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WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools called for in this tips section can be dangerous when not properly used. If you intend on trying any of these tips at home, you must tell your parents exactly what your plans are before proceding. Improper use of some of the tools suggested can result in cutting, burning or staining yourself or your family's property. So ask FIRST, and be careful!

Hardening your mesh    Submitted by Taylor

This is easy and simple. All you need to do is boil water in a small pot and once it is boiled put a lot of sugar, depending on the pot size. Once the sugar is dissolved you can put the mesh in until it is hard enough. When the mesh is in the boiling water it will feel hard but it actually won't be when you take it out so leave it in for a good 6 minutes to get hard. After that take it out and let it dry out somewhat.

Pita-Word Pocket    Submitted by Brett from Towson, Md.

I came up with this pocket while trying to string the Big Word Pocket. I didn't have enough nylon or other strings so I decided to do two rows of the pattern in the Big Word Pocket and make the loops in those rows bigger. Also, I did the two leathers a little different. I added the pattern from the Pita pocket, I think, in the middle for a little twist, because I just like that pattern better. The shooters are pretty simple to get from the pictures. It needed about a day for tweaking and tightening of strings here and there but now it's pretty sick. The pocket's a little different then most sticks. I have it on my long pole and I put a clean hole in 2 layered sheets of plywood while shooting.


Keep that reciept    Submitted by Mike

I just wanted to let you guys know a little trick I use whenever I get a new head. Instead of trying to save the receipt somewhere in your files, tape it to the inside of your pole. That way when the head or pole breaks, and it is within warranty, you don't have to look for the receipt, just unscrew the head. You will never have to look for a receipt again.

A few good tips    Submitted by Jack

I am a longtime stringer and have a few tips for pocket break in:

1. Everyone knows the butter knife trick is always good but I bought a brine pocket stretcher and it works much better and is worth the money.

2. The water on the pocket trick is good but if you wet the sidewall strings before stringing the pocket, you can stretch them out and give you a more broken in pocket.

3. I always tie the sidewalls too tight when I string which some other people may do too. Just remember to loosen it up and tie it off with an inch or more of slack. If you beat the pocket for a while the sidewall will loosen throughout the whole stick.

5. I have found that if you use coiled shooting strings instead of weaved you can feel the ball coming out of the stick more and it creates a better overall release.

STIXX-N-STONES    Submitted by Chris (Robo)

I am the owner of a Lacrosse Specialty Shop called STIXX-N-STONES LACROSSE, in East Longmeadow, Ma. We string some sick pockets and just wanted to share them. The pocket on this Tourque is an original we call the G-3.

Feaux Leathers     Submitted by Matt

First off I'd like to say how great your site is. It's an excellent resource for customizing anything in lacrosse. I play for the University of Nevada and it can get cold in Reno. However most of our games are in California so the weather differences between the two climates makes having any leather in your head near-impossible to manage. However for those of you who use mesh and want to create a channel without using leather, all you need is a couple of nylons. You can string them tight closer to the sidewall for improved handling as well, or create a small channel right down the middle to greatly improve accuracy.

Stringin' in the Southland    Submitted by Stone from Atlanta

Here are some of my pockets in an STX kannon, an STX G-force, a brine cyber, a brine answer, an STX Surge and a dyed STX liquid. Hope you enjoy them. I'm letting some other readers know what I have learned from e-lacrosse!

The Replacement Pocket    Submitted by Alex of Sir Lax A Lot Custom Stringing

After two years of stringing custom pockets in old heads that I never would use in games, I had a revelation. If a stringer could remove a traditional pocket and put it in another stick almost effortlessly, it would save them a lot of headaches. I noticed how one lax company (deBeer) attaches the tracker pocket to their women's sticks. They basically string a top string that one would use for hard mesh across the top and put the leathers through the string. I wondered if the same principal could be used in the men's game in case of a mid-season head break with ones favorite custom rig. I tried a few ideas and found that a common top string could hold the leathers to the top securely, but could be untied to allow the pocket to be removed. Once the top is removed, a quick untying of the sidewall, and a pocket has been effortlessly removed from a broken stick.

Twisted Turtle    Submitted by Mike McCool

This is a sweet variation of the turtle shell but looks a lot different.


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February, 2006


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