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2009 E-Lacrosse Dye Contest

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ENTRY #41 Ice    Submitted by Ian

I started out by putting glue all over the head and dyin it blue. I then put more glue all over the head. And then I dyed it black. I call this the "Ice" head. This is a torque pro head.

ENTRY #42 Tribal War    Submitted by Sam

I did this dye job on the Mohawk Mission head by cleaning the head then dying the top left corner blue (fading out so the darkest blue is in the top left). Then I faded red into the blue so the darkest red was in the lower right hand corner so the two light colors of red and blue met on the upper right corners and the lower left corners of the head. Then I applied stickers of tribal designs, letters and numbers. After applying I heated with a hair dryer to make sure the stickers stayed during dyeing. I then left in a bath of black dye for two 30 minute sets once with the throat at the bottom of the pot once with the scoop at the bottom of the pot because the whole head did not fit in at once. I then let it sit in an ice water bath for an hour and removed from bath peeled stickers and cleaned with a glue removal product.

The concept for this dye was totally original I had seen the tribal sharpies on the lacrosse forums but I had not seen a actual dye so I stepped up and made one. the name for the dye is tribal war (as the dye is 100% lacrosse oriented with the word "lacrosse" across the scoop and "lax" down the sides and "speed" and "strength" down the inner side walls with the Chinese symbols for speed and strength near the ball stop. the "666" on the ball stop is my signature since my name on the forums is "supershot666" The crosses on the throat are for good luck. I was looking for a very simplistic design while still having a lot of "pop" to it. Peace.

ENTRY #43 Bengal    Submitted by Vaughn

This third dye I call Bengal. I thought it would be cool to do a tiger patterned head so I started by dyeing the head orange and then threw some hot glue on there and then dyed it black. Unfortunately, my camera dyed during the hot gluing process and so I only have picture before and after. I threw some sweet mesh on there with some black shooters dyed with the black dye and I think it looks sick, I'm very proud of it. Again, I finished it up by spraying it with Axe.

ENTRY #44 Amitola    Submitted by Charlie

The name of my stick is "Amitola" meaning rainbow in Indian. The concept of my stick is to have a rainbow like stick as far as colors go but not too much of a clown stick. First I started with a light color (yellow) at the bottom half and split two dark colors (purple and green) at the top. Over the bottom quarter of the stick (over the yellow) I put the next lightest color (orange). Then, over the orange I put the blue. The blue the purple and the green can be switched around. I then glued over the whole stick trying to do a leopard print. I then dyed the whole stick dark black. Finally I peeled the glue off. I dyed the mesh light sky blue and the 5 shooting strings with the 5 colors I've been using. I strung the head to look like a rainbow too.

For the shaft I got my dad to take me out and buy me 5 cans of orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple metal spray paint. I taped off certain parts of the stick spray painted one color gave it 5 hours then repeated the process 4 times with the different colors. Then put the two together making "amitola".

ENTRY #45 A Great Dad    Submitted by Bill

I am a Lax Dad and have dyed a few heads for my son and friends.

ENTRY #46 Look Inside    Submitted by Shaun

I call this entry "look inside". I did this one on an Answer. First I taped it up all over the inside with electrical tape. Then I did each corner a different color red, blue, yellow and dark green. I took off all the tape and re-taped it on the inside. After the re-taping I dunked it in some black and peeled off all the tape.

ENTRY #47 Country Club Clutch    Submitted by Jeremiah

I call my dye "Country Club Clutch". In part, the inspiration behind the design was the old argyle pants and socks worn by golfers, like in Caddyshack. I cut the diamonds and lines out with an Xacto knife from a sheet of vinyl sticker paper. I first did all the lines on the white head, then dyed it gray. Next, I put on some diamonds, the number 3, and some of the letters in "Loaded Llamas" (a summer team I play on) and dyed it orange. Lastly, one more set of diamonds and the rest of the letters then threw it in the purple. After that I tossed it in the freezer and then peeled off all the stickers. I included one picture of a green and yellow version which I also did. I love the site!

Entries 1-10 / Entries 11-20 / Entries 21-30 / Entries 31-40 / Entries 41-47 / WINNERS!
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