Arch Bishop Spalding
The Severn School
The 5th Annual Andy Eser Memorial Lacrosse Tournament

March 19, 2005


Spalding's Casey O'Connor

Spalding's Nick Lewnes and Dave Murnane

Severn's Nick Elsmo to Jamal Jones

Spalding's Chase Sturn

Spalding's Casey O'Connor to Kyle Fortman

Severn's Daniel Coffman

Spalding's Steve Harmel

Spalding's Rich May to Casey O'Connor

Severn's Nick Elsmo to Patrick Moran

Severn's Nick Elsmo

Spalding's Casey O'Connor to Stuart Williams

Spalding's Matt Antonelli

Severn's Nick Elsmo

Severn's Nick Elsmo again!

Severn's Brian Phipps

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