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Stick Tech Workshop - ReADeR TIPS!

Throughout the years, Brine has regularly introduced game changing products to the lacrosse market and 2006 is no exception. New for the 2006 season, Brine is introducing The Pulse, the most innovative stick to hit the lacrosse market since Offset heads, according to the Milford, Mass stickmaker. And they should know, pioneering the offset technology over 20 years ago.

We spoke to Brine's Casey Powell about the new technology involved, "I am a firm believer in the revolution and innovation of lacrosse equipment. The Pulse and the Reflex technology will change the way sticks are designed for years to come," said Casey Powell. "I am very pumped up for the release of this head to lacrosse players around the world and couldn't be happier with our team at Brine for making this innovative stick a reality."

Part of the Guru Series, The Pulse utilizes Reflex Technology™ which allows the pocket to react to the force of the ball. A hinge point flexes to absorb the impact of the ball when catching, to improve ball retention while cradling, and to increase velocity when shooting. Players can change their "Reflex" preferences by swapping the industrial strength Reflex band into one of three different settings to create a customized feel. The narrow face of The Pulse increases accuracy; and at 4.5 ounces The Pulse is one of the lightest heads in the market.

"It's really a stick for all positions and all levels of players. It is narrow for ultimate ball control, light for speed and maneuverability, and Reflex Technology is a brilliant concept that will assist you in catching and shooting a lacrosse ball," said Powell.

"The feel of the Pulse is very true. The Reflex Technology coupled with the obscene lightness of this stick will give you a feel for the ball that cannot be equaled. Of all the sticks that I have used, the Pulse is by far the most advanced. The Pulse is #1 in my book."

About Brine Brine, established in 1922, believes that inside every player is a better player. Brine's motto "Find Your Game", speaks to their almost century long support of players in their athletic pursuit of game improvement products and programs. Innovators of the Offset™ lacrosse stick and the original round bladder soccer ball (the Official ball of the NCAA Soccer Championships since 1987), Brine is a recognized industry leader in lacrosse, soccer, field hockey and volleyball.

Brine asks you to Find Your Game™ at Brine.com.

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