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Stick Tech Workshop - ReADeR TIPS!

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BY Mark Krastel

The Krasty is a modified wide traditional that is very light with a wide channel and a quick release. And it's relatively easy to string. You'll need the basic materials in a traditional kit and some heavy duty locking plastic ties which are available at any hardware store and some drug and grocery stores.

String-O-Meter rating:
Intermediate level - Same as a traditional!

String needed:

  • 4 Leathers
  • 4 Cable ties
  • 2 side wall pieces

  • 2 short nylon pieces
  • 1 longer nylon piece
  • 1 long hockey lace or three short ones

  • Step 1: Prepare your materials
    Be sure to tug on the leathers tightly before use. This will ensure that they do not stretch out too much after you have already strung the stick. You can wet the leathers before stretching. Some like to step on them and pull them upward. Whatever method, just be sure to stretch them somehow.

    Step 2: Leathers

    Attach the tops of the four leathers to the head like you would with a normal traditional stringing. Pull the 2 outer leathers through the bottom leather holes. Take the two inner leathers and place one behind the other. This is where the cable ties come into play. Use the cable ties to lock one of the leathers behind the other. Then take the leathers, and place them through the leather holes at the bottom of the stick.

    Step 3: Sidewalls

    Put the two sidewalls in the stick. They are put in the same way that you would put a traditional sidewall in.

    Step 4: Outer Nylon

    Take one of the shorter nylon pieces and pull it through the top outer leather. Then run the nylon down the inner part of the leather. You do this by creating equal sections. Take the nylon and loop it around the leather all the way down till you get to the bottom. Slit the leather and pull the nylon through and string up the sidewall like you would a regular traditional stick. Once you get back up to the top tie a knot to the string where you started. Once this is complete continue on to the other side and do the same thing.

    Step 5: Inner Nylon

    Pull the longer nylon through the top of the two inner leathers. Pull it so that you have equal string on both sides of the leathers. Take one side and pull it to the loop you formed on that side of the stick. Do a traditional loop that you would do going on the sidewall of a stick. Once you do that immediately do the same loop. Then pull this string to the center leathers and do another traditional loop. Continue to do this all the way down the stick, until you get to the bottom. Do the same thing with the other stick. Once you have finished this, do not tie the nylon.

    Step 6: Shooting Strings

    Put the shooting strings in just like you would a traditional stick. The top string should be the tightest, and they should get looser as you get closer to the bottom.

    Step 7: Forming the Pocket

    Loosen the leathers up to get the pocket that you want. You will have to adjust the nylon in the middle to get the pocket just right. That is why you should not have tied the nylon. Once you have the right pocket make sure the nylon is tight on the leather so it does not move around during play time. Depending on the type of stick will determine how you tie the bottom nylon. You want to find some kind of hole at the bottom of the stick to make these final ties.

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    Each pocket design found in the Stick Tech Workshop will be assigned a String-O-Meter rating. This is just a relative measure of how difficult it is to string the sticks.

    EASY - This refers mainly to mesh pockets and those for the novice and first time stringer.
    MEDIUM - This refers to sticks such as the six and eight diamond stringing. The designs aren't too tough, but require some concentration and time.
    DIFFICULT - This refers to sticks like THE "Dog Track". These sticks are usually variations from the basic traditional pocket.
    ADVANCED - This refers to sticks that take more time and careful attention to string properly. Overall stringing capability and ability to tie more complicated knots are usually needed to string a pocket reading 4 on the String-O-Meter.
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