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Stick Tech Workshop - ReADeR TIPS!

We picked 10 reader tips for publication this month! And we're giving the authors E-Lacrosse Rage III DVDs!

WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools called for in this tips section can be dangerous when not properly used. If you intend on trying any of these tips at home, you must tell your parents exactly what your plans are before proceding. Improper use of some of the tools suggested can result in cutting, burning or staining yourself or your family's property. So ask FIRST, and be careful!

Dave's Corner    Submitted by Dave

This is a version of the corner pocket that I have done for alot of the kids on my team.

Tweaked Torque    Submitted by Derek

This is a small dye job done for a friend. I strung it by myself and I found the best head for the highest pocket and no whip. The Gait Torque. Try it out.

Recycling Lax Style    Submitted by Trevor from Frederick, MD

Basically, anything and everything I've strung has been based on something from E-Lacrosse. One of the things I noticed on a lot of the cusryana stringing guides was the use of those pocket doctors or pocket ponders. Well I don't have one and I assume a lot of other people are in the same boat as me. An easy substitute is to shove a water bottle between the stringing and the head to set up the pocket where you want and string around that. Thanks for all the other tips! GO TOWSON TIGERS!

The Glacier    Submitted by Donny and Josh

Hi my name is Donny and me and my friend Josh strung and dyed Josh's liquid custom to what we call "the Glacier" and we strung a custom pocket and we called it the "Hot Pocket". We couldn't have done all of this without the help of E-Lacrosse. Keep on truckin.

Stretching Goalie Mesh    Submitted by Cory from PA

First, I look at this site a lot. I like to use some of the tips I find on here. Anyway, I string many of the sticks on my team, especially goalie sticks. It is so important that a goalie's mesh is stretched to its maximum before beginning. I have found that the best way to make this happen takes two people. Each person sticks a finger in a hole in the mesh opposite each other, but on the same row of diamonds. Pull with all of your might in opposite directions. Do this on every row of diamonds and then begin stringing.

Great Advice     Submitted by Adam

I have been looking at your web site and it has given me some great ideas. I hope to get some more ideas from your site in the future. These are just a few sticks that my dad and I have died. It would be awesome if these were posted on the web page. I'm 10 years old and have played Lacrosse for 2 years, A good tip for beginning dyers is to have fun with the design. AND some "mistakes" make the coolest looking heads.

New Buttheads    Submitted by Ryan

Hey E-Lacrosse just wanted to say thanks for the butthead and tapejob tutorial! I picked up some plasti-dip and have done at least 10 sticks! I do some different designs too! Here are a few!

E3 Turtle    Submitted by Josh from UC Berkeley

I've read a lot on e-lacrosse, and it was this website that inspired me to string traditional pockets. I do a lot of original work and also copies. The pocket that seems to ALWAYS work for me is the Turtle Shell pocket on a Brine E3.

Unlike the tutorial pictures, I usually use a lot more "twists", usually about 5 down the center channel and two to three twists for the side strings. This makes every section stiffer and less likely to move. I always cut strings of equal length To help me measure the symmetry of my stringing. For example, for the middle channel, I'd cut two 7 piece strings and keep on comparing the amount of slack left after every couple minutes of stringing. This insures a perfect pocket.

Instead of using a butter knife (since they can cut through the sidewalls) I use a chopstick. It won't cut through the sidewall. Cross lace lasts a lot longer than sidewall also. Sidewall string always snapped on me every couple weeks, but my last E3 strung with a Turtle Shell lasted for 8 MONTHS!!! That's playing every day, also.

Shooting strings are MOST important in this pocket. I've tried various combinations, and the one pictured is the simplest and the best for WHIP. I can still pass easily and ACCURATELY (surprise, that's why I love the turtle shell). A mid high pocket allows to ball to stay put and to snap when coming out of the pocket. AWESOME. Thanks E-Lacrosse!

Oil Fade    Submitted by JC

First of all I have to say I learned everything from e-lacrosse! Thank You guys a lot. I have been playing lacrosse for 2 years and I wanted to try somthing new. I took this idea off your webpage.

Goalie Reaper    Submitted by Alec in Atlanta

Let me say that your web-site has been really helpful. Any way, I thought you might like to see the second pocket I have strung I call it the Goalie Reaper.

Thanks to all for participating. Keep sending your tips and we'll pick some more in a few months! Send them to john@tonabricks.com! Please include your name and a permanent e-mail address. Winners, please contact us if we miss you. Some e-mails cannot be returned to the addresses given to us.

July, 2007

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