The NCAA Response to E-Lacrosse viewer e-mails:

Thank you for your comments about the new men's lacrosse rule that limits the ability of a player to score while using a dive.

While you are correct in theorizing that safety was one of the concerns of the committee in making this rule, it was not the only concern and, really, not even the main concern.  The committee felt that while the injury risks from such a move are questionable, most importantly, game films showed that officials almost never got in-the-crease calls correct during such a play. 

After extensive discussion, the committee didn't see a way to remedy this inconsistency without making the rules change to which you refer. It was felt that officials who did get in position to make this call correctly were seriously limiting their ability to accurately observe other parts of the game that are much more likely to occur and to affect the outcome of the game than the dive, which although spectacular, doesn't happen often.

As the rules liaison, but not a voting member of this committee, I respect your right to disagree about the rules of a game that is important to you.  But please understand that this decision was not made by people from the NCAA office here in Overland Park, but by a group of people to whom, much like yourself, lacrosse is a way of life. This includes active and former coaches such as Dom Starsia of Virginia, Ray Rostan of Hampden-Sydney, Richie Moran of Cornell, B. J. O'Hara of Hobart , Bryan Mathews of Washington College and John Parry of Butler University, who serves as chair.  Joe Boylan, AD at Loyola, is also on the committee and will replace Parry as chair on September 1.

Although this probably won't change your opinion, I hope it helps you better understand this change.  Again, thank you for your interest.

Marty Benson, NCAA News