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Y'all ain't ready for this, but I am going to bring it to you anyway! Tha' Homegrown pocket was designed with the advanced player and accuracy specialist in mind, whatever your position on the field. The revolutionary side-coil forces the ball to the direct center of the pocket where it rides a thin twisted nylon down a perfect channel, giving the pocket unmatched accuracy. The pocket is composed of mostly nylon giving the pocket an "extreme" feel to it. It's the most defined channel ever, combined with the deepest feeling pocket and quickest release of any deep pocket we've ever thrown with. This pocket was specifically developed to enhance players' total control of motion WITH MINIMAL WHIP. Tha' Homegrown is exclusively for that one in ten player who never stops thinking and needs a pocket that can accomodate any sudden stick move. It's a miracle worker on fakes and as accurate as they come. Enjoy!

String-O-Meter rating:

String needed:

  • 2 Leathers (Brown or white)
  • 2 Sidewall Lengths
  • Nylon (spool or long piece)
  • An unstrung head

Prepare your materials
  1. Stretch the leathers

Step 1: Sidewalls

Start on the outside of the head, and run the sidewall down the outside of the head, if you are having trouble refer to previous articles. Pull tightly through the bottom and tie a knot.

Do this to both sides of the head, they should mirror each other.

Step 2: Leathers

Run the two leathers in through the two outer holes, this pocket uses no middle leathers.

Step 3: Coils

You are going to do a set of coils running from the sidewall to the outer leather. The amount of coils will vary from head to head. The best way to do it is pull the nylon firmly to the leather and wrap it around the leather. Start coiling the nylon until there's no more space and the coils form tightly together. Run this until there are six sets of coils. Pull through the bottom and tie a knot.

Do this along both sides, making sure it's symmetrical.

Step 4: Nylon

Cut a lengthy piece of nylon, pull through the remaining two holes at the bottom of the head, where the leathers usually run. Make sure each side of the nylon is even.

Twist the nylon around itself until it is even with the bottom set of coils, run to the coils and wrap the nylon around the leather.

Repeat this process up the rest of the head. The amount of coils will vary so you will need to keep the string firm and THINK while you string.

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Step 5: Shooters

Remember that a hockey lace is put in the same way a coil is, With this pocket it is extremely easy, just follow the line that the coils already create for you.

IMPORTANT: This pocket needs the four shooters just as shown. Otherwise it won't throw correctly.

You're done. Have fun rippin' it up!


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The -X- Pocket, Mesh -X- Pocket, and Tha' Homegrown Pocket are shown for player's to reproduce in their own sticks. Any commercial reproduction is strictly prohibited. -All rights reserved to Van O'Banion & Stylin' Strings Inc.

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Each pocket design found in the Stick Tech Workshop will be assigned a String-O-Meter rating. This is just a relative measure of how difficult it is to string the sticks.

EASY - This refers mainly to mesh pockets and those for the novice and first time stringer.
MEDIUM - This refers to sticks such as the six and eight diamond stringings from August. The designs aren't too tough, but require some concentration and time.
DIFFICULT - This refers to sticks like THE "Dog Track" in September. These sticks are usually variations from the basic traditional pocket.
ADVANCED - This refers to sticks that take more time and careful attention to string properly. Overall stringing capability and ability to tie more complicated knots are usually needed to string a pocket reading 4 on the String-O-Meter.