Philadelphia, PA
January 11-13, 2002


STX debuted the Bionic, Vector and Quark sticks and were showing a Gary Gait designed box head that will be out soon. We tried it in limited confines but liked it very much. The three new offerings for field are typical STX high quality heads, filling the gaps in the market. They bring the flat or straight head back with the Vector and Quark, exciting new offset-look heads while delivering the performance of a straight head. Youth coaches should take note. Here's your opportunity to get a traditional fundamentally sound stick in a kid's hand while still being cool! We'll review all three soon in StickTech! STX took convention tech to the next level this year, broadcasting streaming interviews live from the convention floor. Interviews with Gary Gait, E-Lacrosse Keeper John Weston and Show updates ae still available in the archive.

DEBEER is moving forward at a steady gait! Paul Gait, that is. The Vice President/chief designer of deBeer is in his heyday. He is enjoying trmendous personal success on the field during his retirement tour, has the best selling high end women's stick and breaks into the men's mainstream this year with the Wizard head. We are testing ti for a review to be published soon and WE LIKE! The new Trakker pocket should be a rage in the men's and women's game this year. Monster Mesh was folly compared to the advancement this product offers to the market. The new VISION series of gloves and protective were a big hit with the kids we spoke to at the show.

Shamrock was E-Lacrosse's neighbor at the show. We had our backs to each other initially, E-Lacrosse with a small booth on the back row and Shamrock with a large area in the Manufacturers row area. We took down the partition and turned the whole thing into a midway passage from one row to the other and put a tables and chairs in the center creating the SHAMROCK CAFE! It was a very relaxing area for coaches and vendors to chill and talk lax with each other, the E-Lacrosse crew or their Shamrock friends. Shamrock, we have learned, from our proximity to all the conversation there, is making nice moves on the market with their shafts. We heard many accolades about their line of poles and the new gloves for entry level players. We threw around with the Shamrock sticks alot while on breaks and loved them. The stringing configurations are unique and practical, while they also use alot of colored strings and meshes in their off-the-shelf pre-strung pockets. A nice touch. They hosted the Irish and Scottish team representatives in the Shamrock Cafe and the teams sold T-Shirts to raise money for Australia next year. Shamrock is a new sponsor with E-Lacrosse for 2002, so look for alot of new information on these pages about exciting Shamrock offers, contests and products!

LAX WORLD, our retail partner, along with Play It Again Sports, captured the front row attention all weekend long. A great position at the show and their reputation for quality team sales and service had them packed. I grew up in Baltimore when Lance started LAX WORLD from scratch and to see how far they've gone is amazing. Coaches from all over stopped by while I was hanging out and knew everyone by name. Jerry Scott and Bob Martino were assisted by A.T. Bailey and a few others handling the crowds.

The NLL and E-Lacrosse promoted the Scoop and Shoot contests going on all over the NLL in an arena near you hopefully! E-Lacrosse is a sponsor of the events and thinks they'll bring more kids in the US to appreciate the box game that is raging up north. Visit the Scoop and Shoot site!

Rebel Sportswear had a great business going at the show with this the best time for coaches to order the new STX line of teamwear that Rebel makes and sells exclusively. Rebel has a strong following with some coaches at the show so we saw some bring their coaching friends to meet Billy Curtis and the gang for good deals on great quality teamwear. They were so busy our cameras were getting in the way at one point. Rebel is also a new sponsor of E-Lacrosse for 2002 and we wlecome them and their great products to our pages!

CASCADE looks to be unchallenged by the new Warrior Stryke helmet offering. The Cascade booth was packed all weekend while the Stryke booth look like it was on strike. Its tough to break into a market with a new product when actual player safety is on the line. The trusted name has new offerrings to the market, as well. A Woman's lens free goggle! Its hot and we think it will bring some women's teams around to using voluntary eye protection. It can easily be worn without effecting vision or perspective by any woman player. It even fit our editor's big head and felt very comfortable. It comes in two styles: Lady Evil Keneivel white and Euro Mosh Pit Black. We made those up but you can see the differences in the pictures.

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Posted 1/15/02