"That Guy"

Subtle graphics, premium cottons and athletic cuts are the key features of the Six Tribes "camp" shirt line and in particular the "That Guy" model. Incorporating a repeating circular visual and set in a stylish Navy with a distressed white graphic, "That Guy" accentuates the athletic build of today's lacrosse player, whether he is patrolling Vail Village after the tournament Semifinals or catching a frosty at the Mt. Washington Tavern.

"That Guy" is made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton with a pleated back for superior comfort fit. The embedded graphic connotes a fun and casual lifestyle and an almost transparent lacrosse motif via "Millie", the angry tribesman icon of Six Tribes Lacrosse.

The graphics and colors are integrated utilizing a Batik Printing Process that incorporates hand dyeing of fabric applied via repeated applications of hot wax impregnated with a variety of colors. The Batik process has been handed down over the last 1000 years producing apparel with a respect for the past but with a vision for the future.

What is Batik?

Batik is an ancient art of hand-made garments wherein heated wax is applied to fabric to allow it to resist the acceptance of dyes at these sites. The wax is applied to other parts of the fabric and garment thereby creating shapes and figures and a distinct pattern of designs. 2000 years ago the Indonesian aristocracy invented this process to demonstrate the distinct style and imagery of the affluent.

The wax can be removed and re-applied several times to make beautiful and intricate designs that can be surrounded by other designs and colors. The Batik process produces garments that transcend the uniqueness of a fingerprint, wherein each finished garment is different because the wax application intensity and the amount of time the heated wax is applied varies by a spit-second, the result is that no two shirts are exactly the same!

Today, Six Tribes is taking this ancient art and customizing it to the style and attitude of the lacrosse enthusiast. Six Tribes, for after the game, with much respect to the game.