May 30, 1997: I am wondering how many shooting strings I should have on my stick, My friends have 3 and I shoot fine with 2?

If you are comfortable with your shot now, you are probably ok with 2. Experimentation is always fun, and of course, fully endorsed by Stick Science! If you have a second stick, you should use that for your tests so you still have the pocket you are already succeeding with to compare it to and so you don't get embarrassed on the field between comfortable pockets. As far as playing with a new design, summer leagues are a great time to try new pockets, equipment moves, etc. NOTE: If you are going to a camp this summer. Take the stick you use in games to the sessions. Trying to break in new stuff and learning lacrosse (at any level) at the same time is a BAD idea! You need to be able to tell the difference between the way you normally throw and the way a Camp Coach teaches you, in order to really learn the throw.
Your game stick is your"CONTROL GROUP". It never changes until you are completely satisfied with the "TEST GROUP" or experimental pocket. This is the way we do web sites! A test E-Lacrosse environment is used for everything before you see it on the Internet!