July 12, 2006

My brother Dan and I drove up to London today. We met Gewas at his house on the Onondaga Reservation and followed him up as he's been to London before and knew the way. Coming through customs, we weren't sure what we'd face and if we'd be held up. We had no problems crossing over and they seemed to expect lacrosse players because they waved us through after checking our passports.

Once we got to London, we checked into our rooms. The dorms are set up in "quads". I am rooming with my brother Dan, J.D. Jones and Matt Alexander. A few of our guys were walking around when we were checking in. They let us know we had a short practice later today.

Practice went well. We ended up having an impromptu scrimmage against the German team. It felt good to get the kinks out from the long train ride yesterday and today's 4 hour drive. We seemed to handle the German team pretty well. Our guys were scoring pretty much at will and also did a good job at the defensive end. They have a few good stick handlers but I think they were a little intimidated. Unfortunately one of our defenders, Cory Hinton, hurt his knee. He's supposed to get it looked at later, hopefully it's not too bad.

Team meeting tonight!

The meeting was good. I think we have guys that want to win a medal this time! Everyone was saying the right things and seem committed! It's a great feeling and I'm looking forward to what will follow! We have practice tomorrow AM, we're trying to set up another scrimmage. I think coach is talking to the Irish team to see if they're interested.

July 13, 2006

We practiced this morning and at the end of the practice we did some "special situation" stuff against Ireland. Man Up/Man Down, Face-Off, Riding/Clearing. It was good practice for us as we haven't worked on any of that stuff.

Our goalies look good and did well. I was playing on the man-down unit. It appears I'll be playing some long-stick mid if we have penalties and will be the short stick on man down if Matt Alexander can't go. Ireland has a few guys that looked good on offense. Jim McAleavy was leading the attack. It's good to see him still playing! He's a great guy and has always been one of those guys you like watching play.

I talked to a few of our O guys, they said our man up did well so that's good. During the face-off and clearing stuff things also looked good for us. I like how our team is developing some unity and camaraderie.

Opening Ceremony is today! This is always a cool part of the games. The Burnam Boys will be marching for the last time today as players on the Iroquois National team. Kinda sad to think about that, but it's cool we've made it through 5 together!

Walking in with my brothers and the team always fills you with a sense of pride. Hearing them say "Now entering the stadium, The IROQUOIS NATIONALS" is awesome! Walking past the crowd I spotted my girlfriend Kendra King and her parents JC and Donna, who made the journey up from Northern Virginia to watch the entire championships! It means a lot that they are here supporting me and the team!

The ceremony was the least intimate one I've attended (and I've been to FIVE!). There was a stage set up at one end of the stadium and they marched each team in and sat us at the OPPOSITE end of the field. Without binoculars it was impossible to even see who was on stage. They then had a band come on and play 30 minutes of the history of Canadian music. They probably could have cut that down to about 10 minutes and it may have been OK.

The best part was that they honored a good friend of mine, John Marr who is the goalie for the Scotland team. I won't say John's age, but let's just say he's closer to 100 than I am! I'm pretty sure he's in his 50's but he tells everyone he's in his 60's (Editor's note: Marr is 67). Either way, he's an amazing guy and a great goaltender. The funniest story I ever heard about John was that when he was younger he actually flattened his facemask out to increase the surface area so he could make more saves with his head! Well done John and congrats on another year in the World Championships! You are the man!!

Team meeting tonight! We open the games tomorrow at 12:30 against England! They'll be gunning for us as we've beaten them in the past two meetings.

During the meeting we talked mostly about maintaining composure, working the system that we have and just playing sound lacrosse! This is a pretty talented team and we need to just go out and do it!

11:00 pm - BED TIME for Scotty!

July 14, 2006


Woke up about 8 and went for breakfast with a few of the guys. Everyone seems pretty fired up to play today! I feel pretty good about today's game and we'll see what happens. Coach approached me today and said to make sure I have a long pole with me. Really??? ME at long pole? Ok. Whatever helps the team! I knew I'd be playing long pole on man down if we needed me there, but he's talking about doing it consistently! Oh boy! The guys at home will enjoy this! Ha ha!

Just got back from the England game, and we played pretty well. We jumped out to an early 3-0 lead and it looked like we were going to crush them. However, England battled back and managed to tie the game at 5 and then again at 6. We traded goals again until we jumped out to a 10-6 lead. From there we never really looked back and went on to a 13-10 win. We were led offensively by Neal Powless and Brett Bucktooth who both scored 3 goals and added 2 assists.

This game is always pretty special to me because I lived and coached in England for a year after I graduated from Cornell. There are a few players on the team that I coached early on in their career. Danny Green is the team captain and Mark Reynolds is one of their top scorers. Their coaching staff and management are all friends of mine and only seeing them every four years makes these games even more special. I'm sure they'll do well the rest of the games.

We have a team meeting tonight to talk about Canada! BIG GAME tomorrow!

To Be Continued...

Most photos by Ken Galluccio.            


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