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2009 E-Lacrosse Dye Contest

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ENTRY #11 Lava    Submitted by Vaughn

I'm a huge fan of your website and this is my first entry into your contest. This first dye I call Lava. I'm a huge fan of Brine gear and I wanted that to show by making the Brine insignia yellow. I started by hot gluing the front of it which is the 2 white triangles. I then dyed it yellow and hot glued it. I did a splatter on it and dyed the brine insignia on the side of it. I then dyed it red. I put the dye in a separate tub and covered it with a towel because I find this method keeps the heat in the tub which gives the head a richer and longer lasting color. Once it was red I splattered it with hot glue again. I used a mini hot glue gun because I find that it doesn't make the glue as hot so not as much sticks to it, but the glue that does stick to it looks great. I then dyed it black. After I washed off all the excess dye I stuck the head in the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour. By sticking it in the freezer, it makes the glue just chip off and come right off instead of trying to take off sticky glue that leaves little bits of glue on the head. I finished it off by spraying the head down with axe because it gives the head a really nice shine.

ENTRY #12 Hot and Cold    Submitted by Shaun

My first entry is called Hot and Cold. For this dye I wanted to have one side red and yellow (hot) and one side purple and blue (cold). So first I taped off the inside and sealed it with glue. Then I went all over the head with hot glue. After that I dipped half the head in blue half the head in yellow. I peeled off all the glue and re-glued over the yellow and purple. Once it was re-glued I dipped the yellow half in red and the blue half in purple. Then I peeled off the glue again and voila.

ENTRY #13 Adam's TAZ    Submitted by Ian

I started out by putting tape and glue on the head. Then I dyed it red. Then I put more tape and glue on the head and dyed it black. I call this the " TAZ " head. This is on a STX Xcalibur Head.

ENTRY #14 A-tsi-la    Submitted by Mitchell

My name is Mitchell I call my dye A-tsi-la, which means fire in Cherokee. The Cherokee were one of the original tribes to play a version of the great game of lacrosse, which is why I named my head in their language. I did my dye on an STX AV8. At the base of my head I did a design that resembles the blue-hot center of a hungry flame. As it branches and shoots off up the head, the flame becomes a blistering red. At the very top of the head, the flames refocus into three angry, bright red bursts of flame.

This is how I brought my concept to life:

  1. First I wiped off the head to make sure it was clean and oil-free.

  2. Next, I dipped the top of the head in red dye at an angle so that there was a slant to the dye's appearance.

  3. I slowly drew the head out of the red dye to create a fade effect.

  4. Then, I dipped the bottom of the head in the dye. I made sure to slant the head the opposite way, allowing the blue and red to overlap very slightly. This created a sort of fade between the two and added a cool purplish effect in the middle.

  5. After making sure the head was dry, I set it up with hot glue and electrical tape. I used mostly hot glue but put electrical tape where I wanted more detail, such as on the front of the scoop and the front of the throat where the small blue flames are.

  6. Now I dipped the entire head in black. Every so often I removed the head to check it. I removed it only when it was entirely black and not dark purple.

  7. Finally, I rinsed the head off, removed the tape, put the head in the freezer, and removed. A-tsi-la was created.

ENTRY #15 Shocker    Submitted by Shaun

This is my second entry. I call this dye Shocker and I don't really know why. So I did this one on my triton and first I dipped the top left half in red. Then the top right half got a bath in yellow. I then rinsed off in some blue at the bottom. I faded and mixed the colors where they meet which I thought was kinda cool. Then I loaded it with glue and put the whole head in black, took it out and peeled off all the glue.

ENTRY #16 Screamin' Mimi    Submitted by Haven

This dye was done on an STX primer. I wanted to create a dye job that was unique and challenging. It took a lot of brainstorming before I was able to come up with the design and how I was going to go about doing it. I began by lining the inside of the stick with electrical tape and cutting the checkers. I then made the first splatter design on the outside using hot glue, and after that was finished I dyed the whole head yellow. After removing the hot glue I then added another splatter design on the outside and faded the bottom blue to yellow in order to get the checker design I wanted on the inside. I then removed the hot glue and the electrical tape. I had to again line the inside of the head with electrical tape to preserve the checkers. I then dyed the whole head blue, re-did the inside electrical tape and added the last splatter job on the outside. After that I dyed the whole head black and immediately removed the electrical tape and did a black fade from to about 1/3 of the way down. The result was a three color splatter on the outside (white, yellow, blue, and black) with a two color checker fade on the inside that goes from blue to yellow to solid black. I call this baby "Screamin' Mimi". Overall everything took a total of probably 7 or 8 hours and I'm extremely satisfied with the results

ENTRY #17 Spiderman    Submitted by Vaughn

My second dye I call Spiderman. I thought it would be cool to have a theme of my head, and I thought I could pull off a pretty good Spiderman dye. I started by dyeing the head the right shade of red to look like Spiderman's suit. Then I used electrician's tape and taped the entire inside to do an inside-out dye. I backed up the tape with a little bit of hot glue around the stringing holes, then I hot glued the side of the head to represent Spiderman's hands shooting webs. I dyed the head blue to the correct shade of Spiderman's suit. I then used a mix of black paint and black dye with a really fine paintbrush to paint Spiderman's symbol and the web around it. After every little bit, I used a hairdryer so that the liquid wouldn't drip. This took a wicked long time but I think it really helped. Then I threw the mesh and shooting strings into the dye as well and strung it up. I finished it up by spraying it with axe because that gives it a really nice shine. After I spray Axe on the head, I took a dishcloth and just started rubbing in the Axe in. I did this like 2 or 3 times to give it a really nice shine. The shine is temporary because after using it and getting it dirty, it won't be as shiny, but I've always done this with my heads and it lasts through a lacrosse season. I'm very proud of this dye and I hope you guys like it!

ENTRY #18 Zebra    Submitted by Ian

I started out by dying the back half of the head maroon and dying the front half of the head red. Then I put glue all over the head. And then I dyed it black. I call this the "Zebra" Head. This is a STX Fuse head.

ENTRY #19 Radiance    Submitted by Jordan

I dyed this head into three separate sections. I began by putting some hot glue in a few areas that I wanted to remain white. Then I put stickers where a ball stop would go and melted them, using a lighter, so they would not fall off. I then dyed the top 2/3 of the head yellow. The bottom third was dyed a sunshine orange, and then I dyed scarlet red over the top third that was dyed yellow. Then I put glue all over the head where I wanted it to remain a certain color. After all of these steps were done I dyed the head black and then put it in the freezer and removed all of the stickers and glue. I call it Radiance.

ENTRY #20 View    Submitted by Ian

I started out by putting a ton of little tape squares all over the head. I then dyed it orange. Then I put bigger tape squares over top of the original squares. And put the "M" and "V" and the "Klima" tape designs on. And then I dyed it maroon. I call this the "View" Head.

Entries 1-10 / Entries 11-20 / Entries 21-30 / Entries 31-40 / Entries 41-47 / WINNERS!
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