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2009 E-Lacrosse Feature: The perfect team review

I have noticed that the majority of responses I get say something like: "Why are you talking about this particular team, when this other specific team is better or deserves some attention too?"

This can be translated into: "You didn't cover my kid, but you are covering other people's kids. When are you gonna cover my kid?" To be fair, I have written about twenty blogs and there are hundreds of teams in this area alone. I could not have even possibly listed all the teams in my blog by now. But I want to accommodate everyone, so I have prepared a tool to do just that. Here is my Lax Libs version of a team review. Once you print it out and fill it in, I will have said exactly what you wanted me to and all will be well.

Notes from the _____________ vs. ____________ game:

I saw _____________ play ______________ the other day and I was very impressed with the ___________ ____________ of the winner, ___________. You can't help but admire the ___________ of Coach ___________ this season. He has ____________ and really outdone himself for 2008. Of course, everybody knows that ___________ is the best ____________ in _______________, so I was hardly ___________.

The one thing that you have to say about ____________ is that they have improved their ____________ exponentially. _____________ has really turned his game around and it shows every time he _____________. Coach ____________ must have really spent some time ________________ with the kid.

The ____________, losers of this contest have much to improve in the area of _____________. If this team had another ___________, they'd be in better shape. The loss of ___________ on the ___________ has hurt them in a big way. If Coach ___________ can turn the _____________ around before season's end they may very well make the ___________. But we will see. The season is a ___________ one.

I look forward to seeing both of these teams again in the future. It will be ____________ to see who has the last ___________ when the playoffs come around.

April 1, 2008
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