Baseball pockets?

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Baseball's a fine national pastime, but we'll take lacrosse for a sport any day. At Stylin' Strings, they are all about lacrosse but, through a weird series of events a great idea was developed for the sport of baseball. The York, PA stick gurus have taken an advertising idea "Who needs a glove when you could have a pocket" and turned it into a real concept.

When the ad needed creating, an old Franklin Field master was lying around so Mark Richards decided a black and red G-String pocket was fitting and strung it right up. "It wasn't as easy as it looked and a lot of people contributed ideas as it was strung. It didn't turn out perfect, but pretty fresh nonetheless and you could throw with it! We started thinking that a shortstop, for example, wouldn't have to switch hands to turn the double play" remembers Stylin' Strings partner Dustin Dohm. "He could just throw the ball to second right out of the glove and save at least a second".

The second glove strung was a Franklin RTP series. "We decided to put a homegrown with black leathers in to match the glove colors with white string to set it off. We put less outer coils on both sides of the 'pocket' with a wide twist coiled in the center to give it a free release", says Stylin' Strings partner and pocket designer Van O'Banion. "We think it came out pretty phat. We can actually throw the ball across the room with it."

So what happened at the field test? "We took this baby for a test run", says O'Banion. "It's hard to describe wrapping a pocket around the ball, but that's just what you're doing. It's baby soft, you can definitely feel the ball when it hits the glove. It is a lot more personal and responsive than a traditional strung glove". And it fits the mind set of Stylin' Strings generally. O'Banion and Dohm's creed: "We think pockets should be usable artwork, not just for show".

Will this development improve the game af baseball? Will it ever even get used by baseball players? The guys aren't holding their breath waiting for the calls from the professional baseball players. Of course, if baseball players flocked like laxers to the Ivy League instead of the SEC, they might already have this type of innovation in their game. Just kidding. But not really.


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