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WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools called for in this tips section can be dangerous when not properly used. If you intend on trying any of these tips at home, you must tell your parents exactly what your plans are before proceding. Improper use of some of the tools suggested can result in cutting, burning or staining yourself or your family's property. So ask FIRST, and be careful!

Customizing ball stops    Submitted by TBD

If your ball stop is screwed up you can make one with athletic tape. Roughly 10 strips of tape 2 inches long stacked on top of each other will replicate the average ball stop. You can personalize your ball stop by using tape that is your team color. To have 2 different colors you can have, for example, 10 one inch strips of blue and 10 one inch strips of red next to each other on the ball stop area.

Talon Pocket    Submitted by Tres

I call this pocket the talon and it is basically a spin off of the big word. It can have a pocket anywhere. It throws well and shoots great. The dye job on the head was done by my friend as was the pinch. I made this pocket after I strung the big word in my bionic. I realized that the string connecting the leathers to the weave shouldn't be offset, so instead of putting traditional in the middle I put pita. This also seemed to make it shoot better. This is a great pocket. Trust me!

ELX-1 sighting    Submitted by Dylan

I bought a new head. It's a great head and I got it for only $15 'cause it was used but it was bright, florescent orange! Yeah. It was like I was asking the other team to hit me! So I decided to dye it my team colors, dark green (the head) and yellow (the mesh) but the mesh didn't turn out right so I dyed the mesh dark green as well. But as you all know Dark Green + Florescent orange = a wicked Purple. So yeah, now I got a purple head but it looks really sweet! I also threw in some 5D monster mesh. It shoots fast and hard but it is harder to handle the ball so I recommend it to any experienced field lacrosse player. Also here's my face off stick.


A few nice rigs    Submitted by Patrick

Here are some of the pockets I have string over some time. I owe a lot of my work to you guys.

Channel Knots     Submitted by Charlie

I have been stringing for nearly a year now and have come up with a great way to create a channel without the use of any leathers. First off, you string the top string just like in a regular mesh pocket. Then when you start the sidewall you basically go through the back of the mesh, then through the plastic and under the sidewall. Then skip a hole in the plastic (four if you are using a gait head). Repeat, but don't use the mesh hole even with the hole in the plastic but the one below the first knot. Pull as tight as you can (without bending the head too much) and then finish off the bottom any way you want. Repeat on the other side. Throw some shooting strings in there and enjoy. This pocket creates a great channel because it forces the mesh down making a V or a U depending on how tight you pull. So you can put a U or V string in the pocket if you like but you don't have to anymore.


Mesh on, no boil pinch    Submitted by Anthony

First of all this website is awesome. This is for anyone who wants to pinch their head without taking the mesh off, boiling it, and having to restring it. This is an easy way to pinch a head using rubber bands, but you need a lot of them and it takes some time to do. First take a pencil and take off the metal part and sharpen the pencil so it fits tightly into the scoop of your head. This is so the scoop of your head stays the same and only the part where the ball sits is going to get pinched. Put a ball into the middle of your pocket and start wrapping rubber bands around it until the sidewalls are touching the ball. You don't have to worry about your stick becoming illegal when the ball doesn't fall out because when you remove the rubber bands the head will change back to its original width a little bit. Let your head sit for 2 to 3 days and take everything off. Some heads may need a few extra days so when you take everything off, if you aren't satisfied put everything back on and wait a few more days. Now your head should have an almost perfect pinch.

Great 1st Dyes    Submitted by Jack and Jake from Lynn, MA

Hey this is a great site. These are our first dyes. We're only 14. I also strung them myself.


Hoodie Shooters    Submitted by A.R. from Reno, NV

Instead of using the traditional hockey lace or nylon lace for shooters I've found that a hiking boot lace as the top string works very well. It's rigid, doesn't fray, and has just the right "touch as it leaves the pocket, not to mention if you go to the right store you can get just about every color and color combo. Also, I hate the strings in my hoodies. I always take them out. I wound up with a bunch and threw them in my bag in case of emergency. Well the time came when I was out of string and tried the "hoodie string". They are awesome as shooters. The provide plenty of give with a soft feel and easily adjusted after break-in. Thanks for all the tips, articles and footage e-lacrosse. Rock-On.

He's Back!    Submitted by Garth

Hey e-lacrosse it's Garth. This is some new stringing that I've done.



Double Shooter    Submitted by John

First I would like to say E-lacrosse has helped me in every way from stringing customs to finding videos of games that I have missed. This is a great web site. Now my tip involves stretching mesh. Stretching new hard mesh can really be a hassle so to make you life easier put your mesh in the dryer alone for about 10 minutes and as soon as you pull it out you need to stretch it this will be easy because it gets soft when its hot. Then let it cool for few minutes or use a refrigerator until cool and you are ready to string!

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September, 2006


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