By Robert Scheider

Frankfurt, 6 August: The Westdeutsche Lacrosse Liga, consisting of teams from Aachen, Frankfurt, Koeln, Maastricht, Rheinland, and Wuppertal, have named their MVP and Allstar Team for the 2002-2003 season. The MVP is Niklas Kukat of the Maastricht Lamas. With 28 goals and nine assists, he was also the leading scorer.

First Team All-Stars

Hendrik du Bois-Reymond (Aachen Eagles)
Robert Kremers (Cologne Indians)
Niklas Kukat (Maastricht Lamas)

Eduard Dopper (Maastricht Lamas)
Sebastian Dettmer (Frankfurt Cosmos)
Frederic du Bois-Reymond (Aachen Eagles)

Sascha Kleuser (Maastricht Lamas)
Hans von Trotha (Aachen Eagles)
Nikolas Ganss (Cologne Indians)

Clemens Drohlshagen (Cologne Indians)

Second Team All-Stars

Dominqiue Nebreklijevic (Wuppertal Bergisch Knights)
Dominik Zylla (Aachen Eagles)
Alex Franck (Aachen Eagles)

Michael Hoeck (Maastricht Lamas)
Jan Ascher (Cologne Indians)
Michael Meyer (Aachen Eagles)

Bob Scheider (Frankfurt Cosmos)
Mustafa Eroglu (Aachen Eagles)
Felix Butscheid (Team Rheinland)

Tim Pohlmann (Aachen Eagles)

Goettingen, 2 August: BLAX Berlin defeated HTHC Hamburg 14 to 7 to claim their second German Men's Lacrosse Championship in three years. BLAX was led by attack Alex Daskalow, who scored seven goals in the final. In the third place game, VfK Berlin defeated Passau 10 to 3. Midfielder Ulli Hauffe of VfK was chosen as final round MVP. He was joined on the allstar team by his brother Robert (attack), BLAX's Hendrik Naims (goalie), Hamburg's Benni Wunderlich and Mathew Medjeral and Passau's Florian Klaus (defensemen), Passau's Florian Kriependorf and BLAX's Marten Schnitzler (midfielders), and BLAX's Alex Daskalow and Hamburg's Lars Crabiell (attacks).

Frankfurt, 24 July: The Frankfurt Cosmos seek male and female lacrosse players of all ages and experience levels for next season's teams. Beginners are welcome. Call or email Bob Scheider at 0160-95650171 or or visit practice any Wednesday at 1900 at Sportclub 1880 Frankfurt ( The 2003-2004 Westdeutsche Lacrosse Liga season will begin in September.

Kiel, 20 July: BLAX Berlin defeated Goettingen to win the 2003 German Women's Lacrosse Championship. In men's action, BLAX Berlin, VfK Berlin, Hamburg, and Passau advanced to the semifinals to be played in Goettingen on 2 August. Goettingen will also host the 2003 European Women's Championships from 1-3 August. For more information, see the homepage of the German Lacrosse Association (

BLax Berlin women & men

Koeln, 6 July: The last two playoff spots for the 2003 German Lacrosse Championships were decided in the final games of the WDLL and NDLL. Frankfurt travelled to Koeln on 6 July with just 12 players and put up a good fight, but Koeln held off two Frankfurt rallies to win 7 to 5. Robert Cremers led Koeln with two goals and three assists and Sebastian Dettmer led Frankfurt with three goals and one assist. On 1 July, Bielefeld lost in Hannover 6 to 3, as Hannover claimed the last NDLL playoff spot.

Hanover Dragons

Koeln and Hannover will be joined in the first round of the playoffs by Hamburg (NDLL), Aachen (WDLL), VfK Berlin and BLAX Berlin (ODLL), and Muenchen and Passau (SDLL). The first round will be played in Kiel on 19 and 20 July and the semifinals and finals will be in Goettingen on 2 August.

The Koeln (Cologne) Indians

Aachen, 22 June: The Maastricht Lamas completed their Westdeutsche Lacrosse Liga (WDLL) season with a 10-0 record, winning the WDLL for the first time. The Lamas closed out the season with wins in Aachen on 22 June over last year's champions, Frankfurt, by a score of 11 to 5 and Aachen by 14 to 3. Aachen also defeated Frankfurt 9 to 6.

As a Dutch team, Maastricht is ineligible to play for the German Championships, but Aachen (6-4) qualified for the first round of the championship tournament, to be held in Kiel on 19 and 20 July. Frankfurt (5-4) will play Koeln (6-3) on 6 July to decide the other WDLL playoff spot. Frankfurt can claim the top spot by winning and Koeln can advance with a tie or win.

WDLL teams also played well in the 10th Berlin Open. Maastricht suffered just one loss, to tournament runner-up Jizne Mesto (Czech Republic) and finished third. Frankfurt, playing together with Heidelberg, defeated NDLL champion Hamburg, Copenhagen, and the ASLL Highlanders (Scotland) twice, but lost to Jizne Mesto and Reading (England) to finish seventh. BLAX Berlin defeated Jizne Mesto in the final and became the first German team to win the Berlin Open, Europe's largest and most prestigious tournament.

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By Edouard Dopper

It seems inevitable, no actually it is! Lacrosse will find its way in the Netherlands, whether you like it or not! No more dart competitions on TV or endless coverage of sports which have nothing to do with physical strength and endurance. These words might strike you as harsh but I am really tired of hearing that more money will flow to the local bridge or dart club.

Now it is time for the King of all sports: Lacrosse. I am very proud to announce that Amsterdam will harbor the first lacrosse tournament ever held in the Netherlands. Thanks to the help of some American lacrosse friends and dedication, this tournament will be the first in a long line.

I say with even more pride that Amsterdam is starting its first lacrosse club too. What more could you wish for? Amsterdam and Lacrosse! You can visit them on their website and contact the man in charge: Tim van der Noordt. If anyone of you is interested in playing for this new club or coaching them, please feel free to contact them. If you live in the Amsterdam area and have played lacrosse before, make sure you contact them.

Furthermore, I would like to ask the participants of the Amsterdam tournament to bring old equipment along, if possible, in order to donate it to this new club. These guys could use all the help available. Lacrosse is a big family, and it just got a new sibling, so help us nurture it.

A Dutch point of view

This year I was fortunate enough to have received some lacrosse tapes of the NCAA 2003 championships. I watched in awe and in jealousy. It was fantastic to see these young players excel and put on a great show in front of such a big crowd. I saw some great players on those tapes. On the other hand I could not help notice and see how well organized and deeply funded sports are in the US. Yes, I am very jealous. I would love to play lacrosse on a high level, have a coaching staff and play in breathtaking arenas. Man, I would not mind playing in matching jerseys and helmets.

I know that some ex-college players that come to Europe, experience quite a shock upon arrival. The organization is not professional and discipline is not as high. At my university sports receive little funding to no funding at all. We don't have our domes or fields. If you want to do sports, you do it on your own time and you certainly do not bother the university with your sports ambitions. Study comes first! That is hard blow to someone who does have ambitions when it comes to lacrosse. I study business at the Maastricht University and would like to play high level lacrosse before I get stuck behind a desk.

I am on the right with John Weaver (of E-Lacrosse) a good friend and colleague

If I watch those NCAA tapes the aching worsens and the dreaming heightens. But I plan to change this and take a chance. I am currently applying to some American universities for one semester or more. My aim is also to try out for the varsity team or the club team at the university. I ask the e-lacrosse readers to think out loud with me and support me in getting onto a team. I will keep you updated with my endeavors as I slowly approach the 2004 spring semester. I am applying to Boston University, Boston College and Babson College. Do you have any other suggestions for a graduate business student with lacrosse intentions? Do you think I will be capable of handling the US level of lacrosse (Editor's note: Ed is a leading midfielder in the WDLL on an undefeated team)? I end and say: "lacrosse was sent down from the heavens to us".

Edouard Dopper, Dutch lacrosse player and enthusiast


Faremo un courso di lacrosse il 29 luglio al villa borghese (Piazza Sienna) dalle 17:00-20:00. Vengono istruttore dal Inghelterra, Germania e l'USA. Questo courso e gratis . Portare una botiglia d'aqua. Fatemi sapere se venite. Portare anche un amico se vuoi.


Italy will be holding a lacrosse clinic JULY 29th from 5pm-8pm at Piazza Sienna Stadium (Villa Borghese). Coaches will be coming from England, Germany and the US. This is a free clinic. Bring a bottle of water. Feel free to bring a friend or two.

In either language contact Robert Corno at 348 472 2773 to register or for more information!

Team Italy, Maastricht and three teams from
Germany, Team Backbert, Team Steurbert and the
Franfurt Cosmos will be participating in the
E-Lacrosse Amsterdam Tournament this summer!

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