Predictions for the College Season
and other stuff.

By Ric Beardsley

Ok, so the holidays are upon us and NCAA lax is right around the corner. Most Colleges have had their guys working out in the off-season so they will be ready to go for spring time practices. I know I have not done a column in the past few months but I was bored with off-season moves and I didn't have anything to write until now.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the Mikey Powell documentary. I think that it is great that Mike is getting this exposure for himself and the game. The game has grown and will continue to grow because this type of thing helps push it to another level. The national spotlight was put on lax with that Sports Illustrated article they ran about the growth of lacrosse. The documentary opened in that film mecca, Syracuse, NY on December 10th and should be a great success on DVD.

Now back to NCAA lax! What a time of the year the spring is huh? This year, my Orange will want to make up for the lackluster year they had in 2005. Their season kicks off on February 25th with a home game against a good Army team with a new coach. The Syracuse schedule is tough this year, but they will handle it all and end the 2006 season on top. You know where my heart is! Go Cuse!!! They ARE reloaded and I forgive the coaching staff for not making my wedding. But who is going to win it all this year in the NCAA Men's JUCO, D-2, and D-3?

Here are my December gut feelings:

D-2 Champ-I think that The Lemoyne Dolphins have a great chance to win another title. They have a great defense and defense wins championships. I think this year they might seek to find some eligibility for a past Dolphin John Testone. If they can do that, look out!

D-3- Who cares? Hold on. I am kidding! I think that Salisbury is going to be deadly. I mean, who can't resist going to college near Ocean City, MD! Look for the freshman class to be an impact.

JUCO Champ- Herkimer CC-you heard it here first! I did hear a rumor that coach Scott Barnard's father is going to play for his son. I think this will happen. Mr. B is a wounded military veteran who has the government's blessing to give it a shot. And I think he might be able to do it, physically. I see the guy every day at the gym working hard and he has the heart of a Lion! So we will see, come spring, if the son plays Dad.

I have had mixed email responses to my column on E-lacrosse. I have gotten some emails from old friends and teammates and it is great to hear from them. But then there are the Haters. This is just an opinion column on the internet. If you have a problem with my column that is fine, but there's no need to come at me personally and say things that you wouldn't say to my face. And I know my reputation precedes me. I often wonder about my lax career and the things I did in the past. Those things were me, and are me, but they happened during games and between playing the lines of the field. Do you think that is me off the field? Heck, I wonder what these people tell their kids about how to play the game and the differences between the appropriate behaviors on and off an athletic surface. I can't remember the last time a parent said a negative thing toward me as a coach and I coach how I play, with an in your face style and a touch of class. But I am concerned about what I can do to make the "haters" like me more. Perhaps something more sentimental than just writing back to each with a hearty and honest "kiss my ***! If you have any ideas, let me know.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

December 30, 2005

Photos by E-Lax Staff.


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