National #1

May 3, 2005

Video Highlights
Gilman's Brian Carroll to Alex Waters

Gilman's Brian Carroll to Thomas Rogers

Gilman's Peter Cornbrooks

Gilman's Brian Carroll

Gilman's Thomas Rogers

McDonogh's Joe Pike

Gilman's Ned Welbourn to Kevin Carroll

Gilman's Pat Marshall

McDonogh's Joe Pike

Gilman's Sean Murphy


Gilman's Kevin Carroll

McDonogh's Jimmy Daly starts the comeback from 5-0

McDonogh's Jimmy Daly again!

McDonogh's Collins Carey

McDonogh's Bryn Holmes

McDonogh's Brian Weiss

Gilman's Brian Carroll again!

McDonogh's Bryn Holmes again!

Gilman's Thomas Rogers to Zach Bradley

McDonogh's Jeremy Sieverts to Bryn Holmes

McDonogh's Joe Pike again!

Gilman's Griff Shay to Brian Carroll

Gilman celebrates the upset of their arch-rival!

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