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2009 E-Lacrosse Dye Contest

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We argued all day over the winners but we finally agreed on two fantastic dyes. One is our Grand Champion for 2009 and the other is the STX Dye Champion for 2009!

The annual E-Lacrosse Dye-Off gives kids of all ages a chance to show off their stick dying skills and even win great STX prizes. Each year we receive more eand more entries. The grand prize for the best 2009 dye job is an STX Proton Power on a ScTi and the prize for the best dye on an STX head will be an STX Viper2 on Vanadium Grip shaft! Our 10 honorable mention winners will get a Rage on the Cage DVD of their choice. If you want to see the winners without looking over the field first click here at any time. Here we go!

ENTRY #1 Orange Zebra    Submitted by Ian

I started out by putting glue all over the head. And then I dyed it orange. I call this the "Orange Zebra". This is a STX Liquid head.

ENTRY #2 Monster    Submitted by Ian

I started out by dying the head green. Then I put the tape and glue on and dyed it black. I named this head the "Monster" head.

ENTRY #3 Adam's AON-ONE    Submitted by Adam

I used an AON Head from 1 Lacrosse. I call this head "Adam's AON-ONE". I did this in January 09 for the winter league- when we received the VIP package from 1 Lacrosse. This is when I started experimenting with Car pinstripes, then I traced the 1 lacrosse logo from their tape with a utility knife onto a piece of helmet decal - had bad luck with tape peeling off. I used half hot tap water and half boiled water. I mixed Black RIT dye with a half cup of vinegar, 5 tablespoons of salt (not sure why, but saw it on youtube).

ENTRY #4 A Laxer's Sunset    Submitted by Nathan

What I have here is a Brine Franchise. Its not pinched or anything. My inspiration came from just thinking about sunsets at the beach. I used super 88 electrical tape to mask off the white areas and I used hot glue to do some drizzle on the inside of the head where it fades from greean to blue and white to blue. I call it "A Laxer's Sunset". I hope you guys like it!

ENTRY #5 The Checkerman    Submitted by Steffens

I call this the checkerman. To do it, I cut every little square my self, and stuck every little square on the head. Just the tape took about 5 hours. Then, I dyed the entire stick yellow, until I got the right color. I attempted my first fade with the red and yellow. Also, there was a line of squares I put around the head. The concept for this head was actually other people being lazy. When I have seen other checker dyes, they are large checkers, and they curve over the head because people did it ruler straight. I did the checkers small, handmade, and they went with the curve of the head.

ENTRY #6 The Tribute    Submitted by Drew

Hi, I know that these probably won't count because I don't have pictures of their pre-dyed states. I dyed them just before I heard about the contest. I just wanted to enter them in and see what you thought. I call the proton power the tribute. I dyed it in remembrance of one of my friends who died in 2007. Her name was Taylor Grainger so I put her initials and 07 at the top of the head. It is a black to blue fade dye.

ENTRY #7 The Blaze    Submitted by Mitch

My name is Mitch and I'm from Queensland, Australia around Brisbane. I dyed an STX primer called "the blaze". My team is called the Sunshine Coast Blaze. I wanted team colors on my lax head and my team is yellow and blue. First off I took the mesh off the head and I scrubbed it clean with some warm water. Then I taped off the areas I wanted to keep white and labeled them with a "K" for keep. I put the head over a hotplate to melt the tape onto the plastic. After that I taped off more places for where I wanted the purple/blue and labelled them with a "TO" for take off. I used hot melt glue to block up all the holes it the tape. First I dyed golden yellow RIT. I filled a roasting tray with just boiling water and put the dye in, there wasn't enough water so every now and then I flipped it over. The yellow came out great. I stuck it in the freezer for about ten minutes. When this was finished I took off all the TO tape and left the K tape. Then I reversed the tape. I put hot glue on all the yellow parts and left the whites open. This way the head won't go green because there's no yellow in the way. Next I used evening blue and it came out a bit more purple than expected. Anyway I put that in the freezer for a little bit longer after this. Then I took it out, took off all the glue and tape, put on some yellow dyed hard-mesh and I had my BLAZE!.

ENTRY #8 Jamaica Mon    Submitted by Lyndon

I call this dye Jamaica Mon. First I Dyed the head all yellow, then I dyed the top third red. After that I dyed the bottom third green, applied hot glue and then dyed it black.

ENTRY #9 Flavour    Submitted by Tony and Jared

My name is Tony and my son is Jared. He just turned 9 this year and finished his first season of lacrosse. I grew up in Ontario, Canada and more familiar with box lax; a little different. Anyways Jared is getting into it! Together after seeing the last year's contest we would work on a head for the contest. Jared picked colors and cut out various shapes. He also put some glue on it. I assisted with some pin striping tape, we dyed it yellow, put more shapes and pin striping on it and then dyed it orange. After more shapes and glue, we dyed it light blue. We came up with a cool looking head. It has five colors in all - white, yellow, orange, blue and I can't tell you the last color. We're going to call this head flavour! Thanks for holding this contest. It was a lot of fun!

ENTRY #10    Submitted by David

I dyed a Brine Rocket head for my nephew. He will be playing his second year with the Westminster High School Owls in Westminster, Maryland. I offered to dye a custom head for him and this is what I came up with. As you can see, I used stickers to leave "W H S" dyed across the top for his school. The head was dyed with his school colors! This is the 3rd head I have dyed and I promised to make one for his brother when he plays! I bought an off-the-shelf Brine head, stripped it and did all the work myself, including restringing it!

Entries 1-10 / Entries 11-20 / Entries 21-30 / Entries 31-40 / Entries 41-47 / WINNERS!
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