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  • Tom Ryan's Lacrosse Academy
  • All-American Lacrosse Camps (Girls)
  • Top 200 in 2003 Lacrosse Camp (Girls)
  • Millon International Lacrosse Camps
  • John Gagliardi's No Limit Lacrosse Camp
  • Scott Hochstadt and Brian Carcaterra's ProPlayer Lacrosse
    Tom Ryan's Lacrosse Academy

    The purpose of the Lacrosse Academies is to provide instruction within a supportive and nurturing environment. We strive to make each camper's experience an enjoyable and memorable one. We encourage each camper to be creative on the field with the belief that an unrestrained athlete both plays better and learns to enjoy lacrosse at a new level. Our goal is to inspire each camper to posses the same passion and enthusiasm for the game that my staff and I posses. Each year counselors are carefully selected based on being both outstanding lacrosse players and kind people.


    Each camper will receive a reversible tank top and other lacrosse collectibles.

    Awards will be given out throughout the week!


    All-American Lacrosse Camps (girls)

    The Terps are holding five camps at three locations throughout the summer of 2003.

    Cindy Timchal, 2001 ACC Coach of the Year, 2000 ACC Co-Coach of the Year and 1999 National Coach of the Year, has announced the Top in 2003 All-American lacrosse camps for this coming summer.

    There will be five camps at three locations, including Bryn Mawr College in (Bryn Mawr, Pa.), Deerfield Academy (Deerfield,Mass.), and the University of Maryland (College Park, Md.).

    Camp coaches will include Maryland assistant coaches Cathy Nelson and Jen Adams, as well as assistant coaches from Brown, James Madison, Virginia, Notre Dame, American, and George Mason.

    All-American lacrosse camps offer a complete training program for both the intermediate and advanced lacrosse player. We emphasize innovative techniques and teach both stick enhancement skills and theories of team play. Additionally, goalies receive special and individual instruction.

    For more information and a brochure, please contact:
    All American Lacrosse Camps
    37 Decatur Avenue
    Annapolis, Md. 21403

    All-American Lacrosse Camps - Schedules and Locations

    Bryn Mawr College Open Camp
    Bryn Mawr, Pa.
    June 15-18, 2003

    Bryn Mawr College Super Elite Camp
    Bryn Mawr, Pa.
    June 22-24, 2003

    Deerfield Academy Open Camp
    Deerfield, Mass.
    July 6-9, 2003

    University of Maryland Open Camp
    College Park, Md.
    July 13-16, 2003

    University of Maryland Super Select Specialty Camp
    College Park, Md.
    July 25-27, 2003

    Millon International Lacrosse Camp

    We choose the best college coaches, collegiate All Americans, and All World players based on their ability to teach and relate to campers of all ages. Their expertise and experience mean that campers learn and practice up-to-date techniques in a competitive but supportive environment. We know this can make all the difference in the success of a camper's experience.

    Mark Millon - 2002 MLL League MVP & Championship Game MVP, '98, '94 Team USA, '94 World Games MVP!, '97 1st team All-Pro, NY Saints Star, '94 & '95 USCLA Player of the Year, '91 - '93 All-American at UMass

    E-Mail Mark Millon or call 516-754-7472 for more info in the mail or to sign up!

    No Limit Lacrosse Camp

    Take your game where there are no limits. At No Limit Lacrosse Camp you will maximize your potential with a staff that takes a back seat to no one. Interaction with All-Americans, professionals, and coaches who have revolutionized the game to where it is today will give each camper the opportunity to take his game to the next level. Lacrosse players get better by playing in game situations and learning key components to excel.

    Whether it is playing game after game or being individually coached with demonstrations and instruction that will fine tune your skills, each player is taught the game that it is being played as we enter the next millennium.

    • Learn to dominate attackman like John Gagliard.
    • Become the ultimate workhorse at midfield like A.J. Haugen and Blake Miller.
    • Split defenseman like Casey Powell, Ryan Powell and Dan Denihan.
    • Make the winning save when the game is on the line like Brian Carcaterra.
    With state of the art facilities, Adelphi University is a perfect site for the No Limit Lacrosse Camp. Top-notch playing fields, dormitories, and amphitheaters for watching game films and participating in lacrosse forums are all available for the player that wants to be part of the new generation in lacrosse.

    Take Your Game to No Limit!

    Call (732) 801-4507, visit the No Limit website or e-mail Gags for more information !

    Top 200 in 2003 (girls)

    June 27 - 29, University of Maryland

    Terps' Coach Cindy Timchal presents the elite camp of the summer - The Top 200 in 2003!
    As one of the largest campuses on the east coast, the University of Maryland has everything you need for a great camp experience. Come to the home of the National Champions and join the best for Top 200 in 2003.

    Special College Night
    • Saturday June 28 from 9-11 p.m.- exclusively for Top 200 in 2003 campers and their parents.

    • Learn about Division I scholarships and NCAA regulations regarding the recruiting process.

    • Learn How to make coaches notice you.

    • Hear from professionals about the college selection process.

    • Hear The top Division I coaches speak about their programs.

    Be Seen and Coached By Coaches From...
    George Mason
    James Madison
    Ohio State

    Did you know? July 1 is the first day that college coaches are allowed to talk to prospective athletes about competing for their program?

    Goals of Top 200 in 2003
    • Allow players to demonstrate their skills in game situations.
    • Allow the top Division I coaches the chance to work with top prospects.
    • Attract the best high scool talent from across the nation.
    • The top Division I coaches speak about their programs.
    Top 200 in 2003 players will...
    • Work with some of the top Division I coaches in the game.
    • Learn from an intense College Night about the recruiting process and the NCAA.
    • Have the opportunity to play with the other top talent from across the nationand demonstrate their skill.
    Top 200 in 2003 also includes...
    • Camp T-Shirt
    • Camp hardest shot contest
    • All-Camp team awards
    • Camp reversible jersey
    • Special conditioning and training sessions
    • NCAA recruiting seminar and training sessions.
    Contact: All-American Lacrosse Camps
    37 Decatur Avenue
    Annapolis, Md. 21403
    Camp Phone Line: 301-314-7908
    Fax Line: 301-314-1414

    Camp is limited to the first 200 applicants. All applications received after that will be placed on a waitlist in the order they are received.

  • Hey, this is Ryan Wade. People are always forgetting something when they go to camp. So we compiled a list to use when going to camp and then you added some by responding to our camps questionaire. Here are the Camp Necessities:

    1. Equipment
      • Lacrosse Stick- Every camper should have 2 sticks in case one breaks.
      • Helmet
      • Shoulder Pads
      • Rib Pads
      • Arm Pads
      • Gloves
      • Mouth Piece- Most camps will not let you participate without one.
      • Grass Cleats
      • Sneakers/ Turf Shoes

    2. Playing Clothing - Most camps last for about one week so you want bring the appropriate amount of clothing. All camps have between 2 and 3 playing sessions per day.

      • T-shirts (12-15 playing shirts)
      • Shorts (5-6 pairs)
      • Athletic Socks (12 pairs)
      • Jockstrap/ Compression Shorts
      • Practice Jerseys- Most camps will provide you with one

    3. Recreational Clothing
      • Bathing Suit
      • Comfortable Clothing- For evening activities and in between sessions
      • Shower Shoes (important)

    4. Linens/Toiletries
      • Towels (2-3)
      • Crue-Ex (Fights against camp rash)
      • Sunscreen
    5. Miscellaneous
      • Fan (2)- Lacrosse camps dormitories are not air-conditioned.
      • Pad Lock- To lock up any valuables.
      • Spending Money- All camps have stores in which they sell equipment, clothing, and snacks.
    This list might seem lengthy, but it is necessary. It was created from the players who spent their summers attending lacrosse camps around the country. Learn from our mistakes and be prepared for the summer heat at lacrosse camp. Being prepared can mean the difference between a great camp experience and a miserable camp experience. It is better to bring more clothing and not use it, than to not have it. Don't be the kid at camp that wears the same stinky t-shirt all week long! If you have any specific questions as what to bring to camp don't forget to e-mail the coaches directly.

    OK. Now what did you say were the most forgotten items for camp:
    1. Enough socks
    2. A fan
    3. Snacks
    4. Mouthguard
    5. Extra money!
    6. A comfortable pillow
    7. Jock/cup
    8. Deodorant (please!)
    9. Toothbrush
    10. Cleat studs
    11. Athletic tape
    12. Sunscreen
    13. Alarm clock
    14. Water bottle
    15. Prescriptions

    General Instruction Camps

    I wrote this section of E-Lacrosse to help kids find a Lacrosse Camp that best meets their needs. With the many different types of camps available, it is getting easier to find a camp that is perfect for you. Let's discuss the many different types of camps ranging from instructional to specific position camps.

    General Instruction Camps represent one of the best ways to improve your overall skills as a well-rounded lacrosse player. At these you will get the chance to play games but more focus will be placed on drills, skills, and rules, which is so important toward the development of a complete lacrosse player. The camps will focus on individual skills based on the player's position and skill level and will also provide instruction on the team aspects of the game. These camps are designed to make the camper an improved individual lacrosse player and teach him/her how to become more effective as an integral member of a team. Players will also get the chance to put their newly improved skills to use through the playing of games.

    Game Camps

    The Game Camps are designed for the more experienced player whose skills and positions have been developed through years of playing competitive lacrosse at varying levels. The rules of the game of lacrosse are taught through actual play. Camp teams are established with schedules for competition play. Games may be full field or half field and are not as instructional. These camps allow players the opportunity to work on new skills and moves by simply playing games. Tips for more effective team play will be taught, along with actual plays being used by current college coaches. Fitness training may be included with instruction.

    Recruiting Camps

    As lacrosse is spreading all over the country, it may be difficult to get noticed by college lacrosse coaches. Lacrosse Camps are a great way for a lacrosse player to "be seen" by college coaches and to potentially initiate the recruiting process with the college of their choice. Although this is usually recommended for lacrosse players entering their junior and senior years in high school, it is never too early to begin thinking about college choices. There are a couple of different ways to use lacrosse camps to get noticed by college coaches.

    The first way to use camps to get recruited is to attend a lacrosse camp specifically designed for college recruiting. Most recruiting camps only play games, which gives the players a chance to showcase their skills in game situations. Many college coaches attend recruiting camps for the express purpose of observing high school talent that they might not have seen before. For this reason, at any number of games during one of these camps there will be numerous coaches and the player gets maximum exposure. Recruiting camps are definitely recommended for high school juniors and seniors who are unsure of exactly where they want to go to attend college.

    The second way to use lacrosse camps to get recruited is to attend a lacrosse camp at the college of your choice. It is very usual that the Head Lacrosse Coach for the University will be running the camp and will have ample opportunity to watch you play. A helpful hint for this type of camp attendance would be for the camper to write the coach telling him that you are interested in his college and will be attending his camp. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend the college affiliated camp, look for other camps that the specific college Coach will be attending over the summer. Most coaches (or their assistants) go to five or six different lacrosse camps in various areas during the summer, so you should be able to find a camp that the "college of your choice" Coach is going to attend.

    Position Camps

    Position Camps are designed to enhance skills important for each lacrosse field position. The sport of lacrosse has become highly specialized in the past decade, while skill levels at each position have increased considerably. At position camps, attack players are generally instructed by college attack players and given specific training for that position. Midfielders received specialized instruction, as do defensemen. Goaltenders often have specific whole sessions dedicated to their specialty. Position camps are especially important for those players who are established in the position of their choice, but want to hone their skills with special emphasis on their forte.

    Additional Camp Selection Tips

    When deciding which lacrosse camp to attend, the camper should consider the following:
    • Day or Overnight Camp: First you need to decide whether you want to attend a day camp or an overnight camp.

      Day camps can be held during the day or in the evening but do not require sleeping at the camp. If you are attending a day camp it is important to look for camps in your area, where the camper can be easily dropped off and picked up. Lodging is not provided, and generally, the camper must arrange transportation. Day camps are ideal for the beginning or intermediate lacrosse player as it provides a good introduction into the game, along with skills and drills.

      Overnight camps tend to be more intense, with more drill and game instruction. Generally, campers stay at the camps during the entire session, although some may be day campers attending an overnight camp in their area. Overnight camps generally run from four to seven days, with activities planned for both the daylight hours and the evening hours. Instruction is intensive, and lodging is often provided in college housing rooms.

    • Location: It is important to consider how far you want travel to the camp, especially for overnight camps. There are camps in most states that play lacrosse. Some camps may be close enough for an easy drive, and others will require a plane, bus, or train trip. Some camps provide transportation to and from the camp and have pick up times from airports, train stations and bus terminals.

    • Skill Level: Most lacrosse camps allow lacrosse players of all skill levels to attend, however most camps tend to cater to certain levels. As a general rule, local day camps cater to beginning lacrosse players and overnight camps are more for lacrosse players with at least one season of experience. It is important to know the skill level that is the focus at the lacrosse camp you choose in order to successfully get what you want out of the camp. The Advanced Search Engine at will allow you to search for camps focusing on your particular skill level as well as many of the options I have outlined here.

    • Friends: Many lacrosse players would rather attend a camp with their friends or school teammates. Unfortunately, many times, the registration is closed before you, or your friends, find out which is the camp of choice. If you are thinking about attending a camp, we recommend sending your friends an e-mail about the camp.

    Free camps and clinics may advertise here for free! Send us your ad.

    There are no current free camp postings. Doesn't anybody spread the game for free anymore?

    Camp classifieds are 200 dollars per month. Well worth it to fill your camp!

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    P.O. Box 442
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