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WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools called for in this tips section can be dangerous when not properly used. If you intend on trying any of these tips at home, you must tell your parents exactly what your plans are before proceding. Improper use of some of the tools suggested can result in cutting, burning or staining yourself or your family's property. So ask FIRST, and be careful!

End Cap Protection    Submitted by Pat

If you've cut your shaft down and the end is rough many times it will eat right through the butt cap. A way to solve this is before u place the end cap onto the stick put a quarter down in the cap, the quarter prevents the sharp edges of the stick from ripping the cap to shreds.

A cheap end cap can easily be found at most department stores. The stores sell rubber floor protectors which are conveniently the same size as end caps. They are used to protect hardwood floors from chair legs. These caps usually come in packs of four and are durable and cheap.

If you break a head but still want to use it to pass around with, then one way to fix it is to take a small drill and drill two holes on either side of the crack. Next take some heavy duty fishing line and string it through the holes from one side of the crack to the other, u then pull the string as tight as you can and tie it off. This keeps the head from shifting. To prevent the knot from coming loose I like to cover it with tape.

Hot Corner    Submitted by Dave

This is a version of the corner pocket that I have done for a lot of the kids on my team.

Homemade Rock-it    Submitted by Ryan from East Hampton, NY

I was bored and decided to re-string my stick. I have been wanting to try a rock-it pocket for quite some time but I didn't want to spend the money to get one so I tried to make my own. It took me about 3 hrs but it was worth it, it came out perfect and it has amazing ball control and shot speed, here are some pictures.

Hot Glue Stripes    Submitted by Andrew

First off, I want to thank everyone at e-lacrosse because I learned everything that I know about stringing and dying from your website. This is my first two-color dye job (my second one all together). I did it for my best friend for his birthday in his school and select team colors, red and black. He loves it and now I have people at my school asking me left and right to dye their heads too! Thanks!

Mesh-Xish     Submitted by Chris from Laguna Hills, CA

I strung this myself. I have been stringing for only a few months now and learned a lot of tips from this site. This head takes on after the Mesh-X pocket but with a few modifications of my own. It channels the ball towards the middle with a pretty good pocket. The release is pretty smooth and has the throw of a mesh pocket but the cradling of a traditional.

V stringing for beginners    Submitted by Dalton

For those of you who are just starting out and feel uncomfortable with the ball moving around in your pocket or feel it falls out too easily, a V will help. When you make a V, string it medium tight. If you string a / \ shape then string it looser. If strung too tightly you can hold the ball better but you'll have too much whip. A V is good for accuracy but poor on speed. A / \ shape is a great mix for the two. Vs are essential for accuracy in a mid sitting pocket.

Cover Shot    Submitted by Paul

I thought you would like to see one of the pockets I have made.

Quad Corner    Submitted by Kyle

I love this site!!!!! It inspires me to string. Everyone has heard of the corner pocket. I liked the idea so I decided to string one. I strung it good but it was too plain for me. I decided to add something to it. I string regular mesh with this cool style called double sidewall. Anyway I decided to do quadruple sidewalls and then do a similar version of the corner and this is what I got. Check it out. I call it "Quad Corner".


Jumping Right In    Submitted by Josh

I thought you would like to see some different stringing styles I did. It's only my second time doing this. Your site rocks. Hope u like.

PH2    Submitted by Griffin from Queensland, Australia

I'd like to thank E-Lacrosse for giving me the tips that I needed to get my stick working just the way I like it, and to make some wikid heads of my own. This head is one of my own on a brine ripper head which has combined ideas from other heads I have seen on the e-lacrosse site. I call it the PH2. the spiraling sides make for less friction and a faster release, and the "V" is the main adjustment string for how you want the stick to throw, if done properly this is a great pocket that throws fast, accurately and more consistently than other pockets. Because of its design the pocket doesn't deepen from hard passes and the ball will sit in the head well. The bottom stringing can be done in many different ways, as long as it keeps the ball in it doesn't really matter how it's strung. The one downfall of this head is that if an internal string breaks it takes a while to fix and get right.

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March, 2007


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