USA Lacrosse Progression
The USA Lacrosse Progression is a serious professional approach to getting a player ready, physically and mentally, for the game of lacrosse. The instruction is excellent and by those who really know the game. The creators of the tape are Yale coach Mike Waldvogel and University of Denver Coach and former Yale assistant Jamie Munro. Munro introduces the sections on the tape and provides some very good narration.
Great footage from real college games and demos by top players like Mark Millon and Tom Carmean are used to back up the information presented. What impressed us the most is the success with which these tapes deliver concentrated and organized information.

The first tape teaches athletic skills, stick skills and face-offs, while the second tape takes you through offensive and defensive player interactions and team concepts. When the viewer watches the tapes for the first time, they will get an impression of how many things they can work on and which sections they need to concentrate on to improve certain qualities of their game or preparedness to play. Once the viewer has an idea of how the tapes are organized, "spot" viewing and integrating the suggested drills, etc. into their practice routine will be a snap.

When learning the basics of lacrosse, there is no substitute for taking the family or team to a live game. Buy a rulebook. Go over the rules and the general concepts of scoring and defense. Once the new player or coach knows what all the equipment and most of the lines and rules are, the USA Lacrosse Progression provides a program for success in the sport that is unrivaled.

Todd Rice
The information on the USA Lacrosse Progression tapes comes in a progression, as billed. It can be a ladder of learning for the beginner or a guide for specific moves, skills and concepts for those with more experience. The first section, for example, is valuable to any athlete in the game. The Strength and Conditioning Coach at Yale, Todd Rice, has put together a series of exercises and stretches that support specific functions of your body while playing lacrosse.
A clip of game footage will demonstrate the need for strength or speed as the players perform a common but specialized function, followed by a straightforward explanation of the benefit and an example of the exercise. Most of the suggested workout can be done alone, at home, but certain stretches require the aid of a teammate or a little brother.

The drills in each section are clever and easy to diagram or share with a team or friends. Real world drills for one and two people including wall drills are stressed along with drills that combine skills with athleticism.
Innovative line drills will spice up your practices right away. There is also valuable tactical information throughout the segments, like one-on-one shooting, fakes, check combinations, give-and-gos, fast breaks and more.

We have seen very few instructional products that have espoused the behind the back shot for it's practical virtues or bothered to tell you exactly why and how to use deception and misdirection to score or play better defense. These great little sections typify the forward-thinking approach taken in the more advanced portions of the Lacrosse Progression.
The USA Lacrosse Progression tapes retail for between 70 and 80 bucks for the set. The practical on-the-field value of these tapes make them the best investment in a young player's game and cheap way to improve on an intermediate or advanced game. The USA Lacrosse Progression tapes can be found at most Lax stores.

We especially enjoyed the Yale physics professor, Bob Adair, who offers scientific support for some of the concepts presented. Kids should pay particular attention to what he is saying. Understanding the science of lacrosse and how to make that information work for you, is THE KEY to being a great lacrosse player.
You will either learn this stuff one little revelation at a time (the hard way), or take a little time now to ensure that you're not spending your summer re-enforcing bad fundamentals or practicing bad stick science.

If you are a young player who has any intentions of playing in college, you need most of this information and you need to start practicing with specific goals in mind for your body and your game. A young player who works all summer, following the "progression" will show a marked improvement next year in try-outs and have a distinct advantage over those who don't.
If you don't improve at all physically, which is virtually impossible if you are doing even half of the work-outs and drills, just understanding the reasons why these specific routines are critical to playing the game will make you a smarter player.
The reviewers of this tape were mostly advanced players and each one said that he learned a few things that helped their game in just one viewing.

If you are a young coach or even a coach who has never played (there are many of you and we thank you), this set of tapes is like a cliff notes for team preparation and teaching skills through actions. You still need to read Bob Scott's "Lacrosse", but these tapes will exponentially pay for themselves.

We loved the USA Lacrosse Progression tapes and recommend them highly to coaches and players at any level of the game.

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