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  • The Best Amsterdam Map Yet. Print this one and bring it!

  • We sent out invitation postcards for the opening party to the team managers and all the independents. If you didn't get it, here it is:

    Time Field 1Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
    Wednesday, August 20:
    11:30 Ottawa v Backbert Lax World v Italy NY Tech v Gin & Juice
    1:00 E-Lax v Frankfurt Harrow v Steurbert Lakeshore v UKLacrosse
    2:30 NY Tech v Italy Ottawa v Gin & Juice Lax World v Backbert Crease Monkeys v. Maastricht
    4:00 Harrow v UKlacrosse* Crease Monkeys v Frankfurt E-Lax v Maastricht Lakeshore v. Steurbert
    *Paul Gait Lacrosse Clinic at 5:15 on field 1
    Thursday, August 21:
    11:30 Crease Monkeys v Backbert Lakeshore v Gin & Juice Harrow v Italy E-Lax v UKLacrosse
    1:00 NY Tech v Frankfurt Lax World v Steurbert Ottawa v Maastricht
    2:30 Lakeshore v UKLacrosse Crease Monkeys v Gin & Juice Harrow v Backbert E-Lax v Italy
    4:00 NY Tech v Maastricht Lax World v Frankfurt Ottawa v Steurbert
    Friday, August 22:
    10:00 exhibition: EU1 v NA1 EU: 2 v 7 EU: 3 v 6 EU: 4 v 5
    11:30 NA: 2 v 7 NA: 3 v 6 NA: 4 v 5
    1:00 EU: 1 v 2/7 EU: 2/7 v 4/5 TBD TBD
    2:30 NA: 1 v 2/7 NA: 2/7 v 4/5
    4:00 All-Stars*
    *Paul Gait Lacrosse Clinic at 5:15 on field 1
    Saturday, August 23: TBD

    European Final: 2:30 on Field 1 w/ halftime Fastest Shot Contest

    North American Final: 4:00 on Field 1 w/ halftime Trick Shot Contest
  • EurolaxTM joins 2003 Amsterdam Tournament sponsors! The tournament will be using only Eurolax balls. You'll have a chance to see all of the excellent Eurolax products, including german made shafts, at the games!

  • E-Lacrosse is pleased to announce Harrow SportsTM as a 2003 Amsterdam Tournament sponsor! There will also be a Harrow Team in the tournament. And yes, there will be plenty of Harrow shafts to try and buy at the tournament!

    A little bit about Harrow:

    Harrow Sports is a 2 year old company located in Denver Colorado. They produce lacrosse shafts, tennis raquets, field hockey equipment and squash raquets. The Harrow lacrosse shafts are made of graphite and are soft to the touch like the old wooden shafts. See them here. Harrow is, at its core, a company of athletes. Everything they sell has been used by their staff, current and former professional athletes. This isn't that hard when several staff members are professional athletes.

    "We started the Company because we felt that the traditional big manufacturer/big retailer channel was not meeting the needs of athletes. We believe that our products are sports and position specific. We know that performance is related to confidence and confidence in your equipment is reflected in your overall attitude toward the battle you are facing." Rob Gormley, organizer of many Harrow lacrosse teams and leagues and of the Harrow Amsterdam Team.

    Gormley says you won't find Harrow products in Big box retailers. "Why? Because we believe that choosing the right equipment requires the advice of a teaching professional or specialty storeowner. It bothers us a lot when we see young athletes playing with equipment that has the wrong flex/grip/string/curve/head, etc. You CAN have the right equipment at a fair price, when you need it." And Harrow wants to show you how.

    Check out the Harrow web site at www.harrowsports.com or call them at 1-800-541-2905 with any questions.

  • The hardware is rolling in. The European and General Champions medals have arrived on blue and orange ribbons, the Dutch national colors. A trophy will be awarded to each winner, as well. A large trophy bowl will be kept at the Hurley Club over the years with the champions engraved. This year's winner will be the first of many placed on the bowl that one day will be a part of European lacrosse history!

  • We finally have directions to the Hurley Club in english! The address is:

    THC Hurley
    Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan 21
    1182 AA Amstelveen

    The phone number at the club is 020-6454468. The club is located on the "Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan" in the "Amsterdamse Bos", 500 meters past the Wagener hockey stadium. If coming by car:

    From the Centrum, get onto Amstelveenseweg southward at the bottom of town. Go approximately 4 km and turn left onto "Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan". Take a left at the entrance of the "Amsterdamse Bos" (a bos is a forest), then you go straight till you come to a big left curve, you will find the entrance to Hurley on your left.

    From The Hague, Haarlem or Schiphol, take the A9 toward Utrecht, take the Amstelveen exit (not amstelveen-zuid), take a right taking you under the highway, then go straight on the "Keizer Karelweg", then the "Amsterdamseweg" and finally the "Kalfjeslaan". Take a left at the entrance of the "Amsterdamse Bos", then you go straight till you come to a big left curve, you will find the entrance to Hurley on your left.

    From Utrecht take the A2 toward Amstelveen, Schiphol and Haarlem, exit at Amstelveen Centrum. Take a right onto the "Keizer Karelweg" which becomes "Amsterdamseweg" and the "Kalfjeslaan" (Border of Amsterdam and Amstelveen), then take a left at the entrance of the "Amsterdamse Bos", go straight till a big left curve, the entrance to Hurley will be on your left side.

    If coming by tram or bus (recommended):

    From Central Station in Amsterdam: you can take the following bus numbers 170/171/172 NZH which all take you to the bus stop on the "Kalfjeslaan" 50 meters from the entrance of the "Amsterdamse Bos" Make sure you ask the bus driver for assistance in stopping at the correct place the first time! That is a common courtesy and they will not mind at all. The Dutch appreciate the words "please" and "thank you", just as we do here. Most speak beautiful English.

    From Amsterdam-Amstel Station: take bus 169 NZH till the bus stop "Kalfjeslaan".

    From "Amsterdam Zuid": take bus 63 GVB till the bus stop "Kalfjeslaan".

    From "Haarlemmermeer": station take bus 63 GVB or 170/171/172 NZH till the bus stop "Kalfjeslaan".

    Print each of the five pages on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.

    Save and Print (200 dpi): Key Page / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

    Print from Browser: Key Page / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4


    Huge Version


    Maps above are from Maporama. This site accesses maps of European cities starting with an address.

    Maps above are from MapQuest Holland. Get directions from your hotel to the fields.

  • The Official Travel Partner of the tournament is Sport TravelTM and ATP Online! Book your individual and team trips with Sport Travel and get the tournament rates as well as a travel service that KNOWS AMSTERDAM! The tournament travel special is very good and the AMS hotels are very reputable, clean and friendly, beyond the 3 or 4 stars that they have to earn in a very competitive tourist town like Amsterdam. We have stayed at the AMS City Centre and the AMS Hotel Museum and both are very nice. These special deals are for the participants and visitors of E-Lacrosse tournament in Amsterdam only so take advantage. ATP Online and Sport Travel offer different kinds of packages including flights and hotel accommodation as you see below. Contact them and get more information!

    They offer 3 & 4 star packages all with hotel accommodation in the city centre of Amsterdam. Details about the hotels you'll find on www.ams.nl.

    3 star package rate per person from 1039.00 (Travel Dates: 16th of August - 24th of August)

    Accommodation in one of the following hotels (check in 17th - checkout 24th):
    AMS Hofpark Hotel
    AMS Hotel Museum
    AMS City Centre Hotel
    AMS Hotel Terdam

    7 night stay in a double / twin bedded room including breakfast and 5% city tax
    Flight Newark - Amsterdam v. economy class

    4 star package rate per person from 1562.00 (Travel Dates: 16th of August - 24th of August)
    Accommodation in one of the following hotels (check in 17th - checkout 24th):
    AMS Hotel Beethoven
    AMS Hotel Lairesse
    AMS Hotel Hofpark Residence

    7 night stay in a double / twin bedded room including breakfast and 5% city tax
    Flight Newark - Amsterdam v. economy class

    Packages are excluding
    • Airport tax & prepaidcosts a 100.00 (subject to change)
    • Insurances
    • Single room supplement (upon request)

    Note: Rates for the 3- and 4 star packages are as of rates and subjected to availability. Mentioned packages are standard offers. Adjustments can be made according to your wishes.

    All reservations are upon request, subjected to availability. You request will be handled directly after receiving the reservation. ATP Online will come back with availability of a flight and hotel from the package of your preference. Contact them and get more information!

  • WOMEN'S AMSTERDAM TOURNAMENT on tap for 2004! Stay tuned for details!

  • We welcome Red Bull as a 2003 sponsor! Look for Red Bull beverages at the games and in the clubhouse.

  • You can now pay for registration by credit card online!

  • Read our tournament specific All Abut Amsterdam Guide with Hotels - This is the html version of what we send registrants.

  • Do some trip research with these walking around Amsterdam photographs from February 2003 and from July 2002.

    "Amsterdam is the perfect setting for a lacrosse tournament: its international flavor, cultural and historic landmarks and legendary nightlife and general debauchery will mesh well with our mission of creating fun and provocative apparel for today's player". - Gerry Byrne, Six Tribes Director of Propaganda. Six Tribes will be sponsoring two awards as part of its agreement with the tournament. The Six Tribes MVP will be given to the player who best exemplifies excellence on the field by his play. The Six Tribes MHP (Most Hedonistic Player) will be bestowed ...read more
  • We now have 17 teams and over 37 individual players confirmed by deposit or payment.

  • THE BIG QUESTION. WHO'S IN SO FAR? Well, Officially in with money paid are: Harrow International, Team UK, UK/Warrior, Crease Monkeys, E-Lacrosse, Team Italy, Frankfurt Cosmos, Lakeshore of Chicago, New York Institute of Technology, Team Holland, Lincoln Park, Ottawa Black Sheep, Team Backbert, Team Steurbert, Gin & Juice, and a few that have yet to name their teams. We also have a few teams of individuals signed up. We will make up the teams and get info out to players on July 20th.

  • PAUL GAIT SIGNS ON AS MASTER OF CEREMONIES! deBeer and Gait Helmets are now official sponsors of the 2003 A'Dam Tournament! deBeer is a longtime sponsor of E-Lacrosse and is excited about the prospects of growing the game in Europe through the tournament and ancillary events. Gait Helmets is a new company owned by, you guessed it, Paul & Gary Gait! Paul wore the helmet at the World Games in Perth and drew alot of attention. Now its worn by teams like Maryland and Rutgers. E-Lacrosse is proud to have deBeer and Gait Helmets as sponsors of the Amsterdam Tournament and welcomes Paul Gait as the Master of Ceremonies for the tournament. Paul will be hosting a deBeer/E-Lacrosse party and a players' clinic at the tournament, as well, and everyone's invited!
  • The Hard Rock Amsterdam is an official sponsor of the Amsterdam Tournament! All tournament participants and guests will get a food and drink discount at the Hard Rock all week long and a Lacrosse night party is being planned for the waterfront hot spot too!

  • A youth clinic at the grounds featuring instruction from Paul Gait and some of the Tournament stars is in the works! Send us an e-mail if you're interested in attending or assisting the clinic in Holland. There will be no fee for kids, coaches and tournament participants.

  • Many have sent us e-mails with similar questions. See the new Q & A section below for many answers!

  • There will be a national men's field hockey tournament going on just a few hundred meters down the road at another top hockey club. We hope our players will enjoy seeing a rough version of the American sport and that many hockey players will stop by to get a look at lacrosse!


WHEN: August 20-23, 2003

WHERE: The Hurley Hockey Grounds & Club, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WHO: At least 16 Men's teams from all over Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia!

PURPOSE: This tournament will be the first of its kind and magnitude to be held in the Netherlands. Its primary purpose is to fuel the enthusiasm and interest for Lacrosse in the Netherlands and Europe. The Amsterdam tournament is an invitation to those who want to help introduce and grow lacrosse here and have some fun doing it. Secondly, because Amsterdam is one of the most visited Cities in the World and August is the peak of tourist season, the tournament and the promotion around it will leave a trail of interest throughout the world. In a nutshell; a Vail-like tournament for the Dutch, Europeans and anyone who will join us!

CONTACTS: Questions and correspondence concerning the tournament can be directed to: European/Worldwide teams can e-mail Co-Director Edouard Dopper in Holland North American Teams can mail Co-Directors John Weaver or Matt Peterson.

HOST: Maastricht Lacrosse (Maaslax) is a new club team representing Maastricht University and is the only team currently in the Netherlands. They are quickly establishing themselves in the International Lacrosse culture by hosting and co-organizing the first "E-Lacrosse Amsterdam Tournament" in august of 2003. Every summer Maaslax and e-lacrosse will rock the Lacrosse world with an unprecedented event for all lacrosse enthusiasts. At this annual "gathering" of lacrosse families, Maaslax will be your host and helper throughout the tournament. Always look to a Maaslax player as a source of information or assistance. They will be wearing badges or markings of some kind. The Maastricht team will be heavily involved in daily operations of the tournament and are primarily responsible for providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for all tournament participants. The Maaslax website contains a specific section concerning the tournament's new developments, highlights, sponsors and vendors. Check out www.maaslax.com

COST: Teams will be charged 850 Euro ($996 US as of 6/1/3) as the entry fee (about 850 US also). A 250 Euro ($293 US) check or charge will be accepted as a deposit to hold a team's spot until July 1, 2003 (we changed it from June 1). The 600 Euro ($703 US) remainder must be paid by then to assure your place in the tournament is held. Deposits are non-refundable. We are also accepting individual player registrations for two (maybe more) mixed independent teams at 75 euro ($87 US) per player (includes team organization and a jersey). THESE SPACES ARE VERY LIMITED! E-Mail us with any questions, and to let us know if your check is on the way BUT teams and individuals will be confirmed as payment (or deposit) is RECEIVED via credit card online or Check at the following address:

E-Lacrosse Tournaments
P.O. Box 442
Glen Echo, MD 20816

Make check or money order payable to E-Lacrosse in Euros or U.S. Dollars (or values).

Include a sheet of paper with the following information:

Team Name
Team Home
Jersey Colors
Team Manager or responsible party
Manager's Phone and e-mail
Does the team speak some english? (for the purpose of assigning refs)

Years of play
Do you speak english? (for the purpose of assigning refs)

Entry fees pay for fields, locker room and shower facilities, clubhouse use, referee and trainer fees, administrative, setup and clean up services only. Travel, hotel and local transportation is to be arranged separately by the teams or players. The tournament will send registrants a package which will help them a great deal when making arrangements, including some discounts from sponsors and recommended airlines, hotels, neighborhoods, restaurants, etc.

FIELDS: Hurley is one of the top Field Hockey clubs in the Netherlands where it is the national sport. On a map it is in the neighborhood of Amstelveen just southwest of the city. It is part of the grounds entitled National Hockey Grounds on most maps. The tournament will be played on 3 astroturf fields which are used by some of the greatest hockey clubs in the world each year at tournaments held at the Hurley. Practice areas and full changing and shower facilities are also available.

FOOD: Food will be sold by cuisine sponsors vending in the clubhouse and beer, soda, etc. will be served all day. Juices, some beer, tea, coffee and light fare are served in the clubhouse at all times. Prices are almost identical to those in the US.

TIMES: Games will begin at 9 or 10 am and wrap up each day with a 5 o'clock game. It gets dark at 10:30 pm in August in Amsterdam so the party starts late.

AGE LIMIT: This is an 18 AND OVER tournament. All team members must be over 18. No exceptions.

HOTELS: There are so many great neighborhoods in Amsterdam. We'll include lots of info in the registration package we send out, but there's something for everyone in Amsterdam. August is tourist season in Holland so book flights and Hotels early to save money!

THE CITY: Amsterdam is a cultural, art, leisure, culinary and party center and a weekend vacation spot for many Europeans. The museums are second to none, the jazz, techno and house music play until 5 am, the sidewalk cafes are buzzing and shopping is a sport. The locals speak perfect english, and American too. They love Field Hockey and Soccer and will love lacrosse when they get a chance to see it. Be nice to them and they will be very nice to you. Welcome to the coolest city and the hottest tournament on the planet!

Q & A:

Q: How well developed is Dutch lacrosse?

A: Dutch lacrosse currently has two clubs in the Netherlands, a club in Maastricht and one in Hilversum. The club in Hilversum is a high school team. The club in Maastricht has a girl's and boys' team both competing in German leagues. Dutch lacrosse is two years old now and steadily growing. The Amsterdam tournament could significantly spur its growth.

Q: Is there a Dutch lacrosse association?

A: As we speak plans are being made to set up a Netherlands Lacrosse Federation. The NLF's mission will be to help and sustain lacrosse initiatives in the Netherlands. It will promote the sport and inspire individuals to start clubs throughout the Netherlands. The NLF hopes to be official in January 2003, with the help of the Dutch government. The NLF would like to see a national team compete at the next world championships.

Its first president will be Edouard Dopper, one of our tournament Directors, whom you can contact for more information at e_dopper@hotmail.com.

Q: Tell me more about the individual entries. I don't have a team and want to play.

A: We are accepting individual players as entrants to the tournament. This means that you send a check for 75 Euro or Dollars and we organize a team of independents that you will play on, like an adult lax/party camp. No team will have more than 20 players and everyone plays. We may ask some individuals if they wish to fill in on existing teams with small numbers from europe or elsewhere. It will be a great way to meet many new people from just about everywhere. We have one independent team almost filled and one Dutch team that needs a few guys, preferably of Dutch descendancy. We think that there will be four teams or more of independents so don't hesitate to join in. ALL SKILL LEVELS will be respected at this tournament.

Q: How many games will we play?

A: At least three 100 minute running time games. Each team will play a games on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Friday match-ups will determine who advances to Saturday's final round games. Friday's losers will have both weekend nights to go nuts 'til the wee hours of the morning while the winners can make their own choices and play accordingly in the Saturday finals.

Q: Will there be awards or trophies?

A: Of course. There will be an All-Amsterdam team named and a cool apparel item will accompany the honor. There will also be trophies for the top three teams and a special trophy for the top European team as this is an event to bolster European Lacrosse. And yes a European team could, therefore, win two trophies. The tournament winners will also get visors or hats or something to commemorate the win. Lots of Amsterdam Tournament gear will be available for sale on-site and even on the E-Lacrosse online store soon.

Q: Where should we stay?

A: When we get each team's check, we send out an information packet that has the map of the area with all pertinent locations for games and social activity. But for starters, just think about what you want to see in Holland. If it's museums, stay on Museumplein, if its the red light district and coffee shops, then stay in the city center near the Dam Square or Central Station. If you like antiques and quaint canals, the Jordaan is very nice. Dancing and late-night clubbing is done in a huge way on the Leidseplein. If you think far ahead and use the internet, you can find a houseboat rental for a true Amsterdam experience. All the A'Dam hotels are on the Internet travel service lists. Pick an area and compare prices within similar star ratings.

Q: When are people coming in and leaving?

A: The best time to come is the Friday before the tournament. Spend the weekend, Moday and Tuesday seeing the many beautiful sights in Holland and begin playing on Wednesday. The tournament ends on Saturday and Sunday is a great travel day and nothings happening in the city so you miss nothing. Friday and Saturday nights are insane and should not be missed if possible.

Q: Will there be official tournament social events?

A: Yes, but not overkill. All of our players will get discounts at the Hard Rock all the week. Other Cafes, restaurants and bars will be sponsors and offer various deals to players as well. The Clubhouse, overlooking the fields, is an ongoing party that starts in the morning and ends two hours after the last whistle. We will have one big tournament party, likely on the first night at someplace nice and a meeting spot the night before the tournament for just hanging out and meeting early arrivals. We will have a cocktail party at the clubhouse after the final. Field hockey enthusiasts from all over holland will be invited to both the final and the cocktail party. We think you'll like them and they will love lacrosse! It is customary to drink beers in the clubhouse after an adult men's or women's field hockey game, as well.

Q: Will spectators be charged?

A: No. Watching any of the action is free on all days!

Q: How much is the trip for a single person?

A: It depends on where your coming from but Hotels are 50 to 150 a night (US) and the flight this year would have been between 300 and 700 (US) depending on when you book and which airline. Most Europeans can drive or take a train for far less. Meals are the same as the US or England in price. A great meal at the Highlander or Pancake House will be ten bucks without beer or wine. Beer is cheap. There is, of course the team or player fee, but that is nominal and should average 50 to 75 (US) per player.

Q: Is it true what they say about Amsterdam?

A: Probably. There's no place like it in the world!


Posted 8/12/02