The 2002 Aleš Hrebeský Memorial Box Tournament


Prague, Radotin
Host club LCC Radotin is pleased to announce the successful staging of its 9th annual Ales Hrebesky Memorial box tournament-HBA Cup. Ten teams gathered from Germany, America, and the Czech Republic for three days of sightseeing, socializing and great box lacrosse action. The tournament upstaged last year's event with the improved quality of participating teams, bigger crowds, (3,000 over the weekend), and, the addition of stadium lights which permitted Saturday's dynamic evening program.
Teams dueled in round-robin groups of five with the top two advancing through to Sunday's semi-finals. REBEL skipper Bill Curtis promised to improve off 2001's disappointing semi-final loss to reigning Czech league box champs LC Jizni Mesto and did just that, returning to Prague, Radotin with a sturdy squad of talented box veterans including current Washington Power/New Jersey Pride pro Jeff Wills. Sporting flashy, new jerseys and classy, hibiscus-panelled bloomers, team REBEL was too tough to handle, coasting through its group 4-0 and pulling away from the determined Philadelphia box league all-star team, (USA), 7-4 in its semi-final which proved the tournament's best match. Host club LCC Radotin, holders of the Memorial title throughout its eight year history, had to settle for a share of third place after falling behind LCJM early in the other semi-final and never threatening their league rivals who drove to an 11-6 win. Despite Jizni Mesto's heroics, they were outmatched in the final as REBEL easily dismantled their 2001 nemesis 14-7 to take the 2002 HBA title.

Though Sunday's semis and final were awesome matches, the tournament was highlighted by Saturday night's All-Star game under the lights which featured standouts from the international teams allied against the best of the Czech league. It was an impressive performance by all that filled the stadium with an electric atmosphere and hinted at lacrosse's potential to be a big-time professional sport in the Czech Republic. The Czech stars thrilled the crowd in posting a 12-6 win. In addition to Saturday's All-Star match, fans were treated to exhibitions of all levels of youth lacrosse in the CR, starting with pre-schoolers practicing "pop lacrosse", and culminating with an exhibition of high school box lacrosse. Dancing majorettes and an amazing fireworks display capped what was a memorable evening of lax action.

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The 2002 Memorial also witnessed the second annual Prazska Teplarenska box lacrosse cup featuring the three youth box lacrosse teams in the Czech Republic. The final matched up Prague rivals LCJM and LCC Radotin, with hosts LCC prevailing 3-1 in a goaltender's duel. Lacrosse organizers are extremely pleased to see the game taking root amongst youngsters here and are confident that Czech and world lax will benefit from the growing popularity of youth lacrosse.

Host club LCC would like to thank all participants for making the 2002 HBA Cup a fantastic event! We would also like to send a special shout out to team USA and REBEL players who not only put on a Friday clinic for the youth players, but also gave away loads of sticks, equipment and other lax gear to the kids--a vital impetus to local efforts to grow lacrosse which are thwarted by the lack of any lacrosse store or outfitter on the continent. Cheers to these fine gentlemen and great ambassadors of the sport.

Individual Awards:
Best Goalie-Jiri Malina (LCJM)
Best Offensive Player- Jeff Wills (REBEL)
Best Defensive Player- Dave Sturiano (REBEL)
MVP- Josef Ondracek (LCJM)


Final Standings:
2. LC Jizni Mesto
3-4. USA
3-4. LCC Radotin
5. TJ Malesice
6. VFK Berlince
7-8. LCC Radotin B
9-10. German National Team
9-10. LC Passau

ISSUE No 6, APRIL 2002


July 5, the Lacrosse World Championship Gala Opening, Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont – where will YOU be?  The magic moment is drawing near with emails criss-crossing the globe and team preparations intense worldwide.  From 5–14 July athletes and supporters will converge on Perth to participate in one of the most spectacular events our city is ever likely to host – the cream of sportsmen from sixteen nations in a fast, physical and intriguing contest.


With main and ancillary games all at the same venue the World Championship ‘Festival of Lacrosse’ atmosphere will be electric.  It will be the stuff of lifetime memories, so make plans now.


SmokeFree WA’ Sponsorship: The announcement of Healthway as an event sponsor has boosted the tournament significantly.  Healthway will promote the ‘SmokeFree WA’ message in conjunction with the Cancer Foundation of Western Australia. 



In the Blue Division (top five at the last World Championship) are England, the Iroquois Nationals, Australia, Canada and defending champions, the United States.  In the Red Division Japan, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Wales and Germany are hard on their heels.  Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Korea and Tonga will be competing in their first World Championship in the Green Division.  The Green Division winning team will get a crack at the Red Division team finishing sixth in a ‘play-in’ game.


The Iroquois Nationals, with whose ancestors the game of lacrosse developed, are a unique entity, being the only Native American team sanctioned to compete in any sport internationally. They are a confederation of the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Tuscarora nations and their team logo is a traditional eagle dancer – a symbol of great spiritual strength.


Autograph sessions with international players will be conducted daily.



With all its ancillary as well as elite events, the Festival of Lacrosse is a wonderful opportunity for companies wanting to promote their product to a broad market. Contact Les Buchanan for details of sponsorship packages:  E-mail <>; Tel. (618) 9227 0233 or (mobile) 0412-770-193.



Download your ticket order form from the website and fax or post it to the World Lacrosse 2002 office, or contact the office directly (address below) to obtain a form.  Prices (including GST) are:


Adult Premium*

Season Ticket

Child (U/14) Premium* Season Ticket

Adult Standard

Season Ticket

Child (U/14) Standard

Season Ticket





All tickets are series tickets, which include entry to the Gala Opening and all World Championship games.

*Premium denotes seating between the restraining lines, either side of centre.


Corporate Boxes provide businesses, clubs or individuals with excellent viewing and the opportunity to entertain friends and guests at the ‘Olympics of Lacrosse’.  At $4950 they assure premium seating for 10 people at all games, and more.  For further details of what a Corporate Box offers check the website or contact the World Lacrosse 2002 office.


Presentation Banquet: Tickets to this popular event are available on a first-come first-served basis at AUD$80.  Assure your place.


Advance Purchase Highly Recommended: Daily tickets will be sold only as space on the day permits, not pre-sold – so fans are urged to purchase tickets now.   Don’t be left standing outside the gates.  Tickets are required for entry to the main stadium where Championship games will be played (artificial turf playing surface).  Entry to grass games and ancillary events is free.  (Check the website for details of fixtures.)


Out-of-towners’ Packages:  Accommodation and entry ticket packages are available through the official Championship tour operators, Ideal Events. Contact P.O. Box 178, West Perth, Western Australia 6872;  Tel. (618) 9481 3988;  Fax. (618) 9481 6833; E-mail <>.




The response to these events has been huge. Due to demand team sizes in the Masters, Grand Masters and International Open tournaments have been increased to 23 players to allow as many as possible to participate.  Categories are:


►International Open (open age)

►Under 17s (under 17 as at January 1, 2002)

►Grand Masters (over 45 as at July 6, 2002; restricted contact)

►Under 15s (under 15 as at January 1, 2002)

►Masters (over 35 as at July 6, 2002; full contact)

►Under 13  Modcrosse (under 13 as at July 6, 2002)

►Aussie Style Masters (over 40 as at July 6, 2002; modcrosse rules i.e. no contact)


►Under 19s (under 19 as at July 6, 2002)



Team nominations – it’s not too late!  Entries can still be accepted. Please ensure your nomination form has been forwarded to the Ancillary Events Registrar, World Lacrosse 2002 office.


Refereeing and officiating are rewarding ways in which to become involved.  Would-be bench officials should contact Ellen Kennedy, (mobile) 0416 202 006 and referees, the World Lacrosse 2002 office.


The Under 17 and Under 15 competitions (6–13 July) will be held in conjunction with the Under 17 Australian Championship and the Under 15 National Tournament, during the World Championship.   The Senior Australian Championship will be held at Rosalie Park, centrally located in nearby Subiaco, just prior (29 June–3 July).




The International Lacrosse Federation Golf Day – open to all comers – will be at Burswood Park Golf Course, next to Perth City and the beautiful Swan River, on Monday 8 July.  There is a limit of 100.  Those interested in this four-person Ambrose teams event should register with Bruce Jackson: E-mail <>.




If you are a college or university student planning on coming to the Championship and would like to earn credit at Perth’s Curtin University, before or after the Festival of Lacrosse, send a message with your name, college or university, current year of study and your major to <> or <>.




If you’re online <> will tell you all you need to know about the World Championship Festival of Lacrosse, be it information on fixtures, volunteering, ticket purchase or visiting Perth – or through its links will help you find out.  This publication, the WLX Bulletin, which provides a convenient overview, is posted on the site so please advise those who may not receive it.  The site also links to other lacrosse websites, leading the unwary lacrosse-lover into hours of browsing!




World Lacrosse 2002

PO Box 192


Western Australia  6913



Telephone: (618) 9387 9754

Fax: (618) 9387 8814

E-mail: <>









It is issued by the Public Relations Sub-Committee of the World Lacrosse Championship Organising Committee.








Maastricht Lacrosse a new dot on the international lacrosse map

by Edouard Dopper (President of Maaslax)


From the Indians to the French missionaries to the north-Americans, now from the north-Americans to the Dutch. The circle goes round! Lacrosse found its way, a couple of years ago, on the old continent. It has found firm ground in Germany, where it has been staggeringly growing. At least twenty German cities have a lacrosse team. So why not have lacrosse in its smaller counterpart, the Netherlands! To be more specific Maastricht, home to one of the treaties of the European Union. Maastricht is a small Dutch city situated in the most southern part of the Netherlands, It has a large university with a vast array of subjects and courses. It attracts many international students from all over the world who by now are a vital resource to almost any sport played in Maastricht.


How it started

Lacrosse in Maastricht got introduced by a German student, who had the burning desire to introduce the passion he had developed towards the sport  at home, into his new environment. To get a Team started he brought a couple of old sticks and collected used equipment from players, made some flyers and started promoting lacrosse amongst his fellow Maastricht students. The rest is history.

Today Maastricht Lacrosse counts 42 members, has a board, , a coach, a boys and girl’s team, a budget, a local sponsor and most important it has potential. It helped to develop the German league WDLL ( ), in 2002, in which it participates itself. Until now most of the competing teams are from neighboring cities in Germany. But this hopefully going to change with new teams appearing in the Netherlands.



The future


Maastricht Lacrosse has been founded on one primary objective: to promote lax in the Netherlands. Why? Because lax is the coolest sport on two feet. The city of Utrecht just started a team at one of its local international high schools. Maaslax believes that a high amount of exposure will get lacrosse up and running in the Netherlands. It serves as a spearhead for lax in the Netherlands. Like every other country, it wants to be represented by a national team and compete in international tournaments. It has therefore setup a national lacrosse web-site  in order to assemble interested parties and individuals. It also has become a member of the European Lacrosse Federation (what is the purpose of this?). Maaslax wants the established lax nations to notice and acknowledge Dutch lacrosse. We are here to stay! The Netherlands has already been honored by a visit from the infamous Creasemonkeys, so that is a promising start.






April 2002


Memorial Pairings, Schedule Finalized

The field for the 2002 A. Hrebesky Memorial has grown to ten teams with the addition of LCC Radotin B, and, LC Pardubice from the Eastern Czech Republic. Teams will compete in two round-robin groups with the top two going through to Sunday’s semi-final. Group A features Team USA from Philadelphia, LC Passau, VFK Berlin, LC Pardubice, and host club LCC Radotin A. Group B looks to be the tougher draw: Tournament favorite REBEL from Baltimore has five current and former pro players, but will be challenged by perennial Prague powerhouses LC Jizni Mesto and TJ Malesice, plus, the reigning European field lacrosse champion German National Team. The group is rounded out by LCC Radotin B. LCC is busily preparing for the April 19-21 event and looks forward to welcoming all the teams for what represents the best international box lacrosse competition of the year!!  The Memorial represents  valuable progress in the development of world  lacrosse: The event is covered on Czech TV, Radio, and newspapers. Organizers expect 2,500 spectators  over the weekend. Info:

Teams gather for the official opening of the 2001 Memorial


Czechs Work to Engage Hockey Contacts

In the battle to push lacrosse into the cultural mainstream, Czech Lax is tapping hockey, its more established sister sport, for support. The Czech Lacrosse Organization has reached out to the sixty Czech players in the NHL with newsletters and brochures in hopes that they’ll rally to the lacrosse cause. Additionally, CLA organizers are following up on a lead from the Lacrosse Without Borders Chief, Dr. Otakar Hubschmann, to contact a Slavia, Prague hockey coach who wants to introduce lacrosse at his youth hockey camp this summer.  Slavia is one of the biggest sport clubs in the CR—It has extensive, state of the art facilities, plus the excellent organizational, marketing, and recruiting capability to ensure the successful assimilation and growth of lacrosse. If Slavia proceeds to establish a lacrosse club from its experience this summer, it will put tremendous pressure on rival clubs to follow suit. From here, lacrosse and the Czech League will move towards professionalism and full cultural recognition.

Czech Field League to Kick off

ME 1997: Veronika BrychcinovaThe annual spring field lacrosse league commences with first round action set for April 13-14 in Pilsen. The five teams comprising the men’s league will be in action with 2001 finalists LC Jizni Mesto (Southtown) facing off against host club LC Pilsen in Saturday’s 12:00 opener, while TJ Malesice draws reigning Czech league champ LCC at 4:30. For the first time in the history of Czech lacrosse, spectators can take in women’s and men’s league matches at the same venue: 2001 women’s victors LC JM have a 10:00 showdown Saturday versus Free Foot Flamingo, while the LCC Radotin ladies will duel with Prague rivals Malesice at 2:30. Sunday, men’s action pits LC JM against LCC Radotin B and Radotin A faces Pilsen, while the women’s match ups feature FFF and Malesice, followed by an early test pairing 2001 finalists LC JM and Radotin.

Znak                                Free Foot Flamingo veteran Veronika Brychcinova



The CALF and Czech Lacrosse are pleased to report steady giving from newsletter recipients, yet, we are still hard-pressed to fund Czech team participation in this July’s  Perth World Cup. For readers considering a donation, please support Czechlax and our World Lacrosse Initiative with a check to:

The Czech-American Lacrosse Foundation

Attn: Chuck Beattie                     Telephone: 703-329-120

6218 Tally-Ho Lane                      E-mail:

Alexandria, VA 22307

Your gifts are vital to ensuring the viability of Czech Lacrosse, the main catalyst for the sport’s growth and development in the region of Central Europe.

Denmark Next Link to Lacrosse's European Sweep

The Czech Republic has responded to ELF president Peter Mundy's initiative to provide a start up team in Copenhagen with twenty new sticks. ELF VP John Hetzel will visit the new team to deliver the sticks and offer the Danes development and technical advice. Denmark joins Holland, Ireland, Latvia, Finland, Belgium, and Italy as European nations to take up lacrosse this century. Lax is rolling through Europe!!

Inaugural Rome Tournament Set for April 26-28

American director Robert Corna has established a youth lacrosse team in his adopted city Rome. His team will create lacrosse history in April when they host the first Italian lacrosse tournament ever. So far, five youth teams will participate including LC Jizni Mesto and LCC Radotin from the Czech Republic, as well as the Austrian club, Salzburg. Contact Robert Corna for tournament details at:

International Report - Summer 2002

Czech Lax Newsletter - April 2002

Dutch Lax Newsletter - Summer 2002