2004 Lacrosse Fashion Extravaganza

LIVE FROM THE GREEN CARPET - a one part miniseries.

By Darla Burns

"Occasionally I wear my 0099 black Under Armour wristband on my left calf since it is the skinnier of my two calves," replied Michael Machiran, who played at THE Towson University and did a stint with the New Jersey Pride for about 5 minutes. The answer was fueled when I asked him if he wears any accessories for game day, aside from the norm. We debated over tea and crumpets after a nice round of cricket at the country club, which I have to tell you people, I think ole Mikey has played before, as he wasn't too shabby. The plot thickened when I indirectly reeled in a captivated group of country club staffers eavesdropping on our conversation which prompted me to put this conversation on paper. So without further ado… I roll out the green carpet of lacrosse, the Fashion article.

Sparky and Courtney in E-Lacrosse Tournament Gear

Our server in white gloves proceeded to say to Mikey and myself- "excuse me, I couldn't help but listen to what you were discussing. I myself play lacrosse when I am not serving tea and I would like to partake in this discussion." I chimed in, "well old chap, what's your name?" "My name is Casey Connor. When I was studying at the academy, also known as The University of Maryland, I was a dapper athlete. Now I have continued my playing on the professional level for the Baltimore Bayhawks." With that, our conversation was now a trifecta. I switched the board a little and asked Casey what accessories help him perform at his best. The courtyard got deathly quiet and he whispered "my heart on the sleeve. You have to come to play everyday." We were all touched by the statement. Some more than others. While I felt a slow chill on my arms, Mikey had a tear roll down his cheek. It was glorious. In all the emotion we hardly noticed a fourth party that had rolled her chair over to ours. "It seems to me that this table is more interesting that me just sipping tea alone while reading Wuthering Heights. May I join you?" A lady by the name of Ms. Sheehan Stanwick made her presence felt after I motioned her over.

Casey Connor in his E-Lacrosse Under Armour by RebelWear.

"Miz Stanwick, I says, well now that we have a proper lady about, let's make it feminine for a second. How did you wear your hair on gameday?"

STX spells style, from reversible caps to new school argyle!

"Well when I attended the Georgetown University, I had to wear a hair bow. Although it was okay until the age of 21, I have since stuck with a timeless classic, the ponytail." Smashing. My attention was distracted from Sheehan however when I heard another female voice to my right walking up pushing a stroller with a baby.

Funky new hats and shorts that are phat!

"I used to put 2 tight buns high on my head at The University of Maryland, but then a girl named Jen Adams went with 2 low buns on her head so I decided my look needed a change-funny that millions of girls started to do the bun thing after I stopped. I must have been a big influence" giggled the olive complexioned Courtney Connor. We pieced together that Casey and Courtney were married and recently became parents of a future lacrosse star. While some people get their nicknames later in life spawned by personality, one Acacia "Peanut" Connor got hers, obviously, from her stunning looks. Although the little bundle of joy isn't able to speak just yet, her body language said she was a big fan of Under Armour, for moisture wicking, which every baby needs!

Courtney, Casey and "Peanut" show off their Under Armour and...

Rebel-made jerseys from their alma mater, Maryland, and Courtney's new favorite, Mount Saint Mary's.

I noted that while performance is key, it helps to look good and all agreed. My motive is different. And if you know me at all, you will know that the only thing I am consistent at in life is being inconsistent. It is evident in my dress. I think it is fair to say you may not see the same Sparky twice. Like Madonna, I like to reinvent myself to keep an interest there. With that in mind, let's continue. I would have to say that the college of choice right now is UCONN women and I'm pleading the 5th on the men. I am no expert on attire for men, so like Paris Hilton shouldn't preach on good acting, I shouldn't comment on this! Lets just say that if you're sporting a harrow shaft, the rest is just details. But like the uppity chick on Green Acres used to say, "Just because you're the Deputy Fire Cheese doesn't give you the right to yell at everybody".

Our ladies are wearing 2004 STX visorsand E-Lacrosse Tournament shirts. They are carrying deBeer and STX on Harrow!

Courtney sports the old-sticker-style STX hat and STX hawaiian print stickbag.

The day was ripe for such a discussion and the view was exceptional. Courtney Stringer happened by, as she always seems to do, and I interested her in the impromptu survey. Off in the distance we could make out a small tribe of people playing lacrosse. As they drew near, you could tell they had played before. Their ease and grace were poetic. They soon joined in the conversation and we learned their history. Among the tribe were a few good men bearing the names of John Ciliberto aka Joey Tribiani, Mike Haertel, Jon Kemezis, Spencer Ford, Steve Kelly.

The Gentlemen are adorned in Rebel Wear college varsity jerseys of the finest material and workmanship.

In fact, looking good gave them that extra boost of confidence needed to excell.

So now our circle was complete. I asked a question that was the most controversial of all! Who had the best college team uniforms, male or female when you played? Sheehan surprised us all and said Georgetown. Mike went outside the bubble and said Mt. Hebron. Last time I checked, they were still a high school. At least you have your looks to rely on, Mikey.

For a more sophisticated answer, I relied on Courtney Connor to fill Machiran's void. Her vote was for the Mount women's team (big shocker there). I mean she did collaborate with Spensor Ford at Rebel on the design. And as a fan of UMD, she claims the unis that the men of her day wore were always second in style to the women's. After all, it may have been the uniforms that won Courtney over with the now Casey Connor-Martinez. Speaking of the missus, Casey's pick for top uniforms this year were awarded to Syracuse because they are "simple, yet bad." And when he says bad, he doesn't mean bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good. He claims Cuse's shorts are a good size too as opposed to that of the daisy dukes worn by his Maryland men in 97. Gotta like those old school garments that bring you back to the days of Optimus Prime and the slap bracelet. But at the end of the day, both would agree that MD women uniforms are the joint. UA top to bottom, you can't beat that with a bat.

Two of our gentlemen pre-enact the 2004 national championship game between Navy and Johns Hopkins.

After a healthy round of debate, we all held hands and walked off into the sunset. A beautiful Sunday drew to a close. Speaking of the end, lacrosse season is almost done and with that in mind comes the final four. Enjoy the tournament's last year in our backyard, Baltimore, by joining me there.

Baby Blue by Harrow and Navy by STX and Lax World

The ladies cheer on the gentlemen in LaxWorld's latest!

Hawaiian floral prints: Kilts by Rebel and accessories by STX.

Sparky rocks out with her harrow shafted STX Surge and then battles Courtney

Sparky Wallpaper at 1024 width!

Casey Connor/RebelWear Wallpaper at 1024 width!

The gentlemen look dashing working out in their RebelWear!

Thanks to everyone who put their time into conjuring up yet another chapter in a day in the life of Sparky, and I tip a forty to my homies at Rebel and John Strohsacker. Shouts out to Chad Whittman and Kevin Finneran of Harrow. Good times. Thousands of Lax Photos for sale!


P.S. Don't forget to tip your bartenders.

Most Photographs by Jophn Strohsacker




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