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Just as most of the recent Stick Tech pockets, the Who pocket uses a revolutionary Stylin' Strings coil-design that forces the ball to the direct center of the pocket. This was invented to rid the game of those nasty bad passes. The Who pocket also uses two wide parallel leathers as well as an intricate laced nylon track giving a very "controllable" feel, but not as controlled as the Homegrown or Mesh X. The feel is very much like a channeled hard mesh. It was designed for the player that loves a fast, hard outside shot. This pocket rocks with little to no whip at all; a two point shooter if we've ever seen one.
String-O-Meter rating:

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String needed:

  • 2 Leathers
  • 2 Sidewall laces
  • 2 Lengths of nylon -(12 feet long)
  • 1 Length of nylon -(16 feet long)

Prepare your materials
  1. Stretch the leathers

Step 1: Sidewalls

Start on the outside of the head and tie off a knot. Run it through the top and out through the next hole down. Run the sidewall down the outside edge of the head, as pictured. If you are having trouble refer to previous articles. Pull tightly through the bottom and tie a knot.

Using the same design, run a sidewall down the opposite edge of the head. Mimic the one you already have done. Everything should be symmetrical.

Step 2: Leathers

Run two leathers through the top middle holes. Loop them though the supplied holes and pull them down through the bottom two outer holes. It's very important that they be run through the bottom OUTER holes. You may want to cut the bottom holes in the leathers (see the last part of the Nylons section) before this step.

Step 3: Coils

Run nylon through the same hole you used for starting the sidewall. Loop it around the leather. Also loop it around the sidewall and pull firmly but not too tight.

Wrap the string around the nylon to form the coils (see picture for help.)

Wrap the strings 18 times. On the eighteenth time pull the nylon down, loop through the sidewall, and move on to the next row.

Pull nylon to leather and repeat the process. But this time you should bring the nylon down on the 20th coil. The coil counts for the STX X2 are below. If using a narrower head, adjust accordingly. This is an advanced pocket. Math is sometimes required.


-18 COILS (top)
-7 COILS (bottom)

Repeat this to both halves of the head making sure everything symmetrical, pull firmly and tie off to the bottom of the sidewall.

Step 4: Nylons

Run the last length of nylon, the longest one, through the top holes created by the loop in the leather. Pull so that each half is even. Wrap each end into three coils, toward each other, along the bare piece of nylon between the leather loops. Twist the strings twice and pull the nylon downward to where the top side-coil wraps around the leather. Loop the nylon through the coil string, going under the leather first, through the coil string loop, and then over the nylon (as shown).

Wrap them twice around themselves and run them to the opposite leathers one row down. Always go under, then over.

Compare the pattern you strung and the pictures. Be sure it's right before you move down to the next one. You will mimic it all the way down the leathers.

When you make it to the bottom of the leathers, gently cut two holes in the bottom of the leathers and pull one half of the string through each and tie a knot off. Cut excess off but leave an inch or so for adjustment reasons.

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Step 5: Shooters

Now put in your hockey lace shooting strings. Apply the same principles in making a coil to stringing a shooter. The pocket requires 3 to 5 shooting strings depending on the head you use and your preference.

Break it in, adjust the bottom leathers to your tastes and start ripping nets!


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The -X- Pocket, Mesh -X- Pocket, Tha' Homegrown, Complete pocket, Who Pocket, Puzzle Pocket, Touch Pocket and Key Pocket are shown for players to reproduce in their own sticks. Any commercial reproduction is strictly prohibited. -All rights reserved to Van O'Banion & Stylin' Strings Inc.


The Puzzle Pocket

The Touch Pocket

The Key Pocket


Each pocket design found in the Stick Tech Workshop will be assigned a String-O-Meter rating. This is just a relative measure of how difficult it is to string the sticks.

EASY - This refers mainly to mesh pockets and those for the novice and first time stringer.
MEDIUM - This refers to sticks such as the six and eight diamond stringings from August. The designs aren't too tough, but require some concentration and time.
DIFFICULT - This refers to sticks like THE "Dog Track" in September. These sticks are usually variations from the basic traditional pocket.
ADVANCED - This refers to sticks that take more time and careful attention to string properly. Overall stringing capability and ability to tie more complicated knots are usually needed to string a pocket reading 4 on the String-O-Meter.

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