August 2, 1997: I live in Canada. Up here I've never seen a rockit pocket in a store and I am interested in buying one. But before I order, I was wondering what it is really. I have a warrior cobra head and one of the leathers broke so I was wondering if I could put a rocket pocket in it? Or do I need to buy a head with it? I was also hoping to contact them and find out about Canadian prices.

Funny you should ask. We have been testing a Rockit Pocket since early summer. We chose the Brine Edge for the test and the results have been pretty good. A Rockit Pocket is a lot like a traditional pocket designed to accommodate very tight outer leathers while maintaining a comfortable pocket between them.

A traditional pocket allows the ball to
move around while cradling and throwing.

A Rockit Pocket restricts movement to the
to within the channel, while still allowing
for the ball to be dislodged with a good check.
This creates a channel which the ball must follow strait out of the top of the stick, and improves your aim. People with good fundamentals and play with very little whip will get the most out of Rockit Pocket. It improved average speed as well, although this could come from just playing with less of a whip. If you build a drastic whip into this pocket, you will lose advantages that the stringing brings to speed and accuracy. Buy a mesh stick for your whip stick and use the rocket pocket to get back to fundamentals. It's a great learning pocket as well.

The shooting Channel makes our Brine Edge
look a little like a fighter Jet!
Kids that are just starting to throw and run line drills will get more out of the time spent practicing with this pocket than with mesh or traditional. Sidearm and some other funky shots are far less reliable with the rockit at normal speeds and this discourages such behavior. A strong thrower can adjust slightly to reel those fancy shots back into their repertoire.

A traditional stringing

A Rockit Pocket

A mesh pocket
Remember that any serious pocket or head change will require minor adjustments to your game. The changes this one brings on make you a better player. The pocket strung on any popular head (included) costs between 60 and 80 bucks. You can also send the folks at Rockit Pocket your head and they'll string it and send it back. You can find out more info at The Rockit Pocket Site, or E-mail the pocket's creator Flip Naumburg at