Rebel Box Camp



June 2004

Prague Youths Visit Baltimore Box Camp

By John Hetzel

Nine juniors from the Prague club LCC Radotin visited the states to attend the Rebel Lacrosse Camp held from June 28-July 1st at Du-Burns arena in downtown Baltimore. Rebel chief Bill Curtis put together a great staff of pro coaches, with talented Jeff Wills leading the offense and the charismatic Ron Klausner handling the D. The coaches stressed fundamentals of team and individual play to help the Czechs and a complement of local kids bring their box game to the next level. The camp was run in four, three-hour evening sessions which featured theory, drills, contests and lots of scrimmaging in which the coaches raised the excitement level by jumping in and running with the kids.

The Czechs were able to test their newfound knowledge on day three when coach J.R. Castle brought his U-19 team down to Du-Burns from the Philly area for a game. The Czechs and their Rebel campmates put in a decent showing despite being generally younger and less experienced than JR's crack squad (which has has been playing together for a number of years and is champions of its area). Though the score ended lopsidedly, the guys got a lot out of the run and the coaches discovered what elements of the camp's theories they would stress on the camp's fourth and final day. Camp ended on a plus note with instruction and improvement in weak areas of the scrimmage, an awesome shooting clinic featuring pro Kevin Finneran, and, the ever popular fastest shot contest won by goalies Pavel Poupe and Bill Hack.

In addition to the great lax experience, the free days gave the touring Czechs time to see many mid-Atlantic sights including Navy and the state capital in Annapolis, Penn's Landing and downtown Philly, a pro lax game in Villanova's stadium, Washington DC, and of course, the Baltimore waterfront and aquarium. Despite the rich array of places visited, the boys' enchantment seemed to peak with an outing to Laxworld's warehouse, and then retail location, where the czechs found everything on their lists. Boss Jimmy Darcangelo showed some fine Baltimore hospitality treating all visitors with some nice gifts and then a great pizza lunch.

The Czech kids were thrilled with their visit and look forward to hosting American players in the near future for what organizers hope to become a regular cooperation and beginning of a greater program to improve lacrosse skills and raise cultural awareness of young lax players around the world.

LCC's kids would like to thank Rebel for a great camp, and especially the Fila family and Cort Sandstrom for putting up players for the length of their stay!!


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* A few American Rebel Box Campers Participated in the game on the Czech side.

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