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Recommending insanity seems crazy. But here we are doing just that. We love the Insanity gloves and the price. The Insanity's value can't be beat in today's expensive glove environment, so read on.

With the popularity of last year's Torque head and the Gait brand now brandished by an ever-popular Virginia Cavaliers team with something to prove, Paul Gait looks to move further into the high end glove market share with the slick but affordable, practical and well-built Insanity gloves. The relationship with Virginia is a key to Paul Gait's strategy, "We will look to make UVa men's and women's teams the cornerstone of our marketing focus. The programs are so strong and popular for all the right reasons. And we'll get great R&D feedback from the players and from Dom Starsia so wee can always be improving based on comments and suggestions from the best in the college game. We're looking forward to developing features based on the players' comments." UVa had been with Brine for years and the change is significant to the lacrosse market. This was not lost on UVa's Starsia, "We couldn't be more pleased to be associated with Paul Gait and deBeer Lacrosse, "said the coach. "This was a big decision we made, to change manufacturers, and we feel confident in this choice based on the quality of the product, the people and the service from deBeer." Among the other teams wearing the Insanity gloves this year are Harvard, Albany, Sacret Heart and Canisius.

All Gait products stir around in the mind of Paul Gait for a while before they see the light of day. He's innovated more than anyone in the industry during his relatively short time at the 3D modeling computer for deBeer. He started in 1996 with the much copied pad layering innovation of his Armadillo gloves and hasn't looked back. His new patent-pending knuckle spacers are ingenious. They conserve on actual surface material and weight and increase flexibility while protecting as well as any solid surface we've tested. Gait may actually be on to something here. Upon further inspection of the spacers specifically, we found a principle of physics in play that we call "You can't get there from here". You'll see in the picture below that when an object is inserted into the crevice or gauntlet between the spacers, it cannot really impact the surface below. The impact is, instead, dispersed horizontally into the spacers and the pads beside the spacers. A check happens quickly but all of this is happening and you're feeling it less. It works.

A flared multi-flex cuff extends all the way around the wrist. The cuff is protective but is special because the multiple cuff pads are aligned comfortably with elastic strapping and each pad curves away from the arm so you can't even feel it on your wrist. Very nice.

The cuff guard is very protective but soft and not cumbersome. It feels like foam covered in a slick textured graphite-look material with the embroidered Gait logo and the Insanity logo unless you order team gloves and they have your logo embroidered in the white circle. It is adjustable, but doesn't really need to be. Customizing tip: Just rip that plastic clasp off, tie a knot and be done with that forever.

The material covering most of the glove is nice imitation leather. A few spots are covered in more of the graphite look cloth. It's an attractive glove with a high tech look, thanks mostly to the spacers. The stitching is excellent and the general quality is very high. This glove will not fall apart on you in a season or two, and these days that's saying something.

The natural disposition of the glove is closed but as you can see in some of the pictures, the glove can completely flatten out on its palm with very little pressure applied to the stretchy palm material. The sides of the fingers are constructed of a stretchy thin nylon material that is also found on many newer gloves.
The glove is compact and has a slender aerial handprint. An aerial handprint is a measure of lacrosse related dexterity or the space the moving glove takes up around your hand while in natural lacrosse movements in order to perform the protective function well. Here's what we mean. When you make the transition from left to right or right to left handed control of the stick while in movement downfield, you don't look at your hands while doing it. You know how long each glove finger is subconsciously and instinctively from practice and the transition goes smoothly, but if you put on a new pair of gloves and do that move the shaft may bump against some new "extremity" in the glove's shape and take some getting used to before those types of hand movements with the stick are flawless again. Each of the gloves has a unique aerial handprint and some are much smaller than others. The Insanity has a narrow or slender handprint.

The flex ridge hinge system is another of Paul Gait's out-of-the-box approaches to the game. Some of the top pads are only partially sewn to the glove surface so they don't impede flexibility unnecessarily. A few are set in a row in the flex ridge hinge system which provides for tons of flex and plenty of protection.

The Coolmax™ integrated interior takes moisture off the palm and feels pretty comfortable while playing. The soft palm feel is enhanced by a large thumb area which allows for greater and more natural dexterity while handling a stick. A Coolmax™ liner keeps the back of your hand cool and dry too. The palm surface is a mix of soft rawhide-like material, common on palms, further textured with a repeating Gait logo pattern embossed in rubber grippy material which extends upward on the "trigger finger" for extra grip on shots. Slightly elasticized Coolmax™ vents irrigate the surfaces of the lower palm, thumb and middle two fingers.
The glove retails for about $110.00 for the 13 inch version and $108.00 for the 12. They come in black, navy, royal, red, green and maroon. Teams can order custom colors and embroidery on the Gait website or through any Gait retailer. And there is a goalie version of the glove with a re-enforced thumb.
If you are even close to spending 150 to 180 bucks for a pair of gloves, then do yourself a big favor and compare them in a store to the Gait Insanity. You'll save 40 to 70 beans on a similar to better quality glove with a more comfortable feel. If you are going to pay 80 to 100 for a second price-point glove, definitely consider spending the extra 10 to 30 on the Insanity. We think many people will and that the Insanity could be another breakthrough for Gait.