The term counter culture has been tossed about in and around lacrosse lately which we found humorous. We think you will too after you take the E-Lacrosse Lax Counter Culture Quiz. The multiple choice style answers we've provided are composites so just pick the answer that is closest to yours and be honest. Only choose one answer for each question and be sure to answer all the questions or your score will be wrong. You are the only person to see your results. Have fun! Some browsers and some computer security settings wont allow the calculation of the score. If so, you may have to add the total manually.
THE LAX COUNTER CULTURE COUNTER Select only ONE answer per question
My favorite part of lacrosse is...
the hitting (1 point)
the fast action (2 points)
the precision skills (3 points)
the logo wear (4 points)
the parental networking (5 points)
the eye black (0 points)
My name is ...
changing when I'm 18 (1 point)
Chuck, Nancy, etc (2 points)
Johno, Mary Kate, etc. (3 points)
Parker, Kyle, Talyor, etc. (boys or girls) (4 points)
followed by II, III, IV, V, etc. (5 points)
a shackle placed on me by my fascist parents! (0 points)
I wear ...
T-Shirts bought in thrift stores (1 point)
jeans that I've had so long they have holes (2 points)
surf clothing from PacSun (3 points)
performance apparel (4 points)
a tie to school (5 points)
a poncho or fatigues (0 points)
I enjoy lacrosse and ...
surfing (actually surfing, like, at 6 am in the ocean, dude) (1 point)
hardcore rap concerts (sure you do) (2 points)
playing video games (3 points)
watching TV (4 points)
cotillion classes (5 points)
Enjoy? What's to enjoy? Everything pretty much sucks doesn't it? (0- points)
I want to go to ...
work right out of high school, at least long enough to get unemployment (1 point)
Cal Berkeley and play club ball if I have time (2 points)
the local college (3 points)
the University that my father attended (4 points)
an Ivy League institution, obviously (5 points)
prison and then hell baby! (0 points)
My next lacrosse stick will be ...
a used stick from the E-Lacrosse classifieds (1 point)
the best stick my parents can reasonably afford (2 points)
the back up I am already working on (3 points)
the one with the best ads (4 points)
the most expensive one (5 points)
yours, if you take your eyes off it! (0 points)
The school you attend is ...
GED classes. Oh, and guitar lessons (1 point)
public (2 points)
military (3 points)
private (4 points)
private with horse stables on campus (5 points)
juvenile detention center school (0 points)
For Christmas or Chanukah, my parents gave me ...
art supplies (1 point)
a new copy of "Fear and Loathing" (2 points)
clothing (3 points)
a new car stereo (4 points)
a new car (5 points)
a beating for mentioning an organized religious holiday (0 points)
My favorite thing to watch on TV is ...
test pattern (1 point)
MTV (2 points)
sports (3 points)
American Idol (4 points)
satellite lacrosse broadcasts (5 points)
I don't own a TV (0 points)
My favorite food is ...
free nacho cheese at 7-11 (1 point)
fast food (2 points)
home cooked (3 points)
neuveau cusine (4 points)
chateau briand with a delicate hollandaise (5 points)
vegan meat substitute (0 points)
I am currently working on ...
an excuse for not doing my homework (1 point)
building a battle bot (2 points)
a term paper (3 points)
a merit badge (4 points)
my application to Princeton (5 points)
writing my manifesto (0 points)
The movie I would like best is ...
political documentaries (1 point)
the next South Park Movie (2 points)
Star Wars (3 points)
anything on Bravo (4 points)
I prefer the live theatre (5 points)
Faces of Death (0 points)
I have ...
every live Phish show for ten years on mp3 (1 point)
a tattoo (2 points)
a lax tattoo (3 points)
digital cable (4 points)
a vanity license plate (5 points)
three piercings not including my ears (0 points)
My favorite musician or band is ...
50 Cent (1 point)
White Stripes (2 points)
3 Doors Down (3 points)
John Mayer (4 points)
Baroque Chorale (5 points)
Henry Rollins - if you don't know him or his music - you are NOT counter culture! (0 points)
My current girlfriend / boyfreind is ...
a high school drop out (1 point)
in a band (2 points)
comes to my games (3 points)
plays lacrosse too (4 points)
drives a cool luxury SUV (5 points)
hates the sun and wears combat boots and black nail polish (boy or girl) (0 points)
A bumber sticker on your car might be ...
an anti-government slogan (1 point)
dancing bears (2 points)
something suburban like "my kid's an honor student at..." (3 points)
a college sticker (4 points)
We don't put bumper stickers on limousines (5 points)
cars are for capitalist drones! (0 points)
My hairstyle is best described as ...
a mohawk (1 point)
a mullet or pony-tail (2 points)
a feaux-hawk (3 points)
a lacrosse mullet or "big hair" (4 points)
Whatever's on the latest "covers" (5 points)
a hate group logo carving (0 points)
The hat you choose might say ...
the name of the garage where you work (1 point)
A baseball logo (2 points)
A golf company name (3 points)
the logo for a grand slam tennis tournament you attended (4 points)
Berkshire Hathaway (5 points)
CCCP (0 points)
The nicest item of clothing I have is ...
I own nothing of material value. I wear burlap (1 point)
who cares? (2 points)
Air Jordans (3 points)
Prada! (4 points)
Nothing off the rack, I assure you (5 points)
stolen (0 points)
On a typical Friday night I might ...
set off firecrackers outside my Mom's trailer (2 points)
go to a party where someone's parents are away (2 points)
cruise the local mall (3 points)
see a movie (4 points)
a social mixer (5 points)
hanging on a city street corner (0 points)
Most of the time I feel ...
distrust of authority ( point)
ignored (2 points)
pretty normal (3 points)
pretty lucky (4 points)
entitled, as in "of course I own one". (5 points)
entitled, as in "what? I don't deserve one"? (0 points)
Your dad ...
left town years ago for Vegas (2 points)
would rather you play baseball (2 points)
wears a tie to work (3 points)
played lacrosse too (4 points)
and Mom are on an extended trip to Europe (5 points)
It's hard to tell in the commune where I was raised. They were all nice guys, though (0 points)
Your Lax Counter Culture Counter Score =        
Score Range Your Counter Culture Level
89 - 110 Prince Charles - high culture indeed
67 - 88 Kelsey Grammar - dare I say, sophisticated
45 - 66 Tiger Woods - the image of Pop Culture
21 - 44 Ashton Kucher - trying to be counter culture
5 - 20 Marylyn Manson - a counter culture freak show
0-15 Ted Kaczynski - A threat to society


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