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2009 E-Lacrosse Dye Contest

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ENTRY #31 Fire    Submitted by Ian

I started out by putting glue over the white head. Then I dyed it the reddish orange color. Then I put more glue all over the head and dyed it black. I call this the "Fire" head and its on a Gait Diesel head.

ENTRY #32 The Rising Sun    Submitted by Sam

First I put tape down on a cutting board to create a pallet then I cut out the image of the rising sun, one for each side and the scoop. Then I taped the rest of the parts off that I wanted to stay white and dyed it red. After that I cut more tap out to accent the red and white with black. Then I dyed it black and picked off the tape and the hot glue on the outside. Then I strung it up with a truth pocket. I call it The Rising Sun and I got the idea from watching The Last Samurai.

ENTRY #33 Midnight Tiger    Submitted by Mike

I call this dye The Midnight Tiger. I started by cleaning off all of the dirt and other markings on the head using just soap and water. Next, I put hot glue on the outside of the head and I put rubber cement on the inside of the head. I also put some tape along the inside. Then I dyed the head evening blue. I repeated these steps, dyed it evening blue and then denim blue. After this, I peeled off all of the rubber cement. I then covered the entire inside of the head in tape. I also put glue on the outside again. Then I dyed it black. The head was then finished, and all I needed to do was peel off the glue and tape.

ENTRY #34 The Six    Submitted by Haven

I had my old warrior nemesis lying around the house and decide to give it new life. I wanted to create a dye that could show my pride for my native heritage. I decided upon a purple dye that would incorporate Hiawatha's Belt, the symbol of the six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. I started by putting electrical tape at the top of the head and cutting the belt using a blade from an Xacto knife. I then dyed the whole head purple and did a splatter from the top to about halfway down using hot glue. After that I simply did a black fade from the top down and removed the hot glue and the tape that was making the belt design. I finished it off with a "skinny goalie" pocket with some purple dyed laces. I call this dye "The Six" and I am very happy with the outcome of it.

ENTRY #35 Lax Up & Lax Down    Submitted by Dylan

This head is an STX Bionic. And I dyed it because I thought it could use some color. After getting permission from my parents to use their supplies, I dyed the head using just duct tape and RIT dye, which I learned of from the "Tape Dye Experiment" which was posted on your website August 2007. I gave the name "Lax Up & Lax Down" to the Bionic because I thought it represented playing lacrosse from the early morning to the late unbearable heat of the afternoon. This head was dyed in completion of many steps that took about 6 hours. To start I had to cut squares of duct tape and strategically place them on the top half of the head. I then dyed the half taped part of the head with yellow RIT dye. I dyed the same half with red RIT dye and pulled of the duct tape, which revealed a orange and red top half because the red dye mixed with the yellow dye to create the perfect orange color. Then I taped the bottom half with more squares of duct tape. I dyed the bottom half of the head with yellow RIT dye then pulled of all the duct tape to reveal the finished product. I decided to string the head with white mesh and white shooters.

ENTRY #36 Lucky    Submitted by Adam

I won this Nike DUNK on a raffle in ULA opening Day. I call this head - "Lucky" I used half Hot Tap Water, half boiled water, mixed in the RIT dye and dunked the DUNK. On the string job I tried another experiment. Instead of cutting the 10 diamond mesh in half, I folded it in half (just in case I don't like this "Morph" stringing - I can always re-string it as a standard soft mesh). It turned out nice. I won't worry about the Mesh ripping, because it is doubled/reinforced.

ENTRY #37 Look Inside    Submitted by Shaun

I call this entry "look inside". I did this one on an Answer. First I taped it up all over the inside with electrical tape. Then I did each corner a different color red, blue, yellow and dark green. I took off all the tape and re-taped it on the inside. After the re-taping I dunked it in some black and peeled off all the tape.

ENTRY #38 Sketchy Oreo    Submitted by Ian

I first took my STX Proton Plus and sanded down the sides to give it a cooler and nicer look. Then I taped the head up using electrical tape and a whole lot of time! I had to re-tape a bunch of parts, because I didn't like how they turned out. Then I dyed the whole head black. I call this head the "Sketchy Oreo".

ENTRY #39 Dreamland    Submitted by Vaughn

This is my fourth and final entry into your contest. I call it Dreamland because when I look at the colors on it, I can look at them for awhile and still be amazed by them. This dye is similar to my rocket dye. I started with a white head and splattered hot glue all over it and covered up the sidewall design with it. I then dyed it red and then purple. This gave the head a really sick wine-like color. I then splattered more hot glue on and dyed it black. Afterwards, I stuck it in the freezer and the hot glue came right off. I did try the goo-gone method but I think that mostly dissolved the hot glue piece by piece and I think freezing it off works better. Again, I sprayed with Axe.

ENTRY #40 Brass Monkey    Submitted by Ian

I started out by putting tape down on top of the white head. Then I dyed it the brass color. Then I laid down a lot more tape. And then I dyed it black. I call this the "Brass Monkey" head. This is a STX Proton head.

Entries 1-10 / Entries 11-20 / Entries 21-30 / Entries 31-40 / Entries 41-47 / WINNERS!
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