End of the Game Stress…Get a mental massage

Stress accompanies those key moments in a game-those moments that make your mouth dry and your memory fade. Try to keep index cards or a weather- proof sheet like the NFL Coaches utilize that has reminders of all of the important situations. End of the game situations should not be overlooked.

Recently at a college game-the game was close, time was called with 24 seconds left to go in the game. The coaches assembled their team and enlightened the players with the admonition " Don't do anything stupid" . Well stupidity happened and the game end in a loss.

To avoid stupidity try these key points at the end of the game:

1. Know how much time is left; have plans for slightly over two minutes and slightly under two minutes.

2. Know how many time out you have and how many the opponent has.

3. If a time out is taken-know where the ball is located. Run through the options.

4. Know who has alternate possession-knowledge of possession should not catch you by surprise.

5. Review your stall offense and its options if you have possession.

6. Review your strategy to take away the ball by using attackmen, the goalie or established double team areas.

7 Know approximate time you can stall before your players tire or get sloppy.

8. Review your final scoring play...who on the field is in charge of watching the clock? Who is going to take the shot?

9. Which personnel is on the field in crucial moments? Seniors? Gamers?

10. Where do you place your defensive personnel-who takes ball- best athlete, best pole, 2nd best athlete ? Where do you trap? With whom do you trap?

11. What are the opponents tendencies? Strengths? Whose stick will they put the ball in when the game is on the line?

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