

The X2

The Excalibur

The X2 has the familiar STX canted design, excellent tab scoopTM and 2" sidewall, but incorporates the popular look and stringing ease of the Excalibur. The stiffness is a bit greater in the X2 if your a face-off specialist. Basically, if you like your Proton, an X2 will make an excellent back-up and eventual replacement, and visa versa. We love both! These heads are most highly rated when strung with a hard mesh, with or without a V shooting string, an E-Lacrosse X-Mesh or X-Pocket or a tight traditional. Stringing the X2 is as easy as stringing the old Excalibur. The new version retained the double string holes on the sidewall, allowing the stringer many options including high and low pocket versions. We especially like the new STX Quickshot Pocket which is a standard hard mesh with a V and rubber wrapped shooting strings.

The X2: with the Quickshot pocket and with E-Lacrosse's X-Mesh pocket

THE QUICKSHOT POCKET: We are huge fans of symmetry, lacrosse players. We tie our shooters in different directions to balance stick weight. We overwhelmingly switched in droves to the plastic stick in the 70's and not just because they were lighter. Plastic sticks that looked like the old wooden sticks had been on the market before and failed.

A 1960's Canadian plastic stick

Shooting strings have always posed a problem for true lovers of symmetry as they are usually strung from one side to the other. And while there are techniques for symmetrical shooting strings the Quickshot pocket makes it a no brainer.

The original Excalibur and the new canted X2

The plastic tubing basically that surrounds the shooters gives as much bulk as a hockey lace and is softer than a hockey lace, looks much more clean and allows an even release every time. For those of you who hate all that garbage on the sides of the sick that hockey laces create, you'll love this pocket.

Very little breaking in is needed with the factory strung Quickshot Pocket.

It's only available on the STX Proton and X2 and can be purchased from the E-Lacrosse Online Store!

The Quickshot Pocket is simple but effective.

The rubber tubing of the Quickshot Pocket

Perfect with a Scandium shaft!

THE STX APOLLO ARM PAD: We passed the Apollo arm pad around the office and each of us squeezed it and balled it up, loving it's flexibility. We even thought for a moment that it was overkill. I mean, an arm is not changing that much while its moving. The extra flexibility in the Ignitor fingers was just what we needed but this might have been too much.

The flexible Apollo pad

Mark Frye wearing the Galaxy full arm guard

But then we all tried on the Apollo pad and each thought it was very comfortable. The thing is that all of us are very different sizes and wear very different pads when we play, because of it. But we all liked the fit of the Apollo. So the flexibility isn't necessarily going to be noticed by every player while he plays, but more will love these pads because of the wider range of players who will experience a perfect comfort and fit in their size. They come in large, medium, small, extra small and defensive sizes and in many colors. The Mercury arm guard is as comfortable and provides more coverage while sacrificing only a little flexibility. It includes a detachable wrist guard similar to the version sold ala carte by STX this season.

The Apollo is very breathable, moisture and odor resistant and light. The padding itself it similar to the Ignitor. ThermoflexTM HDPE Foam sections are covered with impact resistant plastic and provide excellent protection from even very hard checks while remaining cool and comfortable. Like the Ignitor, the Apollo pads feel like they've been worked in already the first time you put them on.

Two new accessories for goalies from STX are the DOC Forearm Guard and Shin Shield (shown below). Flexibility and breatheability match the Apollo and they are designed by top keeper Brian "Doc" Dougherty for STX. These are smart new products and will do well with the keepers along with STX's dominant Eclipse Goalie stick, now strung with the DOC pocket.

Brian "Doc" Dougherty

The DOC Pocket

Next Review: Brine Cyber, Vapor and Axis gloves!