June 15, 2002
That's right. Winners! We had a tie this year, betweeen two very sweet dye jobs by Steve Moore of Suffield, Connecticut and Chris Dennis of Roswell, Georgia. The truth is that every second place finisher was in the voting for first. All the honorable mentions below made the last cut and over fifty others were great dyes, but we had to rank them to find a winner.

We began getting e-mails from participants at midnight on the 14th asking who had won. But there are many things we have to do once we pass the deadline of the 15th before we can announce the winners. First we had to wait until the 17th to actually go to the Post Office Box to be sure that no mail-in entries came in late on the 15th and one did. So on the 17th, we spread out all entrants with color printouts and write ups stapled to the back (over 100 complete entries) and we whittled it down to about 20 or so and then voted for our favorites using a points system. We had a 7 way tie on a broad scale of points, so we just narrowed the field to those seven and started the reviewing and voting again.

In the end, the Tequila Sunrise and the American Pride, which is the one that we picked up at the Post Office earlier in the day, were tied for 1st. We just called the others tied for second since they were so close. Our TWO winners will each receive a collectible Gary Gait signed and strung Octane from 1999 (one of the first ten off the mold and two of the last three we have) and a pair of E-Lacrosse Ignitors. Congratulations to all!

A Van O'banion look-a-like, Steve Moore is a 17 year-old varsity starter and captian for the Suffield High School Wildcats in Connecticut.

WINNING DYE #1: The Tequila Sunrise by Steve Moore

The dye I did is called "tequila sunrise". I started with a brand new Vapor, prepped it by washing it to get off any oily residue that might be on it. Then I prepared a heavily concentrated mixture of yellow dye, and dyed the entire stick yellow. I took the stick out, dried it off, rinsed it under cold water, and took some pics :). I then prepared a red dye mixture, but only dyed from the halfway point up to the scoop.

I moved the head up and down a little bit to create an orange section where the red met the yellow. Pics again. I COVERED the head in hot glue. I used about 2.5 sticks of hot glue. I used a real lot of it, so that the two dyes that I just completed would not get covered up too much by the next round of dying. After preparing a heavy royal blue dye mix, I dyed the whole stick in the blue. More pics. Remove the glue. Admire your great work! If done correctly, the stick will come out with yellow - orange - red fade, covered by a greenish - blackish/purplish fade. This is the sickest stick I have ever died.

It took about four hours time to make sure it came out right. Also, make sure you use really hot water and make sure the dyes are a heavy mix, otherwise you risk making pink with the red and a baby blue with the royal blue. - Steve Moore

WINNING DYE #2: The American Pride by Chris Dennis

I call this dye the American Pride. I started this dye job by buying a Revolution head at a sports store near me. All my dyeing is done with Rit dye because it seems to work the best. To dye the head I first started just with the scoop. I put glue all around the edges of the scoop (so the dye stayed just on the scoop and not the sidewalls) then I put the star stickers in between each stringing hole on the scoop. Then I put the scoop in the red dye until it was the right shade. I took off the star stickers and put electrical tape over the stars so that the stars would stay white in the middle of a red stripe. Then I dyed the rest of the scoop dark blue. I then wanted to fade from the scoop to the end of the head dark blue to light blue. So to keep the whole scoop from dying a dark blue I had to glue up the whole scoop. Then I dyed the whole thing light blue, the color that would be at the bottom of the head after the fading was done.

I put star stickers all the way down the sidewalls of the head. I started the dark to light blue fade by slowly adding more dark blue dye to the boiling water while taking the head out slowly and kinda dipping it in and out and dipping less and less at a time. After the fading was done I took the glue off the scoop. This was a fairly easy dye but I was very satisfied with the results. I have included other pics of some heads I have done for kids on my team (shown just below). - Chris Dennis

NOTE: This contest was for individual stringers and not for Lacrosse stores and kids who just buy a head at a store already dyed.

THE RUNNERS-UP (2nd Place) will be sent Rage II tapes!


2000-2001 Winner    /     1999-2000 Winner

Thanks everyone for all your submissions! Keep dyeing and documenting the steps with photos. We'll just kick off the next contest right now! E-Lacrosse will award three new STX white unstrung heads of the winner's choice! On November 15, 2002 (NOW EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 1st BECAUSE MANY BEGGED) we will choose the very best dye job submitted and showcase the stick and it's designer right here on E-Lacrosse in December! Entries should include:
  1. picture(s) of the head in its pre-dyed but prepared state (with stickers, glue or whatever)
  2. picture(s) of the completed head for judging
  3. description text of how you did it, your concept and what you call the dye job.
Send your entries to john@tonabricks.com

The contest is for individual stringers and not for Lacrosse stores and kids who just buy a head at a store already dyed. Start now. Be careful. Send as many entries as you like. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

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