Mt. Hebron
St. Stephens - St. Agnes
@ The Mt Hebron Tournament

April 23, 2005

Video Action

The Saints' Molly Millard

Mt. Hebron's Meggie Bosica to Jaqueline Giles

The Saints' Jen Holden

Mt. Hebron's Cassie Krause

Mt. Hebron's Karen Nicolaus

The Saints' Jen Holden again!

Mt. Hebron's Jaqueline Giles

The Saints' Molly Millard to Jen Holden

Mt. Hebron's Jaqueline Giles

Mt. Hebron's Meggie Bosica

Mt. Hebron's Meggie Bosica again!

The Saints' Lauren Thomas

Mt. Hebron's Meggie Bosica to Meg Taylor

Mt. Hebron's Jaqueline Giles again!

Mt. Hebron's Ginna Lance

The Saints' Lauren Thomas again!

Mt. Hebron's Meggie Bosica is regarded by many as the top player in the nation. She was featured in School Sports Magazine recently. The photo was by E-Lacrosse contributor John Strohsacker.

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