About the Author
When we met Peter Lund at the 1998 World Games in Baltimore, he was on a step at hopkins hawking a paper copy of his "History of Lacrosse". He looked honest enough and serious as a heart attack, discussing a point of lacrosse history with an old Hopkins alum now and then between his shouts of "Lacrosse History Term Paper! Get a copy for only 3 dollars!" Peter was a 17 year-old junior and a starting attackman for the Maret School in Washington, DC and the term paper got an A. W took Peter off the streets of Baltimore and gave his work a hame here on E-Lacrosse. That was in 1999 and the work still stands. It is quoted yearly in major publications and we get hundreds of e-mails asking if kids can use some of the information for their school projects. The answer, by the way is yes, if that will cut down on our e-mail load a bit. Comments to Peter can be addressed to pblund@aol.com


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