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2009 E-Lacrosse Dye Contest

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ENTRY #21 Red Checkers    Submitted by Mike

I call this dye my red checkers. I started off by covering most of the head in hot glue. Then I dyed it red. After dying it red, I added more hot glue to the outside of the head. I peeled off all of the glue that was on the inside. After the inside was peeled off I covered the inside with electrical tape to form a checker-board patter. I then dyed the head black. Then all of the tape and glue could be peeled off and the head was finished.

ENTRY #22 Checkered Lane    Submitted by Dylan

I am not sure what kind of head this is, but I do know that it is an STX goalie head. I had to get some duct tape and RIT dye, which I learned the techniques from the "Tape Dye Experiment". This head I named "Checkered Lane" because of the multiple colored checkered squares. Step by step this head took about 5 hours. To start the process I covered many sections of the head in different size squares of duct tape, then taped the inside of the whole head and stuck on stickers in other places. Then I dyed the top half of the head royal blue with the famous RIT dye. I dyed the bottom half with black RIT dye. I pulled off all of the duct tape and stickers to give my finished design. I strung the head traditional, which was also the first time I ever tried this stringing style.

ENTRY #23 The Lava Lamp    Submitted by Rodney

I did my dye on a STX G22 head. I call this dye the lava lamp becuase of the free flow and smoothness of the colors. I did it by first dying it yellow. I then put vertical lines of hot glue on the top and two of the side walls on each side. Then I dyed it orange and put vertical lines of hot glue EVERYWHERE. I then dyed it black and it has this cool lava lamp look to it. My concept was that I didn't want the black to over take the head. I wanted black to truly be a background and not a solid color.

ENTRY #24 American Beast    Submitted by Robert

Hi e-lacrosse. I dyed a debeer DLX. It was my first head and I found in my shed and thought it would be a good head to dye. I call it the American Beast. First I put star stickers on the back and duct tape stripes halfway up the sidewalls. Then I dipped the bottom half in scarlet and put a fade on it. I put more stars on the bottom part and did a checker board design with duct tape on the very bottom. Then I dipped it in blue about halfway up the red part of the head. Then I peeled all the stickers and tape off. I dipped the top in cocoa brown. I put about a stick and a half of hot glue on the top and dyed it black to give it a cool unique design.

ENTRY #25 The Gift    Submitted by Connor

I dyed this for my coach because he is in love with my head, which is dyed a solid red and he is always telling me, "I wish I had a nicely dyed head like that". So when the season ended I got his head and dyed it and at the lacrosse banquet presented it to him. He joked that he loved it so much I would start on varsity! I started by cutting out half-centimeter squares of electrical tape and then I placed them on the head, starting at the scoop. After cutting out around 600 squares, I had covered the entire inside of the head with a checkered board pattern, except for the circle of plastic on the sidewall which I cut out HF, the name of my high school, with electrical tape. I blow-dried the electrical tape on so it didn't fall off when I was dyeing it. Then I dipped it in a pot of dye.

ENTRY #26 The Skittle Twins    Submitted by Steve

My inspiration is Skittles. Thus I am calling the heads the Skittle Twins. Lax with the Rainbow.

ENTRY #27 Tigerflage    Submitted by Lucas

I started by dying the top and bottom yellow and kept some white in the middle then I striped it with hot glue. I then dyed it forest green. To finish it off I put in some neon orange mesh in. I call it Tigerflage.

ENTRY #28 Wicker Job    Submitted by Sam

First I created my own color of dye by mixing 3 different colors to get that orange color. Then I dyed the head. After that I cut out 1/10 inch by 1.5/10 inch rectangles and arranged them on the inside of the head in a weave pattern, then covered the outside of the head with hot glue. Then I dyed it a brown with a little orange thrown in. Next I went through the painful process of peeling of the tape and hot glue. I call this dye the Wicker Job and I got the idea from an old chair my great grandfather used to always sit in and tell me stories.

ENTRY #29 Priceless    Submitted by Casey

I just found this old STX Bionic in my garage and decided to give it some new life. I call my dye the finish dye job and what I did was cut small squares for about a hour then put them on like a checkered flag. I have only seen one other person try and it didn't turn out so well so I decided I wanted to try it. It took me a total of 3 days to put the stickers on and I'm petty proud of that.

1 old STX Bionic= 0.00
old duct tape= 0.00
RIT Dye=1.97
old tin pan=0.00
one awesome STX Bionic= priceless

ENTRY #30    Submitted by Trexler

Hey this is I head I dyed in January and I saw the dye contest so I took some pictures but I did not take any while dying but I thought I should see if I could enter. I dyed it for my brother and I used tape for the stars and hot glue for the squiggles. I dipped it in rit dye ant then rinsed it off with a hose then did the blue. It is simple but awesome.

Entries 1-10 / Entries 11-20 / Entries 21-30 / Entries 31-40 / Entries 41-47 / WINNERS!
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