July 4, 2005 - While some 6,000 of us were caught up in the lovely semi-seclusion of the United States Naval Academy grounds, Marine Corp Stadium and the Annapolis surroundings at the 2005 Women's World Cup of Lacrosse and Cup of Nations, two other events, somewhat related in spirit, were occurring around the world; the G8 World Leaders' Summit in Scotland and the Live 8 concerts all over the world to bring the plight of Africa to the attention of those leaders. So we've co-opted the Live 8 logo and theme for our audience in hopes that you will take a moment to lend a hand to this effort, even after the fact. Fighting abject poverty in Africa has been an ongoing struggle but it has now been joined by huge players from both political sides in the US and most opposing entities in most nations of the world. Politically divergent people like Bono and Pat Robertson and groups like Moveon.org and the Christian Coalition have put aside all other issues to join hands just to get you to realize two critical things: 1) If you can read this, you are among the world's rich and influential and can make a difference, and that 2) constant catastrophic African conditions, more than any issue in our lives, must be addressed. Thousands and thousands of kids die there of starvation and AIDS EVERY DAY! We ran a story about some Peace Corp volunteers bringing lacrosse sticks and balls to a small town in a pretty typical village in Saharan Africa six years ago. The kids had a blast playing on the baron desert clay. The crease was a circle of dried animal dung pieces, as every other material was used for something necessary for survival. Those were the good old days in Africa. If general statistics for the continent hold, half of the children you see below are now dying of AIDS, have a parent dying of AIDS or have already succumbed to the pandemic, starved to death or been victim to ethnic mass murder. This is unacceptable by any standard - every standard.

Nobody's asking for your money, just your voice. You simply give Live 8 your name and your e-mail address and our President is informed that this is important to you. He has said that it is important to him and so have his political opponents, but we must support them with our voices to ensure that action is taken, so sign up now. Tell the G8 world leaders to forgive the debt of penniless African nations who can never pay it back anyway and cannot buy food and medicines with the little money they do have. Unfunded plans, IN PLACE NOW, would cleverly avert all aid moneys and medicinal gifts away from the corrupt leaders of these countries and be administered smartly and effectively while spreading the values of democracy and freedom through caring. This plan is the only thing Democrats and Republicans, Europeans and Americans, African leaders and the western nations agree on. And it's been proven to work. It just needs to be funded and politicians need to know that it's OK with you to do that. Is it? Can we feed these people, ease the pain of the dying in every family and try to stop the spread of AIDS and THEN deal with the loss of the late and meager interest payments we get from them for lending them money for food and medicine during some other recent famines or droughts.

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