Maastricht Lacrosse a new dot on the international lacrosse map

by Edouard Dopper (President of Maaslax)



From the Indians to the French missionaries to the north-Americans, now from the north-Americans to the Dutch. The circle goes round! Lacrosse found its way, a couple of years ago, on the old continent. It has found firm ground in Germany, where it has been staggeringly growing. At least twenty German cities have a lacrosse team. So why not have lacrosse in its smaller counterpart, the Netherlands! To be more specific Maastricht, home to one of the treaties of the European Union. Maastricht is a small Dutch city situated in the most southern part of the Netherlands, It has a large university with a vast array of subjects and courses. It attracts many international students from all over the world who by now are a vital resource to almost any sport played in Maastricht.




How it started

Lacrosse in Maastricht got introduced by a German student, who had the burning desire to introduce the passion he had developed towards the sport  at home, into his new environment. To get a Team started he brought a couple of old sticks and collected used equipment from players, made some flyers and started promoting lacrosse amongst his fellow Maastricht students. The rest is history.

Today Maastricht Lacrosse counts 42 members, has a board, , a coach, a boys and girl’s team, a budget, a local sponsor and most important it has potential. It helped to develop the German league WDLL ( ), in 2002, in which it participates itself. Until now most of the competing teams are from neighboring cities in Germany. But this hopefully going to change with new teams appearing in the Netherlands.



The future


Maastricht Lacrosse has been founded on one primary objective: to promote lax in the Netherlands. Why? Because lax is the coolest sport on two feet. The city of Utrecht just started a team at one of its local international high schools. Maaslax believes that a high amount of exposure will get lacrosse up and running in the Netherlands. It serves as a spearhead for lax in the Netherlands. Like every other country, it wants to be represented by a national team and compete in international tournaments. It has therefore setup a national lacrosse web-site  in order to assemble interested parties and individuals. It also has become a member of the European Lacrosse Federation (what is the purpose of this?). Maaslax wants the established lax nations to notice and acknowledge Dutch lacrosse. We are here to stay! The Netherlands has already been honored by a visit from the infamous Creasemonkeys, so that is a promising start.





Dutch Lacrosse seeks friends and sponsors to give our cause some body. It is all in the interest of the growth of lacrosse. Talent can be found on both sides of the Atlantic!