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We picked 10 reader tips for publication this month! And we're giving the authors e-Lacrosse Rage II DVDs! Winners, please contact us if we miss you. Some e-mails cannot be returned to the addresses given to us.

WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools called for in this tips section can be dangerous when not properly used. If you intend on trying any of these tips at home, you must tell your parents exactly what your plans are before proceding. Improper use of some of the tools suggested can result in cutting, burning or staining yourself or your family's property. So ask FIRST, and be careful!

Pick-a-Pocket     Submitted by Walker

I have been stringing for a year, and have even made a few variations on pockets like the Rock-it pocket. When stringing any pocket, you must first choose where in the stick you want the pocket. If you don't, the result is an uneven pocket. Here is a guide to making that choice:

Low Pocket (near the neck) -offers almost no whip but less ball control. Allows for higher speed shots and easy for touch passing and quick stick shots. Minimal control of the ball and unguided throwing because the ball travels more distance in the pocket (recommended for middies).

Mid Pocket - This is a preference for me and most other kids on my team. Offers a mix of ball control, with very minimal whip. Touch passing is harder, but shot speed increases (recommended for attackmen).

High Pocket (up by the shooters) - lots of whip and very hard to touch pass with. Great, quick release with maximum shot speed (advanced players only). Hard to throw passes when your stick is vertical.

Corner Style Mesh    Submitted by Josh from Connecticut

If you can't string traditional and still want something like a corner pocket, I use this on my backup stick. String a very deep mesh pocket with three shooters across the top, no V's (trust me). String it with a high pocket, with somewhat loose sidewalls lower, and very tight up high, this will help you get a bit of the feel and control of a corner pocket. When you string the shooting laces, again loosest is the lowest, the tightest goes on top. Here is the trick though. To create that amazing hold a corner pocket has, when you string the lowest shooting string, instead of starting and ending it around where the sidewall meets the mesh, start it around the bottom of the sidewall (on the plastic) go straight over the sidewall/first mesh loop, lace the shooter as normal, then skip the last mesh loop, go over the sidewall, and loop it around the plastic, and tie it off.

This will sort of act like the shooters of a corner pocket, and will serve to create great hold, especially if you pull it tight on the sides where it is not at all looped, and leave the inside looser so it throws well. This will create a ton of hold for fakes, yet shoot and pass well. While you won't get the feel of a corner pocket, you will get the hold. You may try adding leathers down the middle or other channels, to attempt getting the feel of a corner pocket.

Stringing in Germany     Submitted by Justus from Bielefeld

I'd like to show you my first self made traditional pocket in a dyed Brine Vapor head. This was my first experience stringing a traditional pocket using the e-lacrosse sticktech. And "wow" it works. And it's not as hard as I thought it would be. It just takes a lot of concentration. I tried to fix the turtle shell pocket in my new Brine Vapor after dying it. It's a really good pocket too!

Spray Method     Submitted by Andrew

People have been talking about the best way to break in a new hard mesh pocket, dipping your stick in a bucket of water or showering with it, but I've found an easier, more effective and less bizarre way to break in a new mesh pocket. String your head up nice and tight the way you want it and then get a spray bottle, any kind will do and I'm sure you have one laying around your house. Simply spray your pocket with a light mist of water. Do not soak the pocket. Just get it damp and work a ball around in the pocket. This will:

1. help break in the mesh quickly the way you want it

2. set the all the strings and sidewalls in place

3. stretch all the strings out.

I hope this helps others as much as its helped me.

A Sweet Dye     Submitted by Brandon

I just dyed this STX Liquid. It was my first dye job and I thought it turned out pretty good.

A Great Reason to Cut School    Submitted by Coolio

I just dyed this proton. It took about 4-5 hours to do and is the third head I have dyed. I actually took a day off of school to do it. It has a yellow to red fade as well as a bluish green to purple fade.

Double Trad    Submitted by Brendan from New Jersey

This is a double traditional channel with a regular traditional outer and the gut is just something I saw on a stick once. It's the first custom pocket that I've made up myself, or think I made up myself, because I've never seen it before.

Meditionals    Submitted by Ian

These are two meditional pockets I strung up this season. One is in an Edge and one in an Evolution. The one in the Edge is great for defense, as it allows a wide head like the Edge to have a lot of control and accuracy.

Splatter effect by accident    Submitted by Donnie and Marty

Using hair spray to harden your pocket works well, but if you've dyed your stick the hair spray makes the same effect as the spam does before you dye your stick. I was just spraying my pocket and when I was done there was a sort of splattered effect to it. The colors underneath bled through a little too. So be careful if you don't want that to happen or have fun with it if you want the effect. When you're done just leave in the sun to dry and wash it off.

Perma-Tape    Submitted by Joe

For those who put tape on their shaft, it becomes very annoying having to re-tape your stick because after a while the tape begins to fray or come undone. I've found that if you put PVC pipe glue that you can by at a Home Depot (it comes in a little green can) on the tape it will make the tape water proof, grippy, and invulnerable to fraying and coming undone. It's very useful and you'll save time and money on re-taping your stick so often. Also, I've got fresh mesh and found that if you hold it over an electric stove for just a few seconds until it gets soft you can stretch it and let it cool down to make a deeper and better pocket. This is an alternative to someone else's tip who said to hold a lighter to it. You can accidentally melt the mesh this way.

Thanks to all for participating. Keep sending your tips and we'll pick some more in a few months! Send them to john@tonabricks.com! Please include your name and a permanent e-mail address.

July, 2005

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