NCAA Lacrosse Committee Kills the Dive Shot!
From the NCAA:
"Another major issue the committee addressed was offensive players diving toward the goal in an attempt to score. The committee changed the rule so that if an offensive player deliberately leaves his feet and lands in the crease with either or both feet, from his own momentum, and his shot goes in the goal, the goal will be disallowed. The change was made because the committee believes that diving toward the goal may be dangerous and because under the old rule (which said that "a player is considered to have entered the goal crease when any part of his body touches the goal-crease area") officials were having a difficult time making the correct call."

Join the Save The Dive Drive, which is organized and run by college players.

What do you think about the death of the dive?

What did others say?

E-mail the NCAA. Be polite and remember to tell them what you are talking about. They get e-mail on many topics. A number of you have already written to them. The NCAA sent us a response.

Read the whole report. They also called for automatic bids but no tournament expansion and closed the loophole UNC used to get into the tournament this year, by only recognizing games scheduled before the season in tournament bid consideration. Also notice the politically correct terminology change from "sudden death overtime" to "sudden victory overtime" and the new rule requiring a player to walk to mid-field when his name is called in the tournament introductions.