New Jersey Clinches

August 10, 2002

The New Jersey Pride clinched a post-season berth by defeating the Long Island Lizards, 18-15, in front of 3,920 fans at Hofstra Stadium. The loss marks the Lizards' third in a row, the longest losing streak in team history. New Jersey's Jay Jalbert was named Bud Light Game MVP with seven goals, including a two-pointer, while teammate Christian Cook was named the SoBe Iron Lizard for phenomenal defense.

Action Videos

Middlebury's Matt Dunn    High Bandwidth

Gettysburg's Tim McGinnis   High Bandwidth only

Gettysburg's Jake Van Nostrand    High Bandwidth

Gettysburg's Vinny Merlino to Pete Milliman    High Bandwidth

Middlebury's Zach Herbert    High Bandwidth

Gettysburg's Kevin Smith    High Bandwidth

Middlebury's Greg Bastis    High Bandwidth

Middlebury's Greg Bastis again!    High Bandwidth Only

Gettysburg's Tim McGinnis again!   High Bandwidth Only


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